Political Committee and Political Fund Reporting
  • Political committee and political fund Reports of Receipts and Expenditures are due every year on January 31st.
  • In addition, during election years political committees and political funds must also file two pre-primary election reports and two pre-general election reports.

Check the calendar for a complete list of filing dates.

Board staff holds periodic classes during election years to assist treasurers in filling out the reports properly.

Contact Joyce Larson at 651-539-1188 or 800-657-3889 or joyce.larson@state.mn.us if you have questions about campaign finance reporting.

The Board has campaign finance software to assist treasurers in meeting the reporting and compliance requirements. Go to www.cfboard.state.mn.us/software for more information.

Contact Gary Goldsmith at 651-539-1190 or 800-657-3889 or gary.goldsmith@state.mn.us if you have questions and the campaign finance software.