Recent Lobbyist Terminations

Newest terminations are at the top of the list

This report includes documents processed through 11:23 pm, January 22, 2017.
Lobbyist Name Association NameDate
Bjorge, Lydia, KTarget Corp1/19/2017
Archer, Alison, CXcel Energy Services Inc1/13/2017
Idelkope, Julie, APfizer Inc1/12/2017
Hottinger, John, CSierra Club North Star Chapter1/10/2017
Almeida, CristineCrown Castle12/31/2016
Almeida, CristineA Chance to Grow12/31/2016
Apitz, John, FIron Mining Assn of Minnesota12/31/2016
Ariano, ElizabethIndivior, Inc12/31/2016
Azzi, HeatherMarijuana Policy Project12/31/2016
Beard, Michael, LAlliance of Automotive Service Providers of MN, Inc (AASP-MN)12/31/2016
Birkholz, Joseph, RLakes Foundation of Albert Lea12/31/2016
Birkholz, Joseph, RIntl Mountain Bike Association12/31/2016
Birkholz, Joseph, RShellrock River Watershed Dist (Albert Lea)12/31/2016
Birkholz, Joseph, RSt Louis River Alliance (SLRA)12/31/2016
Birkholz, Joseph, RSt Croix River Association12/31/2016
Botzek, Gary, WMN On-Site Wastewater Assn (MOWA)12/31/2016
Breitinger, Jennifer, WEducators 4 Excellence12/31/2016
Breitinger, Jennifer, WCLEAR Corps USA12/31/2016
Burtschi, MarkArcelorMittal USA LLC12/31/2016
Carnival, Douglas, MExcent Corporation12/31/2016
Cassidy, Paul, DEstate of Prince Rogers Nelson12/31/2016
Cassidy, Paul, DEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Cassidy, Paul, DUS Energy Services Inc12/31/2016
Chelseth, Andrew, HEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Cherryhomes, JackieMN Restaurant Assn12/31/2016
Clark, James, T1-800 Contacts Inc12/31/2016
Clark, James, TIron Mining Assn of Minnesota12/31/2016
Clark, James, TBest Buy Co Inc12/31/2016
Courtney, Catherine, JNorthern Metals Recycling, Inc12/31/2016
Daugherty, Jeffrey, ACenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas12/31/2016
de Julio, NicholasCommunity Assns Institute of MN (CAI-MN)12/31/2016
DeBoer, RobertCitizens League12/31/2016
Einess, WardDelta Air Lines Inc12/31/2016
Estenson, JeremyEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Flowers, AlAWMIN (African American Women & Men In Need)12/31/2016
Foley, DevinIntellectual Takeout/Better Ed12/31/2016
Franklin, Michael, ANextEra Energy Resources LLC12/31/2016
Frey, ErinAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP12/31/2016
Fritz, CharlesRed River Watershed Management Board12/31/2016
Gavin, EllenIntegra Telecom12/31/2016
Gilbert, Mary, DMN Medical Assn12/31/2016
Girard, James, LJohnson Controls, Inc.12/31/2016
Goodno, Kevin, PAlliance for Solar Choice LLC (TASC)12/31/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreNatl Popular Vote12/31/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreTechNet12/31/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreIndustry Council for Tangible Assets12/31/2016
Haas, Nancy, AMunicipal Legislative Commission12/31/2016
Haas, Nancy, AAmericans for Responsible Solutions12/31/2016
Haas, Nancy, AMedical Alley Association12/31/2016
Hentges, Robert, CMN Governmental Relations Council12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, ACouncil on Crime & Justice12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AHOMECo12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AGoodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, ANexus Solutions LLC12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AStudents for Education Reform Inc12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AChurchill Downs, Inc.12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AMN Humanities Center12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, ASummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)12/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund12/31/2016
Hylden, NancyMinneapolis Foundation12/31/2016
Hylden, NancyGassen Companies12/31/2016
Hynes, Patrick, JIron Mining Assn of Minnesota12/31/2016
Hynes, Patrick, JAmericans for Responsible Solutions12/31/2016
Jerich, Michael, AHolcim (US), Inc12/31/2016
Jerich, Ronald, AHolcim (US), Inc12/31/2016
Jerich, ValerieHolcim (US), Inc12/31/2016
Johnson, JoelMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)12/31/2016
Johnson, Joshcar2go NA LLC12/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MGreater Twin Cities United Way12/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MMN Library Assn12/31/2016
Kingsley, KarenYouthprise12/31/2016
Knapp, John, AAuto Club Group12/31/2016
Knapp, John, AecoATM12/31/2016
Knapp, John, ACare Providers of Minnesota12/31/2016
