Subject - Regulated Industries - Liquor

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Carlson, Gary NLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Cook, Judy ESurly Brewing CoLeg/Adm
Emerson, Elizabeth ABreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)Leg
Finn, AnneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Georgacas, Chris PBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)Leg
Girard, James LSurly Brewing CoLeg/Adm
Grundhoefer, Thomas LLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Johnson, Craig ALeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Kanninen, Rebecca JMN Beer Wholesalers AssnLeg
Kao, IreneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Karbo, Michael SMN Grocers AssnLeg/Adm/Metro
Lisenby, LyndaBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)Leg
Loesch, JakeBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)Leg
Moore, VicMN Wine & Spirits GroupLeg/Adm
Nasby, SteveLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Osberg, David MLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Pfuhl, Jamie LMN Grocers AssnLeg/Adm/Metro
Psick, Sarah JMN Licensed Beverage Assn IncLeg
Rockler, KennBPAM (Bowling Proprietors Assn of MN)Leg/Adm/Metro
Sheehan, Cullen DMN Beer Wholesalers AssnLeg
Strong-Belisle, SarahSurly Brewing CoLeg/Adm
Unmacht, DavidLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm

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