Subject - Appropriations

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Bergeron, MatthewNorway HouseLeg/Adm
Biske, Richard LNature Conservancy - MN ChLeg/Adm
Carnival, Douglas MExcent CorporationLeg
Courtney, Catherine JNorthern Metals Recycling, IncLeg
Crow, ElizabethNature Conservancy - MN ChLeg/Adm
Feeken, NealNature Conservancy - MN ChLeg/Adm
Feldman, BrettParks & Trails Council of MinnesotaLeg
Griffin, Phillip AREM/The Mentor NetworkLeg
Johnson, Dean EProject TurnaboutLeg
Johnson, Richard CliveNature Conservancy - MN ChLeg/Adm
McBeth, DarynSecond Harvest HeartlandLeg
McBeth, DarynNature Conservancy - MN ChLeg/Adm
Moe, Roger DChisago CountyLeg/Adm
Moe, Roger DNorway HouseLeg/Adm
Psick, Sarah JMN Tourism Growth CoalitionLeg
Sandvig, Linda AREM/The Mentor NetworkLeg/Adm
Seck, Gerald LNorway HouseLeg/Adm
Snope, Andrew JIBEW MN State CouncilLeg/Adm
Stone, Miriam (Remi) EBuilders Assn of MinnesotaLeg/Adm
Vesel, Margaret MNorway HouseLeg/Adm
Zeaske, RobSecond Harvest HeartlandLeg/Adm

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