Subject - Judicial Issues

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Ahern, Michael JCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Almeida, CristineNatl Center for Victims of CrimeLeg
Campbell, Erin MMN Sheriffs AssnLeg/Adm
Campbell, Erin MMN County Attorneys AssnLeg/Adm/Metro
Carlson, Dawn MNatl Center for Victims of CrimeLeg
Carlson, JoelMN Creditors Rights AssnLeg/Adm/Metro
Crandall, Lynnette SlaterCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Dukich, John MMN State Bar AssnLeg
Emerson, Elizabeth AInnocence Project MNLeg
Georgacas, Chris PInnocence Project MNLeg
Grindal, H TheodoreCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Haukedahl, CatharineMid-Minnesota Legal AidLeg/Adm/Metro
Hyland, Eric JMinnesotans UnitedLeg/Adm
Kaner-Roth, AnnMinnesotans UnitedLeg/Adm
Karbo, KatieCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Kelly, Ryan CCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Klett, Rebecca KCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Knoedler, TeresaMN Medical AssnLeg/Adm
Kramer, Ross EMinnesotans UnitedLeg/Adm
Lake, BryanMN State Bar AssnLeg
Lynch, TeresaCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Marsh, ColinNatl Center for Victims of CrimeLeg
Marsh, Ian GCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
McGann, EmilyMN State Bar AssnLeg
Otto, BillCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Peterson, Shawn MMN Catholic ConferenceLeg/Adm
Rau, AndreaMN Citizens Concerned for LifeLeg
Sheehan, Cullen DCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Walker, Sarah CCoalition for Impartial JusticeLeg
Walker, Sarah CMN Second Chance CoalitionLeg/Adm/Metro

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