Campaign Finance Reporter Release Notes
Version 2.3.3
Application enhancements
373Allow the ability to use full version of Microsoft Access 2003, 2007, or 2010.
628Added the ability to install program files and the data drive on to an alternate system drive.
629Upgraded Microsoft Access runtime from 2000 to 2010.
630Modified service pack download requirements. Only download the service pack if a newer version is available.
632Added the ability to prompt a user when the previous year has not been finalized.
633Added the ability to discourage users from running a final new year initialization until the year-end has been filed.
634Added the 4 digit filing year and special election indicator to the application window.
636Import Expenditures: Remove requirement for description field for cash transfers.
638Added the ability to send the file immediately after the board report is successfully created.
639Provided the ability for users to be able to restore from backup when the committee dropdown is populated.
640Added the ability to download files if a download has been not completed in the last 30 days.
641Added the ability to run batch compliance if not completed in the last 30 days.
642Added the ability to compact the database if not completed in last 30 days.
644Added the ability to backup a database if not completed in the last 15 days.
653Added the ability to indicate whether expenditure is for or against a ballot question.
Total enhancements 15
Application fixes
550Political Committees and Political Funds were given the ability to file 24 hour notices.
637Increased FTP idle timeout to unlimited.
646Modified compliance message issued to a candidate committee that contributed to a caucus during session.
647Modified requirements for showing carry forward under report menu and board report form.
648Added the ability for selection criteria form to notify users when they reach the maximum number of criteria.
649Import Expenditures: Require registration number for cash transfers.
652Import fails when EntityAddress field is too large.
659Inkind Expenditure: Ballot Question checkbox was disabled for some description types.
70Fixed numbering process when creating amended reports.
Total fixes 9
Total Tickets 24
Version 2.3.2
Application fixes
172Suppress carry forward report for judicial candidates
615Improve ability to handle multiple transactions with expenditures
Total fixes 2
Total Tickets 2
Version 2.3.1
Application enhancements
588Modified Committee Exception Report: Removed unnecessary fields
592Provide ability to notify users about new software versions and service packs
Total enhancements 2
Application fixes
438Retain amount entered while creating a new entity
556Improve ability to restore backups from previous version
593Add contribution transactions to bank reconciliation forms
595Improve ability to handle regular election committees that have won a special election
598Add adjustment amount to bank reconciliation report
Total fixes 5
Total Tickets 7