Subject - Labor Relations

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Aron, DavidEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Blazar, William AMN Chamber of CommerceLeg
Bleyhl, Julie AAFSCME Council 5Leg/Adm/Metro
Blissenbach, NicoleEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Boldt, MeganEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Bordelon, LauraMN Chamber of CommerceLeg
Buhr, JodeeEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Carlson, Gary NLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Carrasco, BraulioEducation MinnesotaLeg
Cecconi, AndreaEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Corhouse, Debra MEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Dooher, DouglasEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Duke, MichelleEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Dykstera, CharlesEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Elliott, BrianService Employees Intl Union Council 7Leg
Finn, AnneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Ford, SaraEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Gjerdrum, Sara LEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Glover, Jess AnnaEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Grawe, DougDart Transit CoLeg/Adm/Metro
Heise, RobertAssd Builders & Contractors-MN ChapterLeg/Adm/Metro
Hesse, BernieUnited Food & Commercial Workers Local 789Leg
Hickey, MikeNatl Fed of Independent BusinessLeg
Hill, Todd ASEIU Healthcare MNLeg
Johnson, Craig ALeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Kao, IreneLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Killian, JustinEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Kohan, JenEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Kolodziejski, RichardMN Assn of Professional Employees (MAPE)Leg
Ladd, DaveDaley Farm of Lewiston LLPLeg/Adm
Lucking, CarrieEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
McConnell, DanielMinneapolis Building Trades CouncilLeg/Adm/Metro
Meyer, James REducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Micheletti, Kathleen KEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Mueller, PaulEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Nasby, SteveLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Olson, JodiEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Rettke, BrandonEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Rowe, RodneyEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Rush, Steven GHoliday CompaniesLeg/Adm/Metro
Ryg, MatthewEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Seide, Eliot AAFSCME Council 5Leg/Adm/Metro
Smith, Kyle JamesAFSCME Council 5Leg/Adm
Snope, Andrew JIBEW MN State CouncilLeg/Adm
Specht, DeniseEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Unmacht, DavidLeague of Minnesota CitiesLeg/Adm
Vesel, Margaret MHoliday CompaniesLeg/Adm/Metro
Winkelaar, PaulEducation MinnesotaLeg/Adm

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