Korengold, MichaelEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Kulick, Gail, TMille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians-Corp Comm12/31/2016
Lattier, DanielIntellectual Takeout/Better Ed12/31/2016
Letourneau, SaraNatl Audubon Society Minnesota12/31/2016
Lloyd, LarryGoRail12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaGreat Lakes Gas Transmission Co12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaTruGreen12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaMN Joint Underwriting Assn12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaMN Telecom Alliance12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaXcel Energy Services Inc12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaNorthern Natural Gas12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaNorthern Border Pipeline Co12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaMN Independent Coalition12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaMedica12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaViking Gas Transmission Co12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaNorth Central Marine Assn12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaRandy's Environmental Services Sanitation & Recycling12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaCoon Rapids City of12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaDorsey & Whitney LLP12/31/2016
Lynch, TeresaMN Employment Law Council (MELC)12/31/2016
Marano, Salvatore, DCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas12/31/2016
Marks, Germaine, LPrudential Financial Inc12/31/2016
Martin, Michael, CMN Cable Communications Assn12/31/2016
McBeth, DarynNature Conservancy - MN Ch12/31/2016
McDaniel, Brian, RNatl Insurance Crime Bureau12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JSoutheast Service Cooperative12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JTesla Motors Inc12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JResource Training & Solutions12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JSW/WC MN Service Cooperative 6 & 812/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JMN Municipal Power Agency (MMPA)12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JArctic Cat Inc12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JDelta Dental of MN12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JDistribution Alternatives12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JSouth Central Service Cooperative12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JMN Fair Plan12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JNW MN Service Cooperative 1 & 212/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JNortheast Service Cooperative12/31/2016
McKasy, Bert, JLakes Country Service Cooperative12/31/2016
Morris, Randolph, WAllergan USA, Inc12/31/2016
Neren, Sandra, LLytx Inc (fka DriveCam)12/31/2016
Niland, James, BSEIU Local 28412/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RPrinting Industry Midwest12/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RJFC LLC dba GNP Company (fka Gold'N Plump Poultry Inc)12/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RConsumer Healthcare Products Assn (CHPA)12/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RCLEAR Corps USA12/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RMN Film & TV Board12/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RMN Comprehensive Health Assn12/31/2016
Olson, Joseph, EBicycle Alliance of MN12/31/2016
Pearsall, ChelseaNurse-Family Partnership12/31/2016
Perry, Jack, YWaste Management of MN Inc & Affiliates12/31/2016
Perry, Jack, YNorthern Metals Recycling, Inc12/31/2016
Perry, Jack, YHolcim (US), Inc12/31/2016
Perry, Jack, YMinnesotans for Environmental Equality12/31/2016
Peterson, Douglas, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas12/31/2016
Pomroy, AndyAlliance for Solar Choice LLC (TASC)12/31/2016
Pomroy, AndyAurora Distributed Solar LLC12/31/2016
Pomroy, AndyGevo Inc12/31/2016
Pryse, BeccaCommunity Assns Institute of MN (CAI-MN)12/31/2016
Rahn, MelissaGevo Inc12/31/2016
Rahn, MelissaMinneapolis City of12/31/2016
Rahn, MelissaAlliance for Solar Choice LLC (TASC)12/31/2016
Rahn, MelissaAurora Distributed Solar LLC12/31/2016
Repke, Charles, WGetten Credit Company12/31/2016
Reynolds, MargaretEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Rice, Brian, FDraftKings, Inc.12/31/2016
Rice, Brian, FFanDuel, Inc.12/31/2016
Ridderbusch, TaylorRochester Area Builders Inc12/31/2016
