Lobbyist Subjects

Subjects on Which Lobbyists Expect to Lobby

This report includes documents processed through 11:07 pm, March 29, 2015.

Abortion Issues
Abortion Rights
Administrative Law
Affordable Housing
Aggregate Mining
Agriculture - Budget
Agriculture - Family Farms
Agriculture - Farms
Agriculture - Food & Beverage
Agriculture - Law & Policy
Air & Water Polution
Air & Water Quality
Air Transportation
Alarm Systems
Alcohol / Tobacco Issues
Alcohol Issues
Alcohol/Beer Industry
Alternative Fuel
Alternative/Complimentary Medicine
AmeriCorps Funding
Animal Issues
Annexation Issues
Aquatic Species
Aquatic Vegetation
Architect Design
Arts - Conservation
Arts Education
Arts Funding
Arts Legislation
Asset Preservation Bonding
Athletic Training/Sports Medicine
Auto Safety
Auto/Truck/Vehicle - Business Regulation, Commerce
Automobile Issues
Automotive - Rental
Automotive Industry
Aviation/Development Issues
Battered Women Programs
Biodiesel Issues
Bonding - State & Local Govt
Bonding Bill - Infrastructure Funding
Bonding for Railroad/Trail Construction
Bonding Issues
Bonding Projects
Bonding Projects - Library Renovation
Budget Policy
Building Code/Standards
Building Construction
Business - Adverstising
Business - Airport Concessions
Business - Auto Industry
Business - Banking
Business - Climate
Business - Concessions
Business - Construction
Business - Construction Contracts
Business - Contracts
Business - Corporate Issues
Business - Cosmetic/Personal Care Products
Business - Credit Card
Business - Development
Business - Electrical Contracts
Business - Fees/Taxes
Business - Financial Services
Business - Food/Beverage Industry
Business - Funeral Home Services
Business - Licensing/Zoning
Business - Liquor Licensing
Business - Mortgage
Business - Outdoor Recreation
Business - Palace Theater
Business - Pay For Performance Act
Business - Real Estate
Business - Regulation
Business - Rental Property
Business - Retail
Business - Retail Crime
Business - Technology
Business - Vendor Contracts
Business Issues
Business Issues - Liquor Industry
Business Issues - Permits
Business/Industry Issues
Cable Communications
Campaign Finance
Campaign Finance & Election Law
Capital Bonding
Capital Budget
Capital Investment
Capital Investment/Funding
Carbon Emissions
Caregiver Support
Certificate Of Need
Certificate Of Need - Route Permit
Charitable Gambling
Charitable Gaming
Charitable Issues
Charitable Remainder Trust
Check Cashing Requirements
Chemical Dependency
Chemical Issues
Chemical Policy Reform
Child Abuse
Child Care
Child Care - Licensing
Child Care Assistance
Child Protection
Childhood Education
Childrens Advocacy
Childrens Advocacy Centers
Children's Health
Children's Issues
City Issues
City/State/Local Issues
Civil & Criminal
Civil Justice Reform
Civil Law
Civil Law & Public Safety
Civil Liberties/Rights
Civil Rights
Clean Energy Policy
Climate Change
Climate Issues
Codes & Regulations
Commerce - Consumer Affairs
Commerce - Electronic
Commerce - Insurance
Commerce - Insurance & Securities
Commerce - Real Estate
Commerce - Taxes
Commerce Issues
Commerce Issues - Bullion Coin Industry
Commercial Development
Community Action Funding
Community Development
Community Services
Community Wind Energy
Commuter Rail/Passenger Rail
Composting Issues
Concrete Products
Conservation - Soil-Water Funding/Programs
Conservation Improvement Program
Constitutional Amendment
Construction - Code Issues
Construction - Finance Issues
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Law
Consumer Lending
Consumer Products
Consumer Protection Issues
Contested Case Proceedings
Continuing Care
Convention Center Services
Cooperative Law
Corporate Issues
Corporate Taxes
Corrections - Management
County Government Issues
County Issues
Credit Card Issues
Credit Unions
Crime Prevention Issues
Crime Victim Rights
Criminal Issues
Criminal Justice
CRT Monitors
Cultural Bonding/Funding/Policy
Dairy Issues
