Recent Lobbyist Terminations

Newest terminations are at the top of the list

This report includes documents processed through 11:27 pm, October 24, 2014.
Lobbyist Name Association NameDate
Fleming, W Morgan JrMiddle Management Assn10/22/2014
Knapp, John, AGeorgia-Pacific LLC10/21/2014
Knapp, John, AKoch Pipeline Company LP10/21/2014
Knapp, John, AFlint Hills Resources LP10/21/2014
Swanson, Eric, FFlint Hills Resources LP10/21/2014
House, LinneaNARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota10/13/2014
McGann, EmilyMN State Bar Assn10/10/2014
Arens, DuaneNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)9/30/2014
Tingelstad, KathyAnoka County9/26/2014
Griffith, William, CBass Pro Shops9/24/2014
Snyder, Bethany, LAging Services of MN9/24/2014
Anderson, ErinHealth Care for All-Minnesota (HCAMn)9/19/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SIntermediate Superintendents Dist 2879/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of School Administrators9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMidwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of County Officers9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SNorth Metro Mayors Assn9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of School Business Officials9/16/2014
Larson, Daniel JosephAmerican Petroleum Institute9/15/2014
Moe, Karen ElizabethMN Community Action Partnership9/11/2014
Falk, Marnie, STreo Solutions9/10/2014
Hanson, Thomas, JUCare MN9/6/2014
Holste, HeidiCare Providers of MN9/4/2014
Jerich, Michael, AMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Jerich, Ronald, AMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Jerich, ValerieMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Lucking, CarrieAlliance for a Better Minnesota9/4/2014
Grinsell, LynneTravelers Companies Inc and Subsidiaries9/3/2014
Broton, DarinMN Community Foundation9/1/2014
Fay, JustinSierra Club North Star Chapter9/1/2014
Jemtrud, Alve, LEducation Minnesota8/31/2014
Wilson, AnthonyMicrosoft Corp8/29/2014
Snope, AndrewIBEW Local 2928/21/2014
Gerber, Darrell, LClean Water Action Alliance of MN8/15/2014
Mason, Ralonda, JMid-Minnesota Legal Aid8/15/2014
Murphy, Steven, LTitan Supply8/14/2014
Murphy, Steven, LA & I Equipment (American & International)8/14/2014
Haugee, EricAFSCME Council 58/4/2014
Garletz, AnnaleeAssn of Minnesota Counties8/1/2014
McLaughlin, Bridget NielsenCenter for Energy & Environment8/1/2014
Eisenberg, Dennis, GEducation Minnesota7/22/2014
Carlson, JoelLiesch Associates Inc7/15/2014
Chapel, VeronicaStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JMN Assn of Criminal Defense Lawyers7/15/2014
Melton, TimStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Rhee, MichelleStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Saltzman, Kathy LarsonStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Chapman, LeslieSecurian Financial Group Inc7/11/2014
Droessler, William, JIzaak Walton League of America7/7/2014
Donnelly, Julia, MMN Nurses Assn7/4/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Orchestral Assn7/1/2014
Bartsh, Geoffrey, JMedica7/1/2014
Czarnetzki, DeanSecurian Financial Group Inc7/1/2014
Delaney, Lyall, BPolice Officers Alliance of MN7/1/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMN Humanities Center7/1/2014
Hahne, Kathryn, SMN Humanities Center7/1/2014
McGrann, William, RMN Historical Society7/1/2014
Psick, Sarah, JEducational Testing Service7/1/2014
Psick, Sarah, JMAXIMUS Inc7/1/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DStudentsFirst6/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, ALocal Search Assn c/o MultiState Assoc Inc (fka Yellow Page Assn)6/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, ABloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau6/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMinneapolis Home Field Advantage6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HHennepin County6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HMN State Bar Assn6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HMetropolitan Emergency Services Board6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HCisco Systems Inc6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JCoalition of Utility Cities6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JMoorhead City of6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JGreater Minnesota Partnership6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JCoalition of Greater MN Cities6/30/2014
Psick, Sarah, JMN Childrens Museum6/30/2014
Van Heel, MargaretStudentsFirst6/30/2014
de Julio, NicholasUNITE HERE6/23/2014
Hylla, Scott, JSunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc6/23/2014
Johnson, Todd, MAnimal Rescue, Media & Education6/23/2014
Pryse, BeccaUNITE HERE6/23/2014
Redmond, Lawrence, MAnimal Rescue, Media & Education6/23/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Childrens Museum6/23/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KIntl Union of Allied Painters & Trades Dist Cncl 826/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KElevator Industry Work Preservation Fd6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMicrosoft Corp6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KThomson Reuters6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KProcter & Gamble6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KOlmsted County6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Veterinary Medical Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, K50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Beer Wholesalers Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KNatl Popular Vote6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KeBay Inc6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Chauffeured Transportation Association6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KSelf Storage Association6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Multi-Housing Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Power (ALLETE)6/20/2014
Hodges, BetsyLeague of Minnesota Cities6/19/2014
Kaner-Roth, AnnProject 5156/16/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JBicycle Alliance of MN6/16/2014
Peterson, Shawn, MFriends of Education6/16/2014
Peterson, Shawn, MAdvanceEd6/16/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JAutomotive Recyclers of Minnesota6/15/2014
Delaney, Lyall, BPolice Officers Fed of Mpls6/9/2014
Wanner, FrankDuluth Federation of Teachers6/9/2014
Haase, Mark, ACouncil on Crime & Justice6/5/2014
Knutson, JessicaAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc and its Affiliates6/4/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreCorval Group6/2/2014
Juan, NicoleNARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota6/2/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KCorval Group6/2/2014
Marsh, Ian, GCorval Group6/2/2014
Thorson, JohnEducation Minnesota6/2/2014
Ahern, Michael, JCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
Ahern, Michael, JEdina City of5/31/2014