Rowen, RobynPrincipal Financial Group12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ASt Paul Public Schools12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, AHennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ABenedictine Health System12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ASanford Health12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ABig Brothers/Big Sisters12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ALiteracy Action Network (fka Literacy MN)12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, AMN Safety Net Coalition12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, AREM/The Mentor Network12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, ASchool Nurse Organization of MN (SNOM)12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, AMN Assn of Optometrists & Opticians12/31/2016
Sandvig, Linda, AMN Medical Assn12/31/2016
Simpson, MarcAGNL Health LLC12/31/2016
Stern, Samuel, LProperty Owners Protecting Useful Lake Access Rights d/b/a POPULAR12/31/2016
Swanson, Eric, FGreater Minnesota Gas Inc12/31/2016
Thrane, Peter, HEnhanced Capital Partners LLC12/31/2016
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EPharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America12/31/2016
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), ENextEra Energy Resources LLC12/31/2016
Walli, KevinWestern Lake Superior Sanitary District12/31/2016
Walli, KevinTown of Tofte12/31/2016
Williams, JonCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas12/31/2016
Windler, Joseph, MGreater Minnesota Gas Inc12/31/2016
Breitinger, Jennifer, WHemophilia Foundation of MN/Dakotas12/30/2016
Kunach, LucasFraser Community Services12/30/2016
Roberts, AmyAnytime Fitness LLC12/30/2016
Roberts, AmyLifetime Fitness Inc12/30/2016
Roberts, AmyNatl Audubon Society Minnesota12/30/2016
Roberts, AmyIntl Health Racquet Sportsclub Assn12/30/2016
Roberts, AmySnap Fitness12/30/2016
Marquis, Matthew, EMN Environmental Contractors Assn12/29/2016
Marquis, Matthew, EMN Floorcovering Contractors Assn12/29/2016
Marquis, Matthew, EThermal Insulation Contractors Assn12/29/2016
Marquis, Matthew, ECarpentry Contractors Assn12/29/2016
Marquis, Matthew, EMN Drywall & Plaster Assn12/29/2016
Marquis, Matthew, EMN Painting & Wallcovering Assn12/29/2016
Erickson, SarahEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund12/27/2016
Haggar, JamesEducation Minnesota12/23/2016
Kill, Robert, HEnterprise MN12/23/2016
Olsen, TroyCommunity Assns Institute of MN (CAI-MN)12/23/2016
Hyde, Jeffrey, LIntl Business Machines Corp (IBM)12/22/2016
Nelson, RickAFSCME 6512/22/2016
Nelson, Bruce, HAssn of Residential Resources in MN (ARRM)12/21/2016
Platto, AndrewAspen Waste Systems Inc12/21/2016
Carlson, JoelFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)12/19/2016
Sims, LoriBaxter Healthcare Corporation12/16/2016
Walker, Sarah, CHOMECo12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CMN Humanities Center12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CCouncil on Crime & Justice12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CMN Recruiting & Staffing Assn12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CStudents for Education Reform Inc12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CGoodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CKraft Heinz Company12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CNexus Solutions LLC12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CChurchill Downs, Inc.12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CEnterprise Rent-A-Car Inc12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CMN Restaurant Assn12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CNatl Popular Vote12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CSafelite Group, Inc. (fka Belron US Inc)12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CAT&T Inc12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CMN Service Station & Convenience Store Assn12/14/2016
Walker, Sarah, CToy Industry Assn12/14/2016
Cerkvenik, Gary, ECenturyLink12/13/2016
Levine, Alexander, TAlexander Levine12/12/2016
Lankford, ElizabethHealthcare Distribution Alliance12/9/2016
Lucero, RebeccaTwin Cities Habitat for Humanity12/7/2016
Wolf, MelissaA Chance to Grow12/7/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MIntl Union of Operating Eng 4912/6/2016
Benson, Ian, RXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Bloch, KellyXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Chapman, Leanna, MXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Coyne, James, MXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Dietenberger, Adam, RXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Gersack, Michael, CXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Gould, LelandNorthern Tier Energy12/5/2016
