Recent Lobbyist Terminations

Newest terminations are at the top of the list

This report includes documents processed through 11:07 pm, November 26, 2015.
Lobbyist Name Association NameDate
Carlbom, RichardEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund (fka Mayors Against Illegal Guns Act. Fd)11/16/2015
Bryduck, Abigail, CAssn of Minnesota Counties11/9/2015
Kragthorpe-Shirley, HollyEducators 4 Excellence11/4/2015
Moe, Roger, DBackup Power Source, Inc11/3/2015
Moe, Roger, DWDFG North America LLC11/3/2015
Moe, Roger, DShoreview, City of11/3/2015
Moe, Roger, DJoint Religious Legislative Coalition11/3/2015
McInnis, EllenWells Fargo & Co11/2/2015
Christopherson, Kirsten LindgrenGeneral Motors, LLC11/1/2015
Cook, Judy, EDIRECTV (on behalf of SBCA)10/31/2015
Girard, James, LDIRECTV (on behalf of SBCA)10/31/2015
Strong-Belisle, SarahDIRECTV (on behalf of SBCA)10/31/2015
Millner, Jacob, BMN Dental Assn10/30/2015
Sheehy, EdwardUCare MN10/16/2015
Oemichen, WilliamCooperative Network10/9/2015
Stark, Isis, ANature Conservancy - MN Ch10/2/2015
Morris, Randolph, WMN Recruiting Staffing Assn10/1/2015
Bradley, Michael, JGreat River Energy9/30/2015
Ellis, Marie ReigstadCatholic Charities9/30/2015
Grindal, H TheodoreCoalition for Impartial Justice9/30/2015
Klett, Rebecca, KCoalition for Impartial Justice9/30/2015
Marsh, Ian, GCoalition for Impartial Justice9/30/2015
Marsh, Ian, GMN Chauffeured Transportation Association9/30/2015
Ourada, MarkAmerican Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity9/30/2015
Sheehan, Cullen, DCoalition for Impartial Justice9/30/2015
Clark, James, TLake Elmo City of9/28/2015
Hyland, Eric, JLake Elmo City of9/28/2015
Nyhus, Steven, WMissouri River Energy Services9/28/2015
Nyhus, Steven, WMN Environmental Science & Economic Review Bd9/28/2015
Feddema, LaurelSecond Harvest Heartland9/15/2015
Fowke III, Benjamin, GXcel Energy Services Inc9/14/2015
Wilson, Stephen, AXcel Energy Services Inc9/9/2015
Ashby, Ana, GCatholic Charities9/4/2015
Belaen, Michael, JSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce9/4/2015
Raines, PhilipAssd Builders & Contractors-MN Chapter9/4/2015
Arnone, KymBarclays Capital, Inc8/31/2015
Grindal, H TheodoreEngagePoint, Inc8/31/2015
Mussell, Nate, CEngagePoint, Inc8/31/2015
Karbo, KatieMille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians-Corp Comm8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Academy of Ophthalmology8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Society of Anesthesiologists8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Power (ALLETE)8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Veterinary Medical Assn8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieTTX Co8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieAugsburg College8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieAmerican Transmission Co8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Sports Facilities Authority8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieHowling for Wolves8/28/2015
Karbo, Katie50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieCoalition for Impartial Justice8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieFairview Health Services8/28/2015
Karbo, KatieMN Energy Resources Corp8/28/2015
Stastny, KristinMN Energy Resources Corp8/28/2015
Reandeau, NoahAccreditation Assn for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)8/27/2015
Johnson, Kelsey A LGrocery Manufacturers Association8/24/2015
Gossman, AbigailAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP8/18/2015
Brusven, Christina, KMN Wind Coalition8/11/2015
McAlpin, Brennan, CHealthEast Medical Transportation8/5/2015
Mulloy, TaraFamily Pharm LLC8/4/2015
Mulloy, TaraAmerican College of Emergency Physicians MN Chapter8/4/2015
Mulloy, TaraNorth Memorial Medical Center8/4/2015
Mulloy, TaraLeafLine Labs LLC8/4/2015
Mulloy, TaraR-80 Medical Transportation Coalition8/4/2015
Haas, Nancy, ASAS Institute Inc7/31/2015
Hyland, Eric, JSAS Institute Inc7/31/2015
Jolly, Eric, JScience Museum of MN7/31/2015
Kramer, Ross, ESAS Institute Inc7/31/2015
Radosevich, SarahMN Chamber of Commerce7/31/2015
Walstien, AmyMN Chamber of Commerce7/31/2015
de Julio, NicholasAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN7/27/2015
