Subject - Public Utilities - Certificate of Need

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Who Have Identified
This Subject as an Issue on Which They Will Lobby

Ahern, Michael JShippers for Secure, Reliable & Economical Petroleum TransportationAdm
Bagnoli, Joseph TSouthern MN Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA)Leg/Adm
Bergan, Sara EEDF Renewable Energy Inc (fka enXco Inc)Adm
Birgen, DeborahMissouri River Energy ServicesLeg
Brusven, Christina KNobles 2 Power Partners LLC c/o Multistate Associates, Inc.Adm
Duehr, Jeremy PNobles 2 Power Partners LLC c/o Multistate Associates, Inc.Adm
Fatehi, LeiliSierra Club North Star ChapterAdm
Fazio, EmmaBlandin Paper CoAdm
Fazio, EmmaUS Steel CorpAdm
Fazio, EmmaEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Fazio, EmmaHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Fazio, EmmaSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaGerdau Ameristeel US IncAdm
Fazio, EmmaPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Fazio, EmmaArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Fazio, EmmaVerso CorporationAdm
Fazio, EmmaUSG Interiors IncAdm
Fazio, EmmaCHS, Inc.Adm
Heller, TomMissouri River Energy ServicesLeg
Johnson, Kevin DBlandin Paper CoAdm
Johnson, Kevin DUS Steel CorpAdm
Johnson, Kevin DEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Johnson, Kevin DHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Johnson, Kevin DSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DGerdau Ameristeel US IncAdm
Johnson, Kevin DPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Johnson, Kevin DArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Johnson, Kevin DVerso CorporationAdm
Johnson, Kevin DUSG Interiors IncAdm
Marriott, Chad TBlandin Paper CoAdm
Marriott, Chad TUS Steel CorpAdm
Marriott, Chad TEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Marriott, Chad THibbing Taconite CoAdm
Marriott, Chad TSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Marriott, Chad TPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Marriott, Chad TArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Marriott, Chad TBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Marriott, Chad TMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Marriott, Chad TUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Marriott, Chad TVerso CorporationAdm
Marriott, Chad TUSG Interiors IncAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PBlandin Paper CoAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PUS Steel CorpAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PVerso CorporationAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PUSG Interiors IncAdm
Moratzka, Andrew PCHS, Inc.Adm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonBlandin Paper CoAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonUS Steel CorpAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonHibbing Taconite CoAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonEDF Renewable Energy Inc (fka enXco Inc)Adm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonSAPPI Cloquet LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonPolyMet Mining IncAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonArcelorMittal USA LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonBoise White Paper LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonMesabi Nugget Delaware LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonUnited Taconite LLCAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonVerso CorporationAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonUSG Interiors IncAdm
Phillips, Sarah JohnsonCHS, Inc.Adm
Pitts, Haley WallerGeronimo Wind Energy LLCAdm
Strand, ScottFriends of the HeadwatersAdm
Swanson, Eric FEnbridge Energy Partners LPAdm
Swanson, Eric FNorthern Natural GasAdm
Swanson, Eric FMN Pipe Line Company LLCAdm

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