Harkness, David, CXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Inglis, Richard EvanXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Leahy, GregFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)12/5/2016
Lowenthal, Ruth, KXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Marks, JannellXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Miller, Robert, LXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Mills, Steven, HXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Mothersole, John, WXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
O'Connor, Timothy, JXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
O'Hara, Gary, JXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Perkett, Lisa, HXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Reed, JohnXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Tyson II, George, EXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Van Abel, Brian, JXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Weatherby, Scott, LXcel Energy Services Inc12/5/2016
Boroff, AnnaMN Corn Growers Assn12/2/2016
Rockler, KennBPAM (Bowling Proprietors Assn of MN)12/1/2016
Sposeto, Dominic, JMN Medical Assn12/1/2016
Erickson, SarahUnion of Concerned Scientists11/30/2016
Erickson, SarahMN Nurse Practitioners11/30/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MCoalition for Children with Disabilities11/30/2016
Walseth, Samuel, PCoalition for Children with Disabilities11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MHennepin County11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MDakota Electric Assn11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MMeridian Behavioral Health11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MLiberty Mutual Insurance Co11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MAssn of MN Public Ed Radio Stations (AMPERS)11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MMetropolitan Airports Commission11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MFanDuel, Inc.11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MMayo Clinic11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MAmerican Insurance Assn11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MCare Providers of Minnesota11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MManitoba Hydro11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MPrairie Island Dakota Community11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MSt Cloud Hospital-CentraCare Health System11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MDraftKings, Inc.11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MDistilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS)11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MBurlington Northern and Sante Fe Railway Co11/30/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MAuto Club Group11/30/2016
Kelly, Randy, CCivic Proficiency Institute11/28/2016
Kelly, Ryan, CCivic Proficiency Institute11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaUnion of Concerned Scientists11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaRenovate America, Inc.11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaDistributed Wind Energy Association11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaEnvironmental Defense Action Fund11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaMN Nurse Practitioners11/28/2016
Lindeen, JessicaCORI: Coalition of Addiction Recovery Inc11/28/2016
Frias, Luz MariaMinneapolis Foundation11/23/2016
Sellwood, TomMN Funeral Directors Assn11/22/2016
Lobejko, Patrick, PMN Pharmacists Assn11/21/2016
Hunter, RebeccaCrown Castle11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnRELX, Inc.11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnAnheuser-Busch Companies11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnCLUES (Communidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio)11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnSunrise Banks11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnCan Manufacturers Institute11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnKEPRO11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnPolyMet Mining Inc11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnWalden University11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnConservation Campaign11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnScience Museum of MN11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnCrown Castle11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnA Chance to Grow11/17/2016
