Subject - Recycling Issues

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Almeida, CristineCan Manufacturers InstituteLeg/Adm
Donnelly, Julia MAnheuser-Busch CompaniesLeg/Adm
Donnelly, Julia MCan Manufacturers InstituteLeg/Adm
Goodno, Kevin PUSAgain LLCLeg/Adm/Metro
Hylden, NancyAmerican Progressive Bag AllianceMetro
Marsh, ColinCan Manufacturers InstituteLeg/Adm
McPherson, Scott DAmerican Progressive Bag AllianceMetro
Perman, JonathanAmerican Progressive Bag AllianceMetro
Pomroy, AndyUSAgain LLCLeg/Adm/Metro
Rahn, MelissaUSAgain LLCLeg/Adm/Metro
Sailer, BritaRecycling Assn of MNLeg/Adm/Metro
Spear, Gretchen KAmerican Forest and Paper AssnLeg/Metro
Vanasek, Robert (Rob) MSolid Waste Mgmt Coordinating Bd (SWMCB)Leg/Adm
Walseth, Samuel PSolid Waste Mgmt Coordinating Bd (SWMCB)Leg/Adm
Wolf, MelissaAnheuser-Busch CompaniesLeg/Adm
Wolf, MelissaCan Manufacturers InstituteLeg/Adm

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