Bacher, LindsayScience Museum of MN5/31/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)5/31/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TElk River ISD #7285/31/2014
Banovetz, Nicholas50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN5/31/2014
Beaty, J ScottMN Youth Intervention Programs Assn5/31/2014
Bennett, ScottYour Exchange5/31/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WACE Group North America5/31/2014
Centers Jr, Tal, RCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Cerkvenik, Gary, EEveleth-Gilbert Public Schools5/31/2014
Cerkvenik, Gary, EVirginia Public Schools5/31/2014
Cox, Douglas, WMN Citizens for Tax Justice5/31/2014
Crandall, Lynnette SlaterCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
DeLaForest, Christopher, JMarijuana Policy Project5/31/2014
Drews, Burl, MCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Dukich, John, MMN State Bar Assn5/31/2014
Einess, WardMN Live!5/31/2014
Erickson, James, CUnite Edina 2735/31/2014
Everett, David, LMN State Baptist Convention Inc5/31/2014
Ewald, JerryAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Falk, Marnie, SMN Dense Breast Coalition5/31/2014
Feingold, Russell, ACenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Fitzpatrick, George, LCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Forschler, Richard, AOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Gastineau, PaulCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
George, Jason, AIntl Union of Operating Eng 495/31/2014
Griffin, Phillip, ANorth Memorial Medical Center5/31/2014
Griffith, JohnTarget Corp5/31/2014
Heer, JohnCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Herman, John, HOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Herman, John, HClear Channel Outdoor Inc5/31/2014
Hevert, Robert, BCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Hylden, NancyClear Channel Outdoor Inc5/31/2014
Hylden, NancyBlue & White Taxi5/31/2014
Jepsen, Cynthia, CTwin Cities Public Television (tpt)5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HDodge County5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMetropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates Ltd5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HWayzata City of5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMN Organization of Leaders in Nursing5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMN Pipe Trades Assn5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HAnoka Co Regional Rail Authority5/31/2014
Johnson, Thomas, LJuhl Energy Inc5/31/2014
Keliher, Thomas, EMN Assn of Nurse Anesthetists5/31/2014
Koch, LeeOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Kravitz, GabrielJewish Community Action5/31/2014
Kruse, Todd, ATransparaGov Inc5/31/2014
Lansing, CarolClear Channel Outdoor Inc5/31/2014
Larsen, Margaret (Peg), ARushford Peterson School District5/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RSouth Country Health Alliance5/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RItasca Medical Care5/31/2014
Livezey, Robert, ECenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Lobejko, Patrick, PProfessional Home Care Coalition5/31/2014
Loos, Larry, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Lynch, TeresaCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
Messinger, William, FAureus Inc5/31/2014
Murray, Catherine, AIntegra Telecom5/31/2014
Nesvig, KirkCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Noble, AndrewUnited Credit Consultants5/31/2014
Noll, PeterMN Catholic Conference5/31/2014
Olson, Benjamin, RDairies Federation of MN5/31/2014
O'Rourke, CapService Employees Intl Union Local 2845/31/2014
O'Rourke, CapEmerge Community Development5/31/2014
Peterson, Douglas, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Psick, Sarah, JFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)5/31/2014
Rakow, KayeNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)5/31/2014
Repke, Charles, WMN Museum of American Art5/31/2014
Sanders, Richard, ECenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Sanger, GeorgeCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DPrimeWest Joint Powers Board5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DSouth Country Health Alliance5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DCooperative Network5/31/2014
Schardin, Michaelbetmar languages5/31/2014
Schardin, MichaelYour Exchange5/31/2014
Sletten, Jill, GKasson City of5/31/2014
Sommers, MichelleAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Sorum, PeggyCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Strusinski, William, GTwin Cities Public Television (tpt)5/31/2014
Tollin, Scott, MAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Troxle, MatthewCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Wilkin, TimGary Adkins Associates Inc5/31/2014
Baker, TroyMN NORML5/30/2014
de Julio, NicholasMN Driver & Traffic Safety Ed Assn5/30/2014
Dosland, ValerieMN Driver & Traffic Safety Ed Assn5/30/2014
Johnson, David, Hlinq35/30/2014
Whitmore, MarkAllina Hospitals and Clinics5/30/2014
Hofstede, Albert, JMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Kozak, AndrewMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Kozak, AndrewACE Cash Express5/29/2014
Meeks, John, EACE Cash Express5/29/2014
Warren, KerryMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Moore, VicManufacturers & Agents National Association5/28/2014
Moore, VicJoint Religious Legislative Coalition5/28/2014
Schwinghammer, Kelly, MBlueGreen Alliance5/28/2014
Berentson, BeauAssn of Minnesota Counties5/24/2014
Amberg, William, JAnimal Humane Society5/22/2014
Jaskulke, FrankLifeScience Alley5/22/2014
Kleven, Richard, JThrivent Financial for Lutherans5/21/2014
Wurth, John, RRBC Wealth Management5/20/2014
Brugh, AmyMN Council of Nonprofits5/19/2014
Hasbargen, VernaeMN Rural Education Assn5/19/2014
Thomas, SandiManna Freight Systems5/18/2014
Kaul Jr, JohnHiawatha Broadband Communication Inc5/16/2014
Westin, Charles, WTCF National Bank5/16/2014
Hamlin, Jacob, PCargill Inc5/15/2014
Johnson, David, HLower MN River Watershed Dist5/15/2014
Stout, Susan, DAmputee Coalition of America5/15/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMN Organization of Leaders in Nursing5/15/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MBluff Street Development LLC5/15/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMetropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates Ltd5/15/2014