Kavanagh, JohnMedtronic Inc11/17/2016
McInerney, Daniel, JLife Source, Inc.11/15/2016
McInerney, Daniel, JExpress Scripts Holding Co11/15/2016
Doyle, ElizabethTakeAction Minnesota11/11/2016
Ahern, Michael, JNorthern Tier Energy11/9/2016
Lynch, TeresaNorthern Tier Energy11/9/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MMN Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome11/4/2016
Erickson, SarahCalpine Corp11/2/2016
Meadley, WendyNorth American High Speed Rail Group LLC11/2/2016
Herrera, LeeAnnCharter Communications, Inc.11/1/2016
Griffin, Phillip, APortico Healthnet10/31/2016
Griffin, Phillip, AREM/The Mentor Network10/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MMN School Nutrition Assn10/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MYMCA of the Greater Twin Cities10/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MIgnite Afterschool10/31/2016
Wolf, MelissaCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)10/21/2016
McCarthy, WilliamMN AFL-CIO10/20/2016
Shea, MeghanEnbridge Energy Partners LP10/19/2016
Raines, PhilipMN Medical Assn10/18/2016
Gander, JimEcolab Inc10/17/2016
Murphy, AnishaCommunity Dental Care10/15/2016
Murphy, AnishaFamily Partnership10/15/2016
Murphy, AnishaMN Adult & Teen Challenge10/15/2016
Meier, BradTwinWest Chamber of Commerce10/14/2016
Tiedeman, ChrisTwin Metals Minnesota LLC10/13/2016
Cook, Judy, EiConstituent LLC10/12/2016
Girard, James, LiConstituent LLC10/12/2016
Strong-Belisle, SarahiConstituent LLC10/12/2016
Coyle, Peter, JMN Eminent Domain Institute10/7/2016
Stanoch, John, MMinneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce10/6/2016
Tsai, KennyUber Technologies10/6/2016
Carroll, ClayUber Technologies10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JMN Zoo 10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, J1-800 Contacts Inc10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JOtter Tail Corp10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JFriends of White Bear Lake10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JNorth American Council of Adoptable Children (NACAC)10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JMN Society of CPAs10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JIron Mining Assn of Minnesota10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JExplore Information Services LLC10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JAlliance of Automobile Manufacturers10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JCanterbury Park Holding Corp10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JOtter Tail Power Co10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JConsumer Data Industry Assn10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JDakota County10/4/2016
Hyland, Eric, JMN Newspaper Assn10/4/2016
O'Connor, KaitlynLand Stewardship Project10/4/2016
Weinhagen, JonathanSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce10/4/2016
McAlpin, Brennan, CFamily Pharm LLC10/1/2016
Youle, MaryLeadingAge Minnesota10/1/2016
Buckingham, MeganLand Stewardship Project9/30/2016
Crosson, Joshua50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN9/30/2016
Garvey, Stephen, JMN Power (ALLETE)9/30/2016
Hanson, Thomas, JHP, Inc.9/30/2016
Hill, Todd, AKraft Heinz Company9/30/2016
Knapp, John, AHP, Inc.9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaHart InterCivic9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaHamline University9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaPolaris Industries Inc9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaConcordia University, St Paul9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaSwift County9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaInnocence Project MN9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaMN School Counselors Assn9/30/2016
Lisenby, LyndaUniversity of St Thomas9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMN Assn of Community Telecommunications Adm9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMN Municipal Beverage Assn9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JConcrete Paving Assn of MN9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JVisit Saint Paul9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMetropolitan Airports Commission9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMN State Agricultural Society9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JMN High Tech Assn9/30/2016