Data Practices
Data Privacy
Dedicated Funding
Dental Issues
Design - Building
Development/Research Policy
Diagnostic Labs
Disabilities - Financial
Disability Issues
Domestic Violence Issues
Drainage Issues
Drug Reform Policy
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Issues
Economic Development
Economic/Fiscal Policy
Education - Adult
Education - Aministration
Education - Charter Schools
Education - Childhood
Education - E-12
Education - Financial Aid
Education - Funding
Education - Funding K-12
Education - Higher
Education - K-12
Education - Policy
Education - Policy, Finance
Education - Reform
Education - School Building Funding
Education - Software Programs
Education - Technology
Education - Testing
Education Issues
Elderly Services
Election Ethics
Election Law
Election Reform
Electric Energy
Electric Generation
Electric Rate Case - MNPUC
Electric Transmission
Electric Utility Rates
Electrical Industry
Electricity Generation
Electronic E Tabs
Electronic Waste
Emergency Funds
Emergency Medical Services
Eminent Domain
Employee Benefits
Employment Issues
Employment Law
Energy - Biomass
Energy - Capacity Expansion
Energy - Clean Power
Energy - Conservation
Energy - Conservation & Efficiency
Energy - Dispursed Generation/Transmission
Energy - Fuel
Energy - Fuel - Ethanol
Energy - Green Jobs
Energy - Pipelines
Energy - Policy
Energy - Renewable
Energy - Renewable (Biomass/ Wind)
Energy - Solar
Energy - Wind
Energy & Power Industry
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Goal 1.5%
Energy Facilities - Siting & Routing
Energy Issues
Energy Programs
Energy/Environment Policy
Environment - Auto Salvage
Environment - Conservation
Environment - Fish/Wildlife
Environment - Forever Green Initiative/UofM
Environment - Funding
Environment - Honey Bee Habitat & Health
Environment - Mining
Environment - Natural
Environment - Natural Resources
Environment - Parks
Environment - Policy
Environment - Recreation
Environment - Regulation
Environment - Water
Environment - Water/Land Use
Environment - Wildlife
Environment Issues
Environment Issues & Policies
Environmental & Conservation Funding
Environmental Health
Environmental Manufacturing
Equal Rights
Estate Taxes
Excise Taxes
Facility Funding
Family Issues
Family Law
Family Medical Leave
Family Planning
Farm Equipment
Federal Deficit Reduction Act Compliance
Finance Issues
Financial Institutions
Financial Services
Fire Arms
Fire Fighting Issues
Fire Protection Regulation
Fire Regulations
Fireworks Access
Fireworks Issues
Fiscal Disparities
Fiscal Issues
Fish & Wildlife
Flood Mitigation
Food Industry
Forest Products
Forestry Issues
Forestry/DNR Issues
Foster Care
Franchise Agreements
Fraternal Benefit Society Issues
Funeral Services
Gambling Related Issues
Gaming/Gambling Issues
Gas Tax
General Fund Appropriations
Global Warming Issues
Government Contracts
Government Issues
Government Procurement Issues
Government Reform
Green Manufacturing
Gun Laws
Head Start
Health - Chemical Dependency
Health - Children
Health - HIV/AIDS Issues
Health - Immunization
Health - Medicinal Marijuana
Health & Hospital
Health & Human Services
Health & Human Services - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Health & Human Services Funding
Health & Human Services Funding & Policy
Health & Human Services Funding & Regulation
Health & Safety
Health and Human Services
Health Care - Access
Health Care - Aging
Health Care - Assistance
Health Care - Business Regulation
Health Care - Cancer
Health Care - Chemical Health
Health Care - Choices
Health Care - Coverage
Health Care - Dental
Health Care - Emergency
Health Care - Financing
Health Care - Financing/Policy
Health Care - Funding
Health Care - HMOs
Health Care - HMOs/Hospitals
Health Care - Home Visits
Health Care - Hospice
Health Care - Hospitals
Health Care - Insurance
Health Care - Licensing
Health Care - Long Term Care
Health Care - Medicaid
Health Care - Medical