Padilla, Julie, LMall of America5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LCoca-Cola Refreshments5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LEagan City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LColumbus City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LColgate-Palmolive Co5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LPersonal Care Products Council5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LShoreview, City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LPrior Lake Aggregates5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LBloomington Central Station LLC5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LProperty Managers Coalition5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LAdvanced Disposal Services (fka Veolia Environmental Services)5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LOakdale, City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LOutdoor Advertising Assn of MN5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LVinland National Center5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LUS Steel Corp5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LSherman Associates Inc5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LT-Mobile USA Inc5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LTIES (Technology & Info Educational Serv)5/14/2014
Geier, MarkMN Precision Manufacturing Assn5/6/2014
Arnosti, Donald, ANatl Audubon Society Minnesota5/2/2014
Madon, AlexiTechnology Association of America d/b/a TechAmerica5/2/2014
Woods, Charles DeanCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/2/2014
Powell, Dennis (Duke)MN Ambulance Assn5/1/2014
Wahlstrom, Dale, ALifeScience Alley5/1/2014
Bovid, KathleenBristol-Myers Squibb Co4/30/2014
Hird, Gary, MSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc4/30/2014
Jude, LarissBlue & White Taxi4/30/2014
Lee, AmberXcel Energy Services Inc4/30/2014
Nick, Barbara, AMN Energy Resources Corp4/30/2014
Steelman, Lisa, ANovartis Pharmaceuticals Corp4/30/2014
Chadwick, SamanthaEnvironment Minnesota4/25/2014
Pierson, ChristinaCitizens Council for Health Freedom4/24/2014
Pearson, StacyChild Protection League Action4/21/2014
Medearis, JessicaMN State College Student Assn4/13/2014
Ehlert, TimothyTarget Corp4/4/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WBristol-Myers Squibb Co4/1/2014
Cherryhomes, JackieDLR Group4/1/2014
Cherryhomes, JackieStark Electronics4/1/2014
Morris, Randolph, WHealthcare Distribution Management Assn4/1/2014
Gossman, AbigailMedImmune LLC3/31/2014
Haas, Nancy, AMN Society of Prof Surveyors3/31/2014
Morris, Randolph, WMedImmune LLC3/31/2014
Weber, Joseph, BLive Nation Entertainment Inc3/31/2014
Williams, MatthewGeneral Electric Co3/28/2014
Terwilliger, HannaEnvironment Minnesota3/21/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WHewlett-Packard Co3/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMN Utility Contractors Assn3/20/2014
Killian, KendalMN Assn of Professional Employees (MAPE)3/17/2014
Kwilas, Anthony, RMN Assn of Realtors3/17/2014
Ledger, AndreaMN Nurses Assn3/14/2014
McLafferty, AnnaNAMI - MN3/14/2014
McMullen, Elizabeth HartwigMN Business Partnership Inc3/14/2014
McClean, James, MSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce3/7/2014
Patterson Jr, ShermanMinneapolis City of3/7/2014
Genia, KaraGrand Portage Indian Reservation3/4/2014
Johnson, David, HLogistiCare Solutions LLC3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelWaste Management of MN Inc & Affiliates3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelConsumer Specialty Products Assn3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelMN Chamber of Commerce3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelAmerican Forest and Paper Assn3/4/2014
Sullivan, Thomas, BHowling for Wolves3/4/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MLogistiCare Solutions LLC3/4/2014
Alswager, Jan, LEducation Minnesota2/28/2014
Apitz, John, FRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Buske, CraigRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Clark, James, TRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Diehl, John, EGillette Childrens Hospital2/28/2014
Hyland, Eric, JRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Martyn, Joseph, PMN Financial Services Assn2/28/2014
Martyn, Joseph, PMN Mortgage Assn2/28/2014
Thorson, JohnAFSCME Council 52/28/2014
Jepsen, Cynthia, CMN Indian Gaming Assn2/27/2014
Knapp, John, ACarpet and Rug Institute2/26/2014
McDaniel, Brian, RBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN2/25/2014
Endreson, Daniel, KClean Water Action Alliance of MN2/21/2014
Tschida, JohnAllina Hospitals and Clinics2/21/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMiningMN2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMarvin Windows & Doors2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WCenturyLink2/20/2014
Hyland, Eric, JInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Kramer, Ross, EInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Neren, Sandra, LInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Kantner, ElizabethService Employees Intl Union Local 2842/19/2014
Padilla, Julie, LGillette Childrens Hospital2/19/2014
Seck, Gerald, LGillette Childrens Hospital2/19/2014
Wessel, Christina MacklinMN Council of Nonprofits2/19/2014
Wieber, CraigAssn of Residential Resources in MN (ARRM)2/19/2014
Clarke, SarahMN State College Student Assn2/14/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JRight to Know MN2/13/2014
Walker, Sarah, CCorrections Corp of America2/13/2014
Lipschultz, Dantw telecom of MN llc (fka Time Warner Telecom of MN)2/7/2014
Lipschultz, DanIntegra Telecom2/7/2014
Bennett, Cory, RMN Biodiesel Council2/1/2014
Freeman, Thomas, CAmerican Assn of Preferred Provider Organizations1/31/2014
Sletten, Jill, GProject 5151/29/2014
Carlson, JoelMN Live!1/7/2014
Flaherty, Timothy, PSartell City of1/1/2014
Aafedt, David, MMN Dental Assn12/31/2013
Arneson, MichelleAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Bagnoli, Joseph, TDiversion Solutions LLC12/31/2013
Bagnoli, Joseph, TJ E Dunn Construction Co12/31/2013
Battiste, BarbaraWomenVenture12/31/2013
Battiste, BarbaraMN Women's Consortium12/31/2013
Bauer, RandyAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Berman, Arthur, HTwin Cities Rise!12/31/2013
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN State University Student Assn12/31/2013
Bourgault, Erich, WWaasigan USA LLC12/31/2013
Brusven, Christina, KHigh Country Wind Energy Project LLC12/31/2013
Brusven, Christina, KGamesa Energy USA LLC12/31/2013
Cassidy, Paul, DAsurion Insurance Services Inc12/31/2013
Chelseth, Andrew, HAsurion Insurance Services Inc12/31/2013
Church, Kodi, JHigh Prairie Pipeline LLC12/31/2013
Clark, James, THennepin County Attorneys Office12/31/2013
Conforme, JorgeLKQ Corp (Like, Kind, Quality)12/31/2013
Connolly, PatrickMinnesotans United12/31/2013
Cook, Judy, ENorth Memorial Medical Center12/31/2013
Corlett, Timothy, OTimothy O Corlett12/31/2013
Coyle, Peter, JContinental Decatur LLC12/31/2013
Coyle, Peter, JTIES (Technology & Info Educational Serv)12/31/2013
Coyle, Peter, JMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians12/31/2013
Coyle, Peter, JMall of America12/31/2013
Crimmins, Carl, DTicketNetwork12/31/2013
Crimmins, Carl, DMN Pipe Trades Assn12/31/2013
Crimmins, Carl, DLogistiCare Solutions LLC12/31/2013
Curiskis, JurisProperty Tax Justice Group12/31/2013
Dawson, AmyAutism Advocacy & Law Center LLC12/31/2013
Derus, John, ESodexo Inc12/31/2013
Derus, John, EMN Metalcasters12/31/2013
Dicklich, Ronald, RClass 5 Inc12/31/2013