Dosland, ValerieMN Child Care Assn7/27/2015
Dosland, ValerieMN Society for Respiratory Care7/27/2015
Ewald, David, CNorth Metro Mayors Assn7/27/2015
Ewald, David, CAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN7/27/2015
Pryse, BeccaMN Assn of Career & Technical Administrators7/27/2015
Pryse, BeccaIntermediate Superintendents Dist 2877/27/2015
Pryse, BeccaOsseo School District7/27/2015
Pryse, BeccaMN Community Education Assn7/27/2015
Pryse, BeccaMN Assn of Career & Technical Educators7/27/2015
Kelly, Randy, CCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)7/22/2015
Kelly, Ryan, CCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)7/22/2015
O'Shea, BrianCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)7/22/2015
Schafer, Matthew, SAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc and its Affiliates7/22/2015
Halverson, BriannaWorking America7/17/2015
Agrimonti, Lisa, MCHS Inc7/10/2015
Brenhaug, AliciaAssn of Metropolitan Municipalities7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MMN Sheriffs Assn7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MHennepin County7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MBloomington City of7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MMunicipal Legislative Commission7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MMN County Attorneys Assn7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MIron Mining Assn of Minnesota7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MRandy's Environmental Services Sanitation & Recycling7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MI-494 Corridor Commission7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MNorth Highland7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MNorthstar Corridor Development Authority7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MCounties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB)7/10/2015
Campbell, Erin, MMN Zoological Foundation7/10/2015
Bisek, EmilyAlliance for a Better Minnesota7/7/2015
Hauschild-Baron, Beverly, EAmerican Institute of Architects-MN7/6/2015
Kapke, DamonMN State College Faculty7/1/2015
Alders, James, RXcel Energy Services Inc6/30/2015
Burton, John (JD), DSt Paul, City of6/30/2015
Cyr, ForrestUnited Health Group Inc6/30/2015
Cyr, ForrestAllina Hospitals and Clinics6/30/2015
Heaney, William, MIBEW MN State Council6/30/2015
Huelster, HeidiParents United for Public Schools6/30/2015
Lips, Jonathan, WMN Assn of County Health Plans (MACHP)6/30/2015
Otto, BillMN Beer Wholesalers Assn6/30/2015
Otto, BillMN Veterinary Medical Assn6/30/2015
Otto, BillMN Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs6/30/2015
Otto, BillSanimax6/30/2015
Otto, BillMN Radiological Society6/30/2015
Otto, BillFairview Health Services6/30/2015
Otto, BillTTX Co6/30/2015
Otto, BillMN Academy of Ophthalmology6/30/2015
Otto, BillCoalition for Impartial Justice6/30/2015
Psick, Sarah, JMN Childrens Museum6/30/2015
Rhodes, Carleen, KSaint Paul Foundation6/30/2015
Rhodes, Carleen, KMN Community Foundation6/30/2015
Kempe, KatThink Small6/26/2015
Crow, ElizabethSecond Harvest Heartland6/25/2015
Cook, Judy, EIntuit, Inc6/15/2015
Girard, James, LIntuit, Inc6/15/2015
Horowitz, CorinneService Employees Intl Union Local 2846/15/2015
Kwilas, Anthony, RLorillard Tobacco Co6/15/2015
Moe, Roger, DBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities6/15/2015
Walters, Greg, JMN Energy Resources Corp6/15/2015
Whitmore, Mark, RAllina Hospitals and Clinics6/13/2015
Brown, Frances, EITC Holdings Corp (Intl Transmission Co)6/1/2015
Clark, EvelynMN Medical Assn6/1/2015
Aafedt, David, MEmily Program5/31/2015
Aafedt, David, MPrairie Island Dakota Community5/31/2015
Adams, William, BLB Homes5/31/2015
Adams, William, BPioneerCare5/31/2015
Almeida, CristineAfrican Development Center5/31/2015
Almeida, Cristine180 Degrees5/31/2015
Almeida, CristineBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN5/31/2015
Almeida, CristineNatl Center for Victims of Crime5/31/2015
Amundson, Kristen, ADentaQuest5/31/2015
Ball, Frank, RMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc5/31/2015
Beadle, KellyAmerica Votes5/31/2015
Campbell, Erin, MPASCO, Inc5/31/2015
