Subject - Sales Taxes

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Apitz, John FMN Society of CPAsLeg/Adm
Bagnoli, Joseph TMN Licensed Beverage Assn IncLeg
Brunner, Mark JManufactured & Modular Home Assn of MNLeg
Carlson, Gary NLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Carnival, Douglas MMN High Tech AssnLeg
Cassidy, Paul DTicket King of Minnesota IncLeg
Chelseth, Andrew HTicket King of Minnesota IncLeg
Elliott, Sonnie AMN Broadcasters AssnLeg
Estenson, JeremyTicket King of Minnesota IncLeg
Finn, AnneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Forschler, Richard AMN Broadcasters AssnLeg
Grundhoefer, Thomas LLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Halloran, Brian KMN Citizens for the ArtsLeg/Adm/Metro
Holten, Cort CCigar Assn of America IncLeg/Adm/Metro
Hyland, Eric JMN Society of CPAsLeg/Adm
Jerich, Ronald AWine InstituteLeg/Adm
Jerich, ValerieWine InstituteLeg
Johnson, Craig ALeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Kao, IreneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Kaul Jr, JohnAndersen CorpLeg
Kwilas, Anthony RHospitality MNLeg/Adm
Nasby, SteveLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Neren, Sandra LMN Society of CPAsLeg/Adm
Nustad, BruceMN Retail Merchants AssnLeg/Adm
Psick, Sarah JMN High Tech AssnLeg
Radziej, DavidPrinting Industry MidwestLeg
Silesky, NancyCigar Assn of America IncLeg
Unmacht, DavidLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm

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