Duehr, Jeremy, PHigh Country Wind Energy Project LLC12/31/2013
Duerr, Amanda, CMankato City of12/31/2013
Duerr, Amanda, CDetroit Lakes City of12/31/2013
Duerr, Amanda, CAccra Care Inc12/31/2013
Duerr, Amanda, CMN Environmental Science & Economic Review Bd12/31/2013
Duerr, Amanda, CMN Assn of Rehab Providers12/31/2013
Egan, Dennis, PRamsey County Board of Commissioners12/31/2013
Elliott, Sonnie, A50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN12/31/2013
Engstrom, DaveAffordable Properties LLC12/31/2013
Erickson, Tara GarmanMall of America12/31/2013
Erickson, Tara GarmanMedical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS)12/31/2013
Estenson, JeremyAsurion Insurance Services Inc12/31/2013
Fahrner, StaceyPrime Therapeutics12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PAmerican Heart Assn12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PBemidji City of12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PSauk Rapids City of12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PAccra Care Inc12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PWaite Park City of12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PSt Augusta City of12/31/2013
Flaherty, Timothy, PSt Joseph City of12/31/2013
Frenette, Lisa, AGopher State One Call12/31/2013
Frenette, Lisa, AR-80 Medical Transportation Coalition12/31/2013
Fritts, LoriData Recognition Corp12/31/2013
Garcia, Albert JrWellness Café12/31/2013
Garcia, Albert JrAlete Cleaning Services12/31/2013
Garcia, Albert JrFour Seasons Maintenance LLC12/31/2013
Garcia, Albert JrA-1 Contractors LLC12/31/2013
Georgacas, Chris, PAutomotive Recyclers of Minnesota12/31/2013
Georgacas, Chris, PAndersen Corp12/31/2013
Girard, James, LNorth Memorial Medical Center12/31/2013
Goens, DarinNatl Rifle Assn of America12/31/2013
Griffith, William, CMN Vacation Rental Assn12/31/2013
Grindal, H TheodoreAugsburg College12/31/2013
Grindal, H TheodoreMN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WIron Mining Assn of Minnesota12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WPavement Coatings Technology Council12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WSAPPI Cloquet LLC12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WMinneapolis Refuse Inc12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WMN Dental Assn12/31/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WBoise Inc12/31/2013
Haas, Nancy, AHennepin County Attorneys Office12/31/2013
Hahne, Kathryn, SNorthern Metals LLC12/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JAsset Marketing Services Inc12/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JMN State Bar Assn12/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JMN Dental Assn12/31/2013
Hardy, Shawntera, MHealthPartners Inc12/31/2013
Harris, Shepard, MMN Inventors Congress Inc12/31/2013
Helgesen, EliseAmericans United for Separation of Church and State12/31/2013
Hentges, Robert, CPersels & Associates LLC12/31/2013
Hill, Todd, AM+R Stategic Services12/31/2013
Hofstede, Albert, JMN Timberwolves Basketball Ltd Partnership12/31/2013
Hofstede, Albert, JRehbein Agricultural Services Inc12/31/2013
Holten, Cort, CThree Rivers Park District12/31/2013
Hyland, Eric, JMinnesotans United12/31/2013
Hyland, Eric, JDucks Unlimited Inc12/31/2013
Hylden, Nancy50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN12/31/2013
Jerich, Michael, AElite Professional Education12/31/2013
Jerich, Ronald, AElite Professional Education12/31/2013
Jerich, ValerieElite Professional Education12/31/2013
Johnson, David, HMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians12/31/2013
Johnson, Jodi, LMN Power (ALLETE)12/31/2013
Johnson, NancyMinnesotans for Safe Driving12/31/2013
Johnson, Thomas, LOrder of St Benedict12/31/2013
Johnson, Thomas, LedX12/31/2013
Kaul Jr, JohnSave the Bluffs12/31/2013
Kesti, Dylan BradfordMinneapolis Energy Options12/31/2013
Kettering, BarbaraMounds View Education Assn12/31/2013
Kimball, Michele, HAARP (American Assn of Retired Persons)12/31/2013
King, WilliamMN Council on Foundations12/31/2013
Klett, Rebecca, KAugsburg College12/31/2013
Klett, Rebecca, KMN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)12/31/2013
Knapp, John, ABoise Inc12/31/2013
Knights, ChristianAging Services of MN12/31/2013
Kozak, AndrewMN Timberwolves Basketball Ltd Partnership12/31/2013
Kramer, Ross, EMinnesotans United12/31/2013
Krikava, Michael, CHigh Prairie Pipeline LLC12/31/2013
Kuhl, CarlMinnesotans United12/31/2013
Kulas, ChadCoalition for the St Croix River Crossing12/31/2013
Kunz, David, NInjuryHelp Coalition12/31/2013
Kwilas, Anthony, RMTB LLC12/31/2013
Larsen, Margaret (Peg), ASouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc12/31/2013
Larsen, Margaret (Peg), AMN Counseling Assn12/31/2013
Larsen, Margaret (Peg), AHennepin County12/31/2013
Larson, Daniel JosephGreater MN Regional Park & Trail Coalition12/31/2013
Larson, Daniel JosephDefending the Blue Line12/31/2013
Larson, Peder, AStrata Corp12/31/2013
Lehman, Thomas, RAris Clinic12/31/2013
Lehman, Thomas, RBoston Scientific Corp12/31/2013
Lehman, Thomas, RMinnesotans for Compassionate Care12/31/2013
Lehman, Thomas, RSEIU Healthcare MN12/31/2013
Lehman, Thomas, RPrinting Industry Midwest12/31/2013
Lehmann, Ernest, KMiningMN12/31/2013
Levander, Harold JrMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)12/31/2013
Linner, Karen, LBuilders Assn of Minnesota12/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanXcel Energy Services Inc12/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanWindstream Commun. Inc dba McLeod USA Telecomm. LLC12/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanTDS Metrocom Inc12/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanGreat River Energy12/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Lobejko, Patrick, PMN Community Action Partnership12/31/2013
Long, Robert, CSilent Power Inc12/31/2013
Madsen, ErikAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Marsh, Ian, GMN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)12/31/2013
McDaniel, Brian, RMN Pipe Trades Assn12/31/2013
McDonough, AmyAARP (American Assn of Retired Persons)12/31/2013
McNamara, MarieGoodhue Wind Truth (GWT)12/31/2013
Miller, Michael, JAccra Care Inc12/31/2013
Moe, Roger, DBloomington Central Station LLC12/31/2013
Moore, VicMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians12/31/2013
Mussell, Nate, CMN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)12/31/2013
Nielsen, JasonAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Niland, James, BWe Want to Work for MN12/31/2013
Novak, Steven, GMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians12/31/2013
O'Brien, Rosemary, LCF Industries Inc12/31/2013
Osterman, LynneMN Nano12/31/2013
Overland, Carol, AGoodhue Wind Truth (GWT)12/31/2013
Padilla, Julie, LStrata Corp12/31/2013
Padilla, Julie, LMN Vacation Rental Assn12/31/2013
Padilla, Julie, LContinental Decatur LLC12/31/2013
Padilla, Julie, LSomali Adult Day Care Association12/31/2013
Pederson, KirkBlueGreen Alliance12/31/2013
Pederson, KirkInstitute for Agriculture & Trade Policy12/31/2013
