Subject - Rulemaking

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Engelking, ElizabethMN Wind CoalitionAdm
Fazio, EmmaBlandin Paper CoAdm
Fazio, EmmaUS Steel CorpAdm
Fazio, EmmaEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Fazio, EmmaHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Fazio, EmmaSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaGerdau Ameristeel US IncAdm
Fazio, EmmaPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Fazio, EmmaBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaVerso CorporationAdm
Fazio, EmmaUSG Interiors IncAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanBlandin Paper CoAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanUS Steel CorpAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanGerdau Ameristeel US IncAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanVerso CorporationAdm
Johnson, Kevin DeanUSG Interiors IncAdm
Lobejko, Patrick PMN Child Care AssnLeg
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonBlandin Paper CoAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonUS Steel CorpAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonVerso CorporationAdm
Stone, Miriam (Remi) EBuilders Assn of MinnesotaLeg/Adm

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