Psick, Sarah, JItasca Project (fka Transportation Advocacy Fund)9/30/2016
Reich, John, CHP, Inc.9/30/2016
Schreiber, StephenMN Public Radio Inc9/26/2016
Brown, SusieMN Council of Nonprofits9/23/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MWalden University9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MMN Public Radio Inc9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MAmerican Public Media Group9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MAnheuser-Busch Companies9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MA Chance to Grow9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MMedtronic Inc9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MCLUES (Communidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio)9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MConservation Campaign9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MRELX, Inc.9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MSunrise Banks9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MPolyMet Mining Inc9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MCan Manufacturers Institute9/20/2016
Carlson, Dawn, MKEPRO9/20/2016
Hylden, NancySAS Institute Inc9/15/2016
Koch, AmySAS Institute Inc9/15/2016
Strand, ScottMN Center for Environmental Advocacy9/12/2016
Anderson, Matthew, LMN Hospital Assn9/9/2016
Segroves, LouiseMN Center for Environmental Advocacy9/9/2016
Schreiber, StephenAmerican Public Media Group9/8/2016
Hofstede, Albert, J4401 Lyndale Ave N LLC9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JOPUS Development Company LLC9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JUniversity of St Thomas9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JDunbar Development9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JTwin Cities and Western Railroad Companies9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JAspen Waste Systems Inc9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JKelber Catering Inc9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JNortheast Bank9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JMinneapolis Institute of Arts9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JHillcrest Development9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JJ A Wedum Foundation9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JCovanta9/3/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JAldridge/Collisys Joint Venture9/3/2016
Warren, Kerry4401 Lyndale Ave N LLC9/3/2016
Warren, KerryAldridge/Collisys Joint Venture9/3/2016
Tyler, F ClaytonKnutson Construction Co9/1/2016
Grindal, H Theodore50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Kanninen, Rebecca, J50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Larson, Daniel, G50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Marsh, Ian, G50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Olson, Benjamin, RDelta Dental of MN8/31/2016
Salisbury, DanielleLeadingAge Minnesota8/31/2016
Sellers, Daniel50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Sheehan, Cullen, D50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/31/2016
Rouen, NoahAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates8/30/2016
Munson, AliciaOpportunity Partners8/24/2016
Murphy, Molly, BAssd General Contractors of MN8/9/2016
Murphy, Molly, BITC Holdings Corp (Intl Transmission Co)8/9/2016
Murphy, Molly, BScience Museum of MN8/9/2016
Dolan, Robert, JXcel Energy Services Inc8/5/2016
Ramirez, Vanessa, LAllianz Life Insurance Company of North America8/3/2016
Bunge, Darrel, DEnbridge Energy Partners LP7/31/2016
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HIndependent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC)7/31/2016
LeBeau II, Rondell ReidLower Sioux Community7/31/2016
Ramalingam, NicholeLower Sioux Community7/31/2016
Amundson, Kristen, ANorthWest Suburban Integration School Distr7/1/2016
Lee, ChristinaLeukemia & Lymphoma Society7/1/2016
Stanoch, John, MScience Museum of MN7/1/2016
Amundson, Kristen, AMN Assn of Small Cities6/30/2016
Cecconi, MaryParents United for Public Schools6/30/2016
Dicklich, Ronald, RRange Assn of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS)6/30/2016
Dicklich, Ronald, RAFSCME 656/30/2016
Grivna, LoriMN Assn of Small Cities6/30/2016
Klingel, Todd, EMinneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce6/30/2016
Lahd, HollyFresh Energy6/30/2016
Lehman, Thomas, RPrimeWest Joint Powers Board6/30/2016
Leva, AutumnMN Family Council6/30/2016
Hill, Todd, AScientific Games International, Inc6/15/2016