Health Care - Medical Devices
Health Care - Mental Health
Health Care - MNSure
Health Care - Organ Donation/Advocacy
Health Care - Patient Access
Health Care - Patient Protection
Health Care - Pharmaceutical
Health Care - Pharmaceutical
Health Care - Physicians
Health Care - Policy
Health Care - Private Health
Health Care - Programs
Health Care - Public Health
Health Care - Public Health/Mental Health/Research
Health Care - Radiation
Health Care - Radiology/Oncology
Health Care - Reform
Health Care - Regulation
Health Care - Reproductive
Health Care - Research/Disease
Health Care - Single-Payer
Health Care - Substance Abuse
Health Care Industry
Health Care Issues
Health Insurance
Health Issues
Health Reporting
Health Research
Healthy Housing
Higher Education - Funding
Higher Education - Policy
Higher Education Issues
Highway Construction
Highway Funding
Highway Improvements
Highway Issues
Highway Load Limits
Highway Projects
Highway Safety
Highway Weight Limits
Home Health Care
Homeland Security
Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Homeless Issues
Horse Racing
Horse/Equestrian Issues
Hospital Policy
Hospitals - Payment Disparities
Housing - Building Codes
Housing - Commerce
Housing & Redevelopment
Housing & Support Services
Housing Development Project
Human Resources
Human Rights
Human Rights/Services
Human Services
Human Services - Child Care/After School Programs
Human Services - Children
Human Services - Disabilities
Human Services - Disabilities/Aging
Human Services - Employment
Human Services - Family
Human Services - Home Health Care
Human Services - Homeless
Human Services - Housing
Human Services - Hunger
Human Services - Nursing Homes
Human Services - Policy
Human Services - Reproductive Rights
Human Services - Safe Haven Program
Human Services - School Lunch Nutrition
Human Services - Schools
Human Services - Sexual Assault/MN Statutes
Human Services - Taxes
Human Services - Womens issues
Human Services-Affordable Housing
Humane Animal Issues
Humanitarian Assistance
Hunting/Fishing Issues
Identity Theft
Immigration Issues
Immigration Law
Income Taxes
Indian Affairs
Indian Gaming
Indoor Tanning
Information Technology
Information Technology - Products & Services
Insurance - Auto
Insurance - Auto/Homeowners
Insurance - Breach of Contract Remedies
Insurance - Claims Uniformity
Insurance - General
Insurance - Health Insurance
Insurance - Life
Insurance - Self
Insurance - Workers Compensation
Insurance Issues
Insurance Issues-Relating to MN Stat 62F/62I
Insurance Regulated Issues
Insurance Services
Interior Design
Internet Sales - Tickets
Investment Services
Job Creation
Job Training
Jobs Issues
Jobs/Job Training
Joint Powers Organizations
Journalism Issues
Judicial - Election & Reform
Judicial Issues
Juvenile Justice
K-12 Education
K-12 Education Funding
K-12 Education Policy
Labor Issues
Labor Law
Labor Relations
Laboratories - Licensing Technicians
Land & Water Conservation
Land Acquisition Issues
Land Conservation Funding
Land Preservation
Land Use
Land Use & Urban Development
Landlord/Tenant Issues
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement/Public Safety
LCMR Funding
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Lead Tackle
Legacy Funding
Legal Issues
Legal Reform
Legal Services
Legislative & State Agencies
LGBTQ Rights
Licensing Issues
Licensing Issues - Cosmetology
Life Issues
Life Sciences
Liquid Petroleum
Liquor Industry Issues
Liquor Laws
Liquor License Issues
Lobbying Legislation
Local Government
Local Government - Funding
Local Government - Metro Affairs
Local Government Aid
Local Option Sales Tax Issues
Long Term Care & Health
Long Term Care Issues
Mall of America
Managed Care
Manufacturing Legislation
Marine Industry
Marriage & Family Therapy Issues & Regulations
Marriage Issues
Medical Assistance
Medical Device Issues
Medical Devices Legis
Medical Examiner
Medical Issues
Medical Legislation Issues