Peterson, AaronMN Clean Energy and Jobs12/31/2013
Peterson, AaronWind On The Wires12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MSartell City of12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MWaite Park City of12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MSt Augusta City of12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MAmerican Heart Assn12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MSt Joseph City of12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MSauk Rapids City of12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MAccra Care Inc12/31/2013
Peterson, Bradley, MBemidji City of12/31/2013
Poul, Thomas, JMinnesotans United12/31/2013
Ragsdale, Kent, MAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Rahn, MelissaMN HomeCare Assn12/31/2013
Rahn, MelissaMN Chiropractic Assn12/31/2013
Repke, Charles, WCenter Ice LLC12/31/2013
Rice, Brian, FInstitute for Agriculture & Trade Policy12/31/2013
Rollins, Luke, DReed Elsevier Inc12/31/2013
Ruddock, NeilExcellence in Education National Inc12/31/2013
Saarinen, AnnamarieArborjet Inc12/31/2013
Sandvig, Linda, AMN Visiting Nurse Agency12/31/2013
Scandrett, Michael, DMN Assn of Community Health Centers12/31/2013
Schierer, BenjaminCommunicating for Agriculture12/31/2013
Schuler, KathleenInstitute for Agriculture & Trade Policy12/31/2013
Seck, Gerald, LSomali Adult Day Care Association12/31/2013
Sheehan, Cullen, DAugsburg College12/31/2013
Silesky, NancyThree Rivers Park District12/31/2013
Spano, Wyman, LDairies Federation of MN12/31/2013
Strate, Jeffrey, TBobby & Steve's Autoworld12/31/2013
Strong-Belisle, SarahNorth Memorial Medical Center12/31/2013
Strusinski, William, GAssd Builders & Contractors-MN Chapter12/31/2013
Swanson, Eric, FBoise Inc12/31/2013
Swanson, Eric, FAsset Marketing Services Inc12/31/2013
Taylor, Mike, WHoneywell International Inc12/31/2013
Tennessen, Robert, JReed Elsevier Inc12/31/2013
Thaden, GaryGopher State One Call12/31/2013
Thrane, Peter, HAsurion Insurance Services Inc12/31/2013
Tollefson, BruceMN Workers Comp Insurers Assn Inc12/31/2013
Trice, JamesStudentsFirst12/31/2013
Van Heel, MargaretAsurion Insurance Services Inc12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), ENatl Popular Vote12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EMN Clean Energy and Jobs12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MNatl Popular Vote12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MCitizens for a Safer Minnesota12/31/2013
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MMN Council of Nonprofits12/31/2013
Verona, KathrynAmerican Chemical Society12/31/2013
Vognsen, DavidAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2013
Walker, Sarah, CM+R Stategic Services12/31/2013
Walli, KevinRural Minnesota Energy Board12/31/2013
Walli, KevinGreat Lakes Aquarium12/31/2013
Walseth, Samuel, PAssd Builders & Contractors-MN Chapter12/31/2013
Walseth, Samuel, PMN Council of Nonprofits12/31/2013
Walsh, SuzanneEnergy CENTS Coalition12/31/2013
Warren, KerryRehbein Agricultural Services Inc12/31/2013
Wefel, Elizabeth, ABemidji City of12/31/2013
Windhorst Jr, John, WNorthern Border Pipeline Co12/31/2013
Windhorst Jr, John, WGreat Lakes Gas Transmission Co12/31/2013
Windhorst Jr, John, WNorthern Natural Gas12/31/2013
Windhorst Jr, John, WMidwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services12/31/2013
Wood, KevinNew Flyer Industries Canada ULC12/31/2013
Zimmer, Christine, MMN Dental Assn12/31/2013
Zimmer, Christine, MMN Safety Council Inc12/31/2013
Zylla, EmilyMN Assn of Community Health Centers12/31/2013
Gordon, Thomas, MConsumers for a Responsive Legal System12/20/2013
Mareck, Scott, MSt Cloud Area Planning Organization12/20/2013
McAlpin, Brennan, CSW MN Emergency Medical Services Corp12/19/2013
Erickson, Tara GarmanMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians12/18/2013
Morse, MaryNeighborhood Energy Connection12/18/2013
Buck, ShelleyPrairie Island Dakota Community12/16/2013
Tollefson, JonMN High Tech Assn12/16/2013
Griffin, Phillip, AMN Funeral Directors Assn12/9/2013
Long, Robert, CMN Landscape Arboretum12/9/2013
Moe, Roger, DMN Landscape Arboretum12/9/2013
Padilla, Julie, LMN Landscape Arboretum12/9/2013
Seck, Gerald, LMN Landscape Arboretum12/9/2013
Vesel, Margaret, MMN Landscape Arboretum12/9/2013
Clark, Christina, LMN School Employees Assn (MSEA)12/7/2013
Mulloy, TaraPark Nicollet Health Services12/6/2013
Niland, James, BAFSCME Council 512/6/2013
Jackson, Carolyn, CAmerican Civil Liberties Union of MN12/1/2013
Millner, Jacob, BMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)12/1/2013
Sletten, Jill, GMinnesotans United12/1/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LStudentsFirst11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LAvaya Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LFriends of Como Zoo & Conservatory11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LTicket King of Minnesota Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LKennecott Eagle Minerals Co, A Div of Rio Tinto11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LEnhanced Capital Partners LLC11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LAsurion Insurance Services Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LHearth Connection11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LTwin Metals Minnesota LLC11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LLakes Entertainment Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LExpress Scripts Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LMN Regional Railroads Assn11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LUS Energy Services Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LChildren's Hospitals and Clinics11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LState Farm Insurance Co11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LLife Source Inc11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LMN Timberwolves Basketball Ltd Partnership11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LMN Trucking Assn11/30/2013
Backhaus, Amber, LSouthern Wine & Spirits of America11/30/2013
Peilen, LisaMN Multi-Housing Assn11/22/2013
Miller, Michael, JMN Grocers Assn11/20/2013
Anderson, KirstenLutheran Social Service of MN11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LCorrections Corp of America11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LToy Industry Assn11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LAT&T Inc11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LEnterprise Rent-A-Car Inc11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LNatl Popular Vote11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LCoalition for Impartial Justice11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LMN Oncology Hematology PA11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LAmerican Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LMN Service Station & Convenience Store Assn11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund (fka Mayors Against Illegal Guns Act. Fd)11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LRed Wing City of11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LKraft Foods Global Inc11/15/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LMN Restaurant Assn11/15/2013