Walker, Sarah, CScientific Games International, Inc6/15/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CNeighborhood Development Center (NDC)6/8/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CTwin Cities Rise!6/8/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CEvergreen Energy6/8/2016
Berkland, KristinMN Energy Resources Corp6/3/2016
Zweber, RoxanneAssn of Metropolitan Municipalities6/2/2016
Elliott, Sonnie, ACoalition for Impartial Justice6/1/2016
Franzen, Douglas, JNatl Insurance Crime Bureau6/1/2016
Haase, Mark, ACouncil on Crime & Justice6/1/2016
Koch, AmyAmeresco Inc6/1/2016
McGrann, William, RVillage Green Residential Properties LLC6/1/2016
Rusche, BrianJoint Religious Legislative Coalition6/1/2016
Umoff, RichardSolar Energy Industries Association6/1/2016
Aafedt, David, MColonial Management Group LP5/31/2016
Apitz, John, FMN Zoological Foundation5/31/2016
Bagnoli, Joseph, TPennington County5/31/2016
Benson, Scott, AUber Technologies5/31/2016
Blair, JackieUnion of Concerned Scientists5/31/2016
Botzek, Gary, WMN Assn of Convention/Visitors Bureaus5/31/2016
Carnival, Douglas, MPennington County5/31/2016
Cassidy, Paul, DAvaya Inc5/31/2016
Chelseth, Andrew, HAvaya Inc5/31/2016
Clark, James, TMN Zoological Foundation5/31/2016
Clucas, CathyDykema Gossett PLLC5/31/2016
Duerr, AndrewClear Lake/Clearwater Sewer Authority5/31/2016
Erickson, Tara GarmanNatl Orthotics Manufacturing Assn (NOMA)5/31/2016
Estenson, JeremyAvaya Inc5/31/2016
Ettinger, AlbertMN Center for Environmental Advocacy5/31/2016
Garcia, NormaConsumers Union of US Inc dba Consumer Reports5/31/2016
Gerber, BenjaminMN Chamber of Commerce5/31/2016
Gould, JoeSilver Creek Township5/31/2016
Harris, Shepard, MKa Joog Nonprofit Organization5/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AHertz Corporation5/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AIndependent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC)5/31/2016
Hill, Todd, AAvis Budget Car Rental LLC5/31/2016
Holmgren, DebraPortico Healthnet5/31/2016
Horazdovsky, David, MCorporate Health Systems Inc5/31/2016
Hyland, Eric, JMN Zoological Foundation5/31/2016
Jefferson, NicoleColgate-Palmolive Co5/31/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CNorthcountry Cooperative Foundation5/31/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CTubman5/31/2016
Johnson, GregTwin Metals Minnesota LLC5/31/2016
Johnson, Richard, JAlliant Energy Corporation5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MNW MN Service Cooperative 1 & 25/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MResource Training & Solutions5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MSoutheast Service Cooperative5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MSW/WC MN Service Cooperative 6 & 85/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MNortheast Service Cooperative5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MSouth Central Service Cooperative5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MLifetrack Resources, Inc5/31/2016
Keefe, Elaine, MLakes Country Service Cooperative5/31/2016
Kozak, AndrewTaser International, Inc5/31/2016
Kozak, AndrewRAI Services Co5/31/2016
Kunze, LeanneAFSCME 655/31/2016
Lindoo, Jeffery, BThrifty Drug Stores Inc5/31/2016
Mahlberg, Patrick DJGreat River Energy5/31/2016
Mallander, MarkWinona State University5/31/2016
Martyn, Patrick, JOneMain Holdings, Inc. (fka Springleaf Gen Svc Corp)5/31/2016
McDaniel, Brian, RLifetrack Resources, Inc5/31/2016
McDaniel, Brian, RWind On The Wires5/31/2016
Meeks, Jack, ETaser International, Inc5/31/2016
Norton, MatthewMN Environmental Partnership5/31/2016
O'Gara, RyanCarl Bolander & Sons Inc5/31/2016
Osberg, David, MLeague of Minnesota Cities5/31/2016
Platto, AndrewRAI Services Co5/31/2016
Pomroy, AndyKa Joog Nonprofit Organization5/31/2016
Psick, Sarah, JPennington County5/31/2016
Reynolds, MargaretAvaya Inc5/31/2016
Rothschild, Steven, MInvest in Outcomes5/31/2016
Sen, Katy, BMN Zoological Foundation5/31/2016
Shardlow, GeorgeMiddle Management Assn5/31/2016
Soley, HelenMN Assn of Naturopathic Physicians5/31/2016
Tracy, RobertMN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)5/31/2016
Troxle, MatthewCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2016
Urdahl, Brent, WRed Lake Tribal Council5/31/2016
Walker, Sarah, CAvis Budget Car Rental LLC5/31/2016
Walker, Sarah, CHertz Corporation5/31/2016
Wallenius, Michael, EUNIMIN Corp5/31/2016
Alexander, Ian, LRamsey Excavating Company5/30/2016
Duerr, AndrewUniversity of MN5/30/2016
Illescas, FelipeImmigrant Law Center of MN (ILCM)5/30/2016