Medical Research Funding
Medical Transportation
Medical Waste Disposal - Sharps Disposal
Medical/Rehabilitation Issues
Medicare Reimbursements
Medicinal Marijuana
Mental Health
Mental Health - Policy & Funding
Mentoring - Youth
Mercury - Labeling
Metropolitan Affairs
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Metropolitan Council - Dis. Business Enterpr. Contracts
Metropolitan Government
Metropolitan Parks
Minimum Wage
Mining - Non Ferrous
Minneapolis - Parking/Towing Issues
Minor Children Issues
MNPUC Rate Case
Moral Issues
Moratorium Exceptions
Mortgage Brokers Trade Assns
Mortgage Foreclosure
Mortgage Issues
Mosquito Control
Motion Pictures
Motor Vehicle - Auto
Motor Vehicle - Auto/Trucks
Motor Vehicle - Truck
MPUC Rate Case
MPUC/MPCA & Minn Dept of Commerce
Municipal Government
Municipal Issues
Municipal Liquor Issues
Mutual Funds
National Popular Vote
Natural Development
Natural Resources - Fish & Wildlife
Natural Resources & Environment
Natural Resources Issues
Nodes Permit Issues
Nonprofit Funding
Nonprofit Organizations
Nursing Homes
Nursing Profession
Occupational Licensure
Occupational Safety/Health
Office of Environmental Assistance
Older Adult Services
Open Source
Organ Donation & Advocacy
Parents Issues
Parks & Recreation
Parks Funding
Passenger Rail
Payday Lending Operations
Pensions - Collective Bargaining
Pensions - Public Sector
Pesticide Regulation & Related Issues
Petroleum Marketing
Petroleum Related Issues
Pharmaceutical Issues
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Phosphorus Rule
Pipeline Operations
Plumbing/Heating/Cooling Standards
Policy Issues
Port Development
Poultry Program
Poverty Issues
Power Line Siting
Power Plant Siting
Prescription Drug Issues
Privacy Issues - Records
Private Correctional Facilities
Professional License
Professional License/Social Work
Program Funding
Propane Gas Issues
Property - Ownership Use
Property & Income Taxes
Property Law
Property Rights
Property Taxes
Psychiatric Issues
Public Broadcasting - Funding
Public Broadcasting - Regulation
Public Employees
Public Finance
Public Health - Tobacco
Public Health - Triclosan
Public Health Issues
Public Pensions
Public Policy
Public Safety
Public Safety - Crime Prevention
Public Safety - Finance
Public Safety - Law Enforcement Policy
Public Safety - Policy
Public Sector Procurement
Public Utilities
Public Utilities - All
Public Utilities - Certificate of Need
Public Utilities - Electric
Public Utilities - Electric/Gas
Public Utilities - Energy
Public Utilities - Energy Regulation
Public Utilities - Gas
Public Utilities - Missouri River Energy Services
Public Utilities - Municipal
Public Utilities - Natural Gas
Public Utilities - Otter Tail Power Co
Public Utilities - Power Plant Siting
Public Utilities - Rate Case
Public Utilities - Service
Public Utilities - Siting
Public Utilities - Telecommunications
Public Utilities - Transmission
Public Utilities - Xcel Energy
Public Utilities Commission
Public Waters Use
Publishing Issues
PUC - Rules & Regulations
Racial Issues
Racial Justice Issues
Racing Issues
Radiation Facilities Location
Rail Authority
Railroad Issues
Railroad Safety
Rate Case
Real Estate
Real Estate - Business Regulation
Real Estate - Development
Real Estate - Private Property Rights
Recreation - Trail
Recreation Issues
Recycling Issues
Redevelopment Issues
Regulated Industries - Construction
Regulated Industries - District Heating/Cooling
Regulated Industries - Electric
Regulated Industries - Electric Utilities
Regulated Industries - Electric/Gas
Regulated Industries - Electricity
Regulated Industries - Energy
Regulated Industries - Engineering
Regulated Industries - Environmental
Regulated Industries - Food & Beverage
Regulated Industries - Fuel
Regulated Industries - Licensing
Regulated Industries - Liquor
Regulated Industries - Medical
Regulated Industries - Non-profits
Regulated Industries - Signage
Regulated Industries - Tobacco