Stish, DeAnnAssd General Contractors of MN11/15/2013
Bohn, Jonathan, MAmateur Riders Motorcycle Assn11/8/2013
Bohn, Jonathan, MAll Terrain Vehicle Assn of MN11/8/2013
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN Assn of Watershed Districts11/8/2013
Almeida, CristineRust Consulting Inc11/4/2013
Almeida, CristineMille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians-Corp Comm11/4/2013
Almeida, CristineMinnesotans United11/4/2013
Carlson, Dawn, MRust Consulting Inc11/4/2013
Kavanagh, JohnMinnesotans United11/4/2013
Kavanagh, JohnRust Consulting Inc11/4/2013
Marsh, ColinRust Consulting Inc11/4/2013
Padilla, Julie, LFoundation to Abolosh Child Sex Abuse11/4/2013
Johnson, Kelsey A LMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)11/2/2013
Cerkvenik, Gary, EMiningMN11/1/2013
Cerkvenik, Gary, EClass 5 Inc11/1/2013
Dold, RickRochester Area Builders Inc11/1/2013
Johnson, Douglas, JExcelsior Energy11/1/2013
Tracy, RobertSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc11/1/2013
Jerich, Ronald, AM A Mortenson Co10/31/2013
Sexton, PatrickMinnesotans for Safe Fireworks10/31/2013
Thornberg, Thomas, AMN Professional Fire Fighters10/31/2013
Johnson, Thomas, LLifeworks Services Inc10/30/2013
Johansen, Lee, FEducation Minnesota10/25/2013
Westlund, RochelleMN Retail Merchants Assn10/25/2013
Cook, Judy, EExcelsior Energy10/22/2013
Girard, James, LExcelsior Energy10/22/2013
Jorgensen, JulieExcelsior Energy10/22/2013
Micheletti, Thomas, AExcelsior Energy10/22/2013
Gerrits, VickiLifeworks Services Inc10/18/2013
Schwartz, ZacharySt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce10/18/2013
Scandrett, Michael, DPew Charitable Trusts10/15/2013
Wayman, Richard A HooksHearth Connection10/15/2013
Levenson-Falk, AnnaCitizens League10/11/2013
Pederson, Molly SchultzConservation MN Voter Center10/4/2013
Franzen, Douglas, JProperty Casualty Insurers Assn of America (PCI)10/1/2013
Matascastillo, TristaMinneapolis City of10/1/2013
Hansen, James DMN Family Council9/30/2013
Irkfetz, MandiIntegrity Medicolegal Enterprises9/30/2013
Morrison, Andrew, JIntegrity Medicolegal Enterprises9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GTarget Corp9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GDakota County Community Development Agency9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GTracfone Wireless Inc9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GReinsurance Assn of America9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GBetter Futures Minnesota9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GLive Nation Entertainment Inc9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GPrime Therapeutics9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GClare Housing Inc9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GMinneapolis Home Field Advantage9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GMayo Clinic9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GIntl Business Machines Corp (IBM)9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GWells Fargo & Co9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GMetropolitan Airports Commission9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GMN Land Title Assn9/30/2013
Stalboerger, Philip, GAmerican Institute of Architects-MN9/30/2013
Emerson, Elizabeth, AAutomotive Recyclers of Minnesota9/25/2013
Emerson, Elizabeth, AAmerican Family Insurance Co9/25/2013
Emerson, Elizabeth, AAllstate Insurance Co9/25/2013
Schreiber, William, HMunicipal Legislative Commission9/24/2013
Schreiber, William, HNorthstar Corridor Development Authority9/24/2013
Schreiber, William, HCounties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB)9/24/2013
Scandrett, Michael, DMN Visiting Nurse Agency9/19/2013
Zylla, EmilyMN Visiting Nurse Agency9/19/2013
Zylla, EmilyPrimeWest Joint Powers Board9/19/2013
Zylla, EmilySouth Country Health Alliance9/19/2013
Zylla, EmilyMN Assn of County Health Plans (MACHP)9/19/2013
Jacobson, Kevin, HSecurian Financial Group Inc9/18/2013
Gilbert, Mary, DMN Dental Assn9/15/2013
Schlander, AlyssaMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)9/12/2013
Sullivan, DylanNatural Resources Defense Council9/12/2013
Dahl, SteveDeloitte Consulting LLP9/10/2013
Casey, Thomas, ECitizens Protecting Referendums (CPR) Inc9/9/2013
Lake, BryanMN State Bar Assn9/6/2013
Schreiber, William, HNorthwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission9/6/2013
Schreiber, William, HI-494 Corridor Commission9/6/2013
Schreiber, William, HHennepin County9/6/2013
Campo, DanielMN School Counselors Assn9/1/2013
Campo, MaryannMN School Counselors Assn9/1/2013
Cottington, ScottApollo Group8/31/2013
Erdman, HenryLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm8/31/2013
Aafedt, David, MMeridian Behavioral Health8/30/2013
Grooms, Lloyd, WMeridian Behavioral Health8/30/2013
Hagenson, Anika, DTarget Corp8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TAmerican Chemistry Council8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TIron Mining Assn of Minnesota8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TWaste Management of MN Inc & Affiliates8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TAmerican Forest and Paper Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN Utility Contractors Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TBurlington Northern and Sante Fe Railway Co8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TKoch Pipeline Company LP8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TManitoba Hydro8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMeridian Behavioral Health8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TConsumer Specialty Products Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN Dental Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN Beverage Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN State Bar Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TCarpet and Rug Institute8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TPolyMet Mining Inc8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TNatl Electrical Manufacturers Assn8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TCenturyLink8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TBank of America Corp8/30/2013
Kulick, Gail, TMN Safety Council Inc8/30/2013
Derwinski, Courtney, MEducation Minnesota8/27/2013
Johansen, Kate, LMN Chamber of Commerce8/23/2013
Raney, BrendaScience Museum of MN8/20/2013
Newman, DanSustainable Resources Center8/19/2013
Padilla, Julie, LMN Interior Design Legislative Action Comm (MIDLAC)8/15/2013
Halloran, Brian, KFresh Energy8/12/2013
Loftus, Matthew, PXcel Energy Services Inc8/12/2013
Redmond, Lawrence, MMinnesotans United8/12/2013
Redmond, Lawrence, MFresh Energy8/12/2013