Kleven, Bruce, MStop Zebra Mussels Assn5/30/2016
Jacobson, LisaBusiness Council For Sustainable Energy5/27/2016
Sharp, JamesIndivior, Inc5/27/2016
Busselman, DougMN Farm Bureau Federation5/26/2016
Kaefer, Claire WilsonMN Assn of Community Mental Health Prog (MACMHP)5/25/2016
Prasch, JasonMN Trucking Assn5/23/2016
Gibson, NancyIntl Wolf Center5/20/2016
Griffith, William, CSFI Ltd. Partnership 545/18/2016
Tempelis, Eric, CGundersen Lutheran Health System Inc5/12/2016
Budds, Bryan, FAircraft Owners and Pilots Assn (AOPA)5/2/2016
Johnson, Curtis, WCenter for Policy Design5/1/2016
Egeberg, CarolynScience Museum of MN4/29/2016
Einess, WardNRG Energy Inc dba Mpls Energy Center4/15/2016
Gerber, Darrell, LFreshwater Society4/15/2016
Taken-Holtze, LauraMN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)4/15/2016
Solo, LeahService Employees Intl Union Council 74/14/2016
Viswanathan, AvinashAlliance for Metropolitan Stability4/11/2016
Hunter, Steven, DMN AFL-CIO4/8/2016
Hunter, Steven, DCoalition of MN Working Families4/8/2016
Mullendore, ZoeWilderness Inquiry4/8/2016
Mullendore, ZoeHoliday Companies4/8/2016
Mullendore, ZoeAmerican Progressive Bag Alliance4/8/2016
Kalin, JeremyRenovate America, Inc.4/5/2016
Rutter, VirginiaRenovate America, Inc.4/5/2016
Hayssen, JessicaMN AFL-CIO4/4/2016
Schaubach, JenniferMN AFL-CIO4/4/2016
Strom, SheldonCenter for Energy & Environment4/2/2016
Bauman, AliciaSt Cloud Hospital-CentraCare Health System4/1/2016
Dahl, MichaelBeacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (fka PORTICO Interfaith Hsg Coll)3/31/2016
Pagel, Craig, RIron Mining Assn of Minnesota3/31/2016
Jerich, Michael, AMinnesotans for Environmental Equality3/17/2016
Jerich, Ronald, AMinnesotans for Environmental Equality3/17/2016
Jerich, ValerieMinnesotans for Environmental Equality3/17/2016
Bailey, Thomas, EMN Energy Resources Corp3/15/2016
Bailey, Thomas, EOtter Tail Power Co3/15/2016
Bailey, Thomas, EMN Power (ALLETE)3/15/2016
Bailey, Thomas, EXcel Energy Services Inc3/15/2016
Jerich, Michael, ALifeSafer (Monitech Guardian)3/15/2016
Jerich, Ronald, ALifeSafer (Monitech Guardian)3/15/2016
Jerich, ValerieLifeSafer (Monitech Guardian)3/15/2016
Perkins, ThomasMN Public Employee Association3/15/2016
Jerich, Michael, AElk Farm LLC3/9/2016
Jerich, Ronald, AElk Farm LLC3/9/2016
Jerich, ValerieElk Farm LLC3/9/2016
Gulley, KathrynBlueGreen Alliance3/8/2016
Snoke, William, PAllina Hospitals and Clinics3/7/2016
Lindburg, AlisonFresh Energy3/4/2016
Jepsen, Cynthia, CAlliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries3/1/2016
Johnson, Douglas, JTwin Metals Minnesota LLC3/1/2016
Johnson, PamMN Community Action Partnership3/1/2016
Ambrose, Robert, PGreat River Energy2/29/2016
Harris, Shepard, MMN Counties Intergovernmental Trust2/28/2016
Stinson, Christopher RyanOutFront MN2/26/2016
Hofstede, Albert, JGreater Minneapolis Housing Corporation2/23/2016
Martens, Heather, LCitizens for a Safer Minnesota2/23/2016
Platto, AndrewGreater Minneapolis Housing Corporation2/23/2016
Warren, KerryGreater Minneapolis Housing Corporation2/23/2016
Seck, Gerald, LMN Outdoor Advertising Association2/18/2016
Apitz, John, FAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates2/15/2016
Haas, Nancy, AAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates2/15/2016
Emerson, Elizabeth, AA Chance to Grow2/5/2016
Georgacas, Chris, PA Chance to Grow2/5/2016
Loesch, JakeA Chance to Grow2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EMN Regional Railroads Assn2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, ESKB Environmental2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EIron Mining Assn of Minnesota2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EFarm Credit Services-MN State Federation2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EMN Zoological Foundation2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EBest Buy Co Inc2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EExplore Information Services LLC2/5/2016
Pugh, Emily, EDakota County2/5/2016
Conley, William, WMN Society of Orthotists Prosthetists & Pedorthists2/4/2016
Halloran, Brian, KMN Transportation Alliance2/3/2016
Westerman, SandraHennepin County Sheriffs Office2/3/2016
Gjertson, KatieMN AFL-CIO2/2/2016
Cherryhomes, JackieUnited States Bench Corp2/1/2016
Cherryhomes, JackieMN Beverage Assn2/1/2016
Fenner, StephanieAlliance for a Better Minnesota2/1/2016
Tyler, F ClaytonMN Beverage Assn2/1/2016
Dosland, ValerieMN K-12 Online Learning Alliance1/31/2016
Ramirez, MaureenGrowth & Justice1/31/2016
Fuglestad, Christine JohnsonCapella University1/29/2016