Regulated Industries - Utilities
Regulated Industry Issues
Regulatory - Enforcement
Regulatory - Nonprofits
Renewable Energy
Renewable Fuels
Reproductive Choice
Reproductive Health
Restaurant Industry
Restaurant Industry - License/Permit
Retail Crime & Punishment
Retail Issues
Retirement Services
Reverse Auction Bonding Request
Right to Bear Arms
Rural Cooperatives
Rural Development
Rural Electric Cooperatives
Safety Issues
Sales Taxes
School Building Issues
School Choice
School District Annexation
School Service Employees
School Start Date
School Transportation - Bus
School Trust Lands
Science & Technology
Scope of Practice
Scrap Dealer Regulations
Securities Issues
Self Storage Facilities
Senior Issues
Senior Nutrition
Sewer/Water Funding
Sexual Abuse Prevention
Sexual Assault Issues
Sexual Health Education
Smoking Ordinances
Social Security Numbers
Social Services
Soft Drink Industry
Solar Power
Solid & Hazardous Waste
Solid Waste
Spiritual Care Practice Laws
Sports Facilities
Sports Funding
Sports Issues
Sports Stadium
State Agencies
State Budgeting Issues
State Building Code
State Contracting
State Contracting Practices
State Fiscal Issues
State Government Issues
State Grant Funding Programs
State&Local Issues
Stem Cell Research
Strategic Investments
Structured Settlement
Student Support Services
Surety Bond Issues
Tax Credits for Historic Preservation
Tax Exempt Financing
Tax Issues
Taxes - Corporate
Taxes - Corporate & Property
Taxes - Credits
Taxes - Exemptions
Taxes - Income, Insurance, Sales
Taxes - Increment Financing
Taxes - Liquor
Taxes - Lodging
Taxes - Policy
Taxes - Property
Taxes - Property/Local Government Aids
Taxes - Renewable Credits
Taxes - Retail
Taxes - Sales
Taxes - Software
Taxes - Utility
Technology Issues
Telecommunication - Broadband/Internet
Telecommunication - Regulation
Telecommunication - Satellite
Telecommunication - Wireless
Telecommunication Issues
Telephone Directory Opt In/Out Mandates
Telephone Rates
Terminal Enforcement
Ticket Scalping
Timber Industry
Title Insurance Issues
Title Issues
Tmdl Listings
Tobacco Issues
Tobacco Prevention
Tobacco Taxes
Tort Reform
Tourism Issues
Township Government
Traffic Safety
Training Issues
Transit - Biking/Walking Funding
Transit - Bus
Transit - Bus/Commuter Rail/Motor Vehicle Transportation
Transit - Bus/Rail/Auto
Transit - Commuter Rail
Transit - Light Rail
Transit - Light Rail - Southwest
Transit & Transportation
Transit & Transportation Funding & Policy
Transportation - Air
Transportation - Bicycling
Transportation - Commuter Rail
Transportation - Contracting
Transportation - Funding
Transportation - Infrastructure/Investment
Transportation - Motor Vehicle Auto
Transportation - Motor Vehicle Trucks
Transportation - Non-emergency Medical
Transportation - Policy
Transportation - Rail
Transportation - Railroads
Transportation - Regulations
Transportation - Tax
Transportation - Trucks
Transportation Issues
Tribal Issues
Trucking & Weight
Trucking & Weight Restriction
Trucks - Size & Weight
Unemployment Compensation
Uniform Collaborative Law Act
Union Issues
Urban Development
Urban Growth
Use Tax
Utilities & Energy Regulation
Utility Rate Cases
Utility Taxes
Veterans Affair
Veterinary Issues
Voting Issues
Voting Rights
Wage Issues
Waste Issues
Waste Management
Waste Management Hierarchy
Waste Water Infrastructure
Waste Water Treatment
Waste/Energy Issues - Hennepin Cnty
Water & Waste Water
Water Drainage
Water Management Issues
Water Quality
Welfare Issues
Welfare Reform
Well Water Issues
Wetland Issues
Wind Energy
Wine / Alcohol
Women's Issues
Women's Issues & Family Violence
Worker Safety & Health
Workers Compensation
Workers Issues
Workforce Development Issues
Workforce Development Program Funding
Workplace Safety
Xcel Uprate Case
Youth & Young Adult Development
Youth Hockey
Youth Intervention
Youth Intervention Program
Youth Services
Zoning - Licensing Issues
Zoning Issues