Berger, BernadetteAllianz Life Insurance Company of North America8/9/2013
Coyle, Peter, JTreo Solutions8/5/2013
Carlbom, RichardMinnesotans United8/1/2013
Krinkie, PhilipTaxpayers League of MN8/1/2013
Fox, JeannieMN Council of Nonprofits7/31/2013
Kramer, LauraMN Dental Assn7/31/2013
Spartz, JeffAssn of Minnesota Counties7/31/2013
Fawley, EthanFresh Energy7/29/2013
Aasness, PerryMN Farm Bureau Federation7/26/2013
McMahon, Scott, HMN Private College Council7/24/2013
DeLaForest, Christopher, JExcelsior Energy7/22/2013
Berg, BradleyUSAgain LLC7/19/2013
Erickson, SarahSt Paul City of7/15/2013
Kwilas, Anthony, RLignite Energy Council7/15/2013
Pace, Valerie HalversonIntl Business Machines Corp (IBM)7/12/2013
Narabrook, JeffMN Council of Nonprofits7/10/2013
Cherryhomes, JackieMinneapolis Refuse Inc7/9/2013
Mortrud, Carrie, LMN Nurses Assn7/2/2013
Brand, Ronald, CMN Assn of Comm Mental Health Prog (MACMHP)7/1/2013
Dooher, ThomasEducation Minnesota7/1/2013
Einess, WardTicketNetwork7/1/2013
Einess, WardMN State Bar Assn7/1/2013
Kaner-Roth, AnnMinnesotans United7/1/2013
Kwilas, Anthony, RLake Superior Zoo & Zoological Society7/1/2013
Mulcahy, GregMN State College Faculty7/1/2013
Peterson, Nathan, SSanford Health7/1/2013
Cook, Judy, EUS BIOLOGIC c/o MultiState Associates6/30/2013
Girard, James, LUS BIOLOGIC c/o MultiState Associates6/30/2013
Grindal, H TheodoreTwin Cities Medical Society6/30/2013
Justilien, RomildaAureus Inc6/30/2013
Klett, Rebecca, KTwin Cities Medical Society6/30/2013
Lewis, LeeClare Housing Inc6/30/2013
Meeks, Robert, EMN School Boards Assn6/30/2013
Mussell, Nate, CTwin Cities Medical Society6/30/2013
Roscoe, AnnMetropolitan Center for Independent Living6/30/2013
Storti, FredMN Elementary School Principals Assn (MESPA)6/30/2013
Strong-Belisle, SarahUS BIOLOGIC c/o MultiState Associates6/30/2013
Wang, Laura FredrickMN League of Women Voters6/30/2013
Zipko, MikeConsolidated Enterprises Inc6/30/2013
Adelmann, PaulXcel Energy Services Inc6/28/2013
Dukich, John, MMN Recreation & Parks Assn6/28/2013
Marsh, MarcusMN Assn of Farm Mutual Insur Cos (MAFMIC)6/28/2013
Orr, Christopher50CAN Action Fund Inc6/28/2013
Orr, Christopher50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN6/28/2013
Ledger, T RhysTeamsters Local 1206/25/2013
Emmer, Thomas, EMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SMall of America6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SDENCO II LLC6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SBloomington Central Station LLC6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, StenKsolar Inc6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SColumbus City of6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, ST-Mobile USA Inc6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SGillette Childrens Hospital6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SMN Landscape Arboretum6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SCoca-Cola Refreshments6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SOutdoor Advertising Assn of MN6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, STIES (Technology & Info Educational Serv)6/24/2013
Falk, Marnie, SUS Steel Corp6/24/2013
Farhat, ElianneMN AFL-CIO6/21/2013
Thomas, SandiMedtronic Inc6/17/2013
Thomas, Sandi180 Degrees6/17/2013
Thomas, SandiAmerican Public Media Group6/17/2013
Thomas, SandiMN Oncology Hematology PA6/17/2013
Thomas, SandiMN Public Radio Inc6/17/2013
Thomas, SandiCelgene Corp6/17/2013
Cook, Judy, ECoin Laundry Association c/o Multistate Associates6/15/2013
Cook, Judy, ENatl Center for Victims of Crime6/15/2013
Girard, James, LCoin Laundry Association c/o Multistate Associates6/15/2013
Girard, James, LNatl Center for Victims of Crime6/15/2013
Meyer, ElisiaMN Citizens Concerned for Life6/15/2013
Strong-Belisle, SarahCoin Laundry Association c/o Multistate Associates6/15/2013
Strong-Belisle, SarahNatl Center for Victims of Crime6/15/2013
Johnson, Nathan, PSoutheast MN Assn of Realtors6/14/2013
Clark, James, TMinnesotans United6/1/2013
Haas, Nancy, AMinnesotans United6/1/2013
Haji-Taki, FatemaImmigrant Law Center of MN (ILCM)6/1/2013
Hill, Todd, AMinnesotans United6/1/2013
Hill, Todd, ATwin Cities Rise!6/1/2013
Koch, MadelineComcast Cable Communications Inc6/1/2013
Stevensen, Grant, MMinnesotans for a Fair Economy6/1/2013
Walker, Sarah, CTwin Cities Rise!6/1/2013
Arens, DuaneConnexus Energy5/31/2013
Benson, CaraServices Management Group5/31/2013
Betancourt, BonnyCovanta Energy Corp5/31/2013
Botzek, LucindaSherburne County5/31/2013
Brusven, Christina, KNew Era Wind Farm LLC5/31/2013
Byrne, Dana, WCliffs Natural Resources Inc (fka Cleveland-Cliffs Inc)5/31/2013
Campana, Kevin, AMN Assn of Plumb Heat Cool Contractors5/31/2013
Case, JennyCitizenLink5/31/2013
Casey, Thomas, ESustainable Earth Advocates Inc5/31/2013
Chandler, TrevorHuman Rights Campaign5/31/2013
Christopherson, Kirsten LindgrenAssn of MN Public Ed Radio Stations (AMPERS)5/31/2013
Crandall, Lynnette SlaterMayo Clinic5/31/2013
David, Alexandra, SBuilders Assn of Minnesota5/31/2013
Dunn, Robert, PMayo Clinic5/31/2013
Dwyer, John, WLignite Energy Council5/31/2013
Evans, Daniel, MYWCA of Minneapolis5/31/2013
Evans, Daniel, MChild Care WORKS5/31/2013
Fortner, JonathanMN Chiefs of Police Assn5/31/2013
Fortner, JonathanTarget Corp5/31/2013
Ginsberg, Richard, WAce Solid Waste Inc5/31/2013
Goebel, ClaireStudents for Education Reform Inc5/31/2013
Grassel, Susan, KGreater Twin Cities United Way5/31/2013
Grassel, Susan, K50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN5/31/2013
Grassel, Susan, KSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)5/31/2013
Grassel, Susan, KUNIMIN Corp5/31/2013
Grindal, H TheodoreMN Religious Council5/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JPreservation Alliance of MN5/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JWalker Art Center5/31/2013
Hanson, Thomas, JCreative Apparel Concepts Inc5/31/2013
Harasyn, Michael, JJudicial Commonsense5/31/2013
Harroun, Kenneth, RBank of America NA5/31/2013
Hill, Todd, ANatl Basketball Assn5/31/2013
Holmes, KarenWorld Peace Org for the One World Government5/31/2013
Johnson, Judy, ATwinWest Chamber of Commerce5/31/2013
Johnson, MatthewKennecott Eagle Minerals Co, A Div of Rio Tinto5/31/2013
Johnson, Robert, ATeamsters Local 3205/31/2013
Kozak, AndrewMayo Clinic5/31/2013
Kozak, AndrewTesla Motors Inc5/31/2013
Lamb, Kathleen, MKey Brand Entertainment Inc5/31/2013
Larson, Daniel, GMN Religious Council5/31/2013
Lipschultz, DanX O MN LLC5/31/2013
Meeks, John, ETesla Motors Inc5/31/2013
Meeks, John, EMayo Clinic5/31/2013
Middleton, Sarah DukeNatl Audubon Society Minnesota5/31/2013
Nieters, CarolService Employees Intl Union Local 2845/31/2013
Ormasa, JanMN Administrators for Special Education5/31/2013
Peters, Mark, TLutheran Coalition for Public Policy in MN5/31/2013
Psick, Sarah, JWashington County Housing Redevel Auth5/31/2013
Rager, ChrisNatl Rifle Assn of America5/31/2013
Roess, Peter, HClean Water Dream Team5/31/2013
Rubin, Judith, AMN Electrical Assn5/31/2013
Schleck, Daniel, SCoalition for Sensible Siting5/31/2013
Schmiel, Erica, MMN Housing Partnership5/31/2013
Seagren, AliceNatl Institute for School Leadership Inc5/31/2013
Sheehan, Cullen, DMN Religious Council5/31/2013
Sundberg, LeeMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)5/31/2013
Supple, AmyMayo Clinic5/31/2013
Thell, Barbara, JMN FoodShare5/31/2013
Tschida, JohnCourage Center5/31/2013
Walli, KevinPeople Incorporated5/31/2013
Walli, KevinNW MN Multi-County HRA5/31/2013
Walli, KevinSE MN Multi-Cnty Housing & Redevelopment Authority5/31/2013
Warbelow, SarahHuman Rights Campaign5/31/2013
Warne, LeeMN Rural Education Assn5/31/2013
Wells, Tedi, MIntl Business Machines Corp (IBM)5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Insurance & Financial Services Council5/31/2013
Zakula, LindeneBay Inc5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Radiological Society5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Academy of Ophthalmology5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenFairview Health Services5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenTTX Co5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenTwin Cities Medical Society5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenMN Veterinary Medical Assn5/31/2013
Zakula, LindenCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2013
Zimmer, Christine, MWalker Art Center5/31/2013
Olson, Benjamin, RProject 5155/30/2013
Swanson, DonnaStudentsFirst5/30/2013
Johnson, Julie, LMN Housing Partnership5/29/2013
Frenette, Lisa, ANatl Electrical Manufacturers Assn5/24/2013
Frenette, Lisa, ACarpet and Rug Institute5/24/2013
Frenette, Lisa, AAmerican Chemistry Council5/24/2013
Chandarana, Aakash, HXcel Energy Services Inc5/21/2013
Keefe, Elaine, MMN Council of Nonprofits5/21/2013
McGowan, James, DAmerican Diabetes Assn5/19/2013
Koenig, Emily, BFor the Children5/17/2013
Shuster, BenCorrections Corp of America5/17/2013
Buffalo, Henry, MFond du Lac Reservation5/1/2013
Martyn, Patrick, JMN Pawnbrokers Assn5/1/2013
Cerkvenik, Gary, EGreat River Energy4/30/2013
Lee, AmberMN Energy Resources Corp4/30/2013
McBeth, DarynMN Agri-Growth Council Inc4/24/2013
Olhausen, Vaun, CNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corp4/23/2013
Wolfe, JessicaAllergan Inc4/22/2013
Bull, Michael, JXcel Energy Services Inc4/15/2013
Pryse, BeccaMN Sign Assn4/5/2013
Nelson, Kaari, ASt Louis & Lake Counties Regional Railroad Authority4/4/2013
Jefferys, MarciaChildren's Defense Fund - Minnesota4/1/2013
Kozak, AndrewHammes Co4/1/2013
Matascastillo, TristaTwin Cities Habitat for Humanity4/1/2013
Meeks, John, EHammes Co4/1/2013
Wilkinson, Forrest, CForest Workers League of Minnesota4/1/2013
Conry, ChrisTakeAction Minnesota3/29/2013
Genia, James, MGrand Portage Indian Reservation3/29/2013
Genia, James, MKaren Organization of Minnesota3/29/2013
Terrell, JustinTakeAction Minnesota3/29/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KSurly Brewing Co3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KDISH Network (on behalf of SBCA)3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KNatl Center for Victims of Crime3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KNorth Memorial Medical Center3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KUniversity of MN3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KMN Bankers Assn3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KCoin Laundry Association c/o Multistate Associates3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, K3M (MN Mining & Manufacturing Co)3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KDIRECTV (on behalf of SBCA)3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KMN Vikings Football Club3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KUS BIOLOGIC c/o MultiState Associates3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KHealthPartners Inc3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KThrivent Financial for Lutherans3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KAmerican Medical Response c/o MultiStates Assoc3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KPotlatch Corp3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KMN Funeral Directors Assn3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KJohnson Controls Inc3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KExcelsior Energy3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KDeloitte Consulting LLP3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KAging Services of MN3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KB J Alan Co3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KInsperity (fka Administaff Inc)3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KFedEx Corp3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KEnterprise MN3/27/2013
Micheletti, Kathleen, KMylan3/27/2013
Johnson, GregMinnesotans for Lawsuit Reform Inc3/22/2013
Johnson, GregLive Nation Entertainment Inc3/22/2013
Johnson, GregInsurance Federation of MN3/22/2013
Jepsen, Cynthia, CMetropolitan Consortium of Community Developers3/20/2013
Jepsen, Cynthia, CMN Housing Partnership3/20/2013
Johnson, Daniel, SNatl Multiple Sclerosis Society-Upper Midwest Chapter3/19/2013
Monroe, James, AMN Assn of Professional Employees (MAPE)3/19/2013
Guerrero, Todd, JMN Transmission Owners3/15/2013
McGrath, DanielTakeAction Minnesota3/13/2013
Bradley, Kenneth, JEnvironment Minnesota3/8/2013
Willette, PierreMinneapolis City of3/8/2013
Cherryhomes, JackieM A Mortenson Co3/1/2013
Cherryhomes, JackieCovanta Energy Corp3/1/2013
Breitinger, Jennifer, WProject 5152/28/2013
Munyon, SherryMN Area Relief Assn Coalition2/28/2013
Strusinski, William, GMN Area Relief Assn Coalition2/28/2013
Johnson, David, HTicketNetwork2/26/2013
Vesel, Margaret, MTicketNetwork2/26/2013
Coyle, Peter, JPrivate Ski Resorts Coalition2/20/2013
Falk, Marnie, SPrivate Ski Resorts Coalition2/20/2013
Larson, Peder, APrivate Ski Resorts Coalition2/20/2013
Zipko, Amy, KUS Steel Corp2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KOutdoor Advertising Assn of MN2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KMall of America2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KMN Interior Design Legislative Action Comm (MIDLAC)2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN2/14/2013
Zipko, Amy, KT-Mobile USA Inc2/14/2013
Halvorson, RodMN Social Service Assn (MSSA)2/13/2013
Cherryhomes, JackieWorldwide Amherst Media2/1/2013
Cook, Judy, EAmerican Medical Response c/o MultiStates Assoc2/1/2013
Girard, James, LAmerican Medical Response c/o MultiStates Assoc2/1/2013
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck)Renewable Energy SD LLC2/1/2013
Kruse, Todd, ANatl Popular Vote2/1/2013
Skubic, MarkPark Nicollet Health Services2/1/2013
Strong-Belisle, SarahAmerican Medical Response c/o MultiStates Assoc2/1/2013
Hofstede, Albert, JSt Catherine University1/31/2013
Warren, KerrySt Catherine University1/31/2013
Ploetz, JohnMN Electrical Assn1/30/2013
Osterman, LynneNanocopoeia Inc1/29/2013
Bergeron, MatthewMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)1/28/2013
Knights, ChristianCourage Center1/25/2013