Campbell, Erin, MSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce5/31/2015
Cardenas, RickAdvocating Change Together5/31/2015
Carlson, Dawn, MAfrican Development Center5/31/2015
Carlson, Dawn, MNatl Center for Victims of Crime5/31/2015
Clark, James, TAXA Equitable Life Insurance Company5/31/2015
Clark, James, TSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce5/31/2015
Clark, James, TPASCO, Inc5/31/2015
DeRose, PeterHolcim (US), Inc5/31/2015
DeRose, PeterRAI Services Co5/31/2015
DeRose, PeterNorthern Metals Recycling, Inc5/31/2015
DeRose, PeterKraus-Anderson Construction Co Inc5/31/2015
DeRose, PeterCanterbury Park Holding Corp5/31/2015
Elliott, Sonnie, ASummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)5/31/2015
Erickson, James, CMeisa Transportation Services LLC5/31/2015
Erickson, Tara GarmanMN Athletic Trainers Assn (MATA)5/31/2015
Freeman, Thomas, CBetter Futures Minnesota5/31/2015
Grindal, H TheodoreOlmsted County5/31/2015
Grivna, LoriDentaQuest5/31/2015
Hanson, Thomas, JEmily Program5/31/2015
Hill, Todd, ACoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2015
Hyland, Eric, JSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce5/31/2015
Hyland, Eric, JPASCO, Inc5/31/2015
Hylden, NancySummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)5/31/2015
Jerich, Michael, AC S McCrossan & Lunda5/31/2015
Jerich, Ronald, AC S McCrossan & Lunda5/31/2015
Jerich, Ronald, AUS Railcar Co5/31/2015
Jerich, ValerieC S McCrossan & Lunda5/31/2015
Johnson, Christopher ThomasMN Transport Services Assn5/31/2015
Johnson, David, HSCI MN Funeral Services Inc5/31/2015
Johnson, David, HDuluth Teachers Retirement Fund Assn5/31/2015
Johnson, GregElk Farm LLC5/31/2015
Johnson, Kevin DeanSolid Waste Mgmt Coordinating Bd (SWMCB)5/31/2015
Karbo, KatieOlmsted County5/31/2015
Kavanagh, John180 Degrees5/31/2015
Kavanagh, JohnNatl Center for Victims of Crime5/31/2015
Kavanagh, JohnAfrican Development Center5/31/2015
Klett, Rebecca, KOlmsted County5/31/2015
Knapp, John, AMN Dermatological Society5/31/2015
Larson, Daniel, GOlmsted County5/31/2015
Marsh, Colin180 Degrees5/31/2015
Marsh, ColinNatl Center for Victims of Crime5/31/2015
Marsh, ColinAfrican Development Center5/31/2015
Marsh, Ian, GOlmsted County5/31/2015
Melander, HarrySt Paul Build & Constr Trades Cncl5/31/2015
Mussell, Nate, COlmsted County5/31/2015
O'Neill, Joseph, TShelton Fireworks5/31/2015
Poul, Thomas, JAXA Equitable Life Insurance Company5/31/2015
Raphan, MelissaMN Employment Law Council (MELC)5/31/2015
Sellie, Alexander, JCan't Convert Love MN5/31/2015
Sexton, PatrickOlmsted County5/31/2015
Sheehan, Cullen, DOlmsted County5/31/2015
Sposeto, Dominic, JRidgeview Medical Center5/31/2015
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), ERenville County5/31/2015
Ward, Scott, SFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)5/31/2015
Willette, PierreUniversity of MN5/31/2015
Sletten, Jill, GFamily Partnership5/30/2015
Thoman, Barbara, JTransit for Livable Communities5/30/2015
Hartnett, Kyle, RMN Assn of Townships5/29/2015
Langlais, KevinMerrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc5/28/2015
Rooney Jr, Philip, BMerrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc5/28/2015
Cooper, Carol, SMN Property Rights Watch5/23/2015
Zylla, EmilyMN Safety Net Coalition5/22/2015
Keuhn, MarianneMarch of Dimes5/21/2015
Calderon, NickAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates5/19/2015
Craigmile, MichaelAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates5/19/2015
David, Alexandra, SMN Center for Environmental Advocacy5/19/2015
Murphy, ChristineAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates5/19/2015
Stallings, BrandonAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates5/19/2015
Bagnoli, Joseph, TUnisys Corp5/15/2015
Carnival, Douglas, MUnisys Corp5/15/2015
Limoges, Matthew, JRochester Area Builders Inc5/15/2015
McGrann, William, RUnisys Corp5/15/2015
Psick, Sarah, JUnisys Corp5/15/2015
Sellwood, JackCan't Convert Love MN5/15/2015
Curry, John, PMN Land Trust5/14/2015
Letourneau, SaraBlueGreen Alliance5/14/2015
Valley, KariXcel Energy Services Inc5/11/2015
Marincel, Stephen, FAFSCME Council 55/1/2015
Overby, MarthaMarch of Dimes5/1/2015
Sletten, Jill, GMN Women's Consortium5/1/2015
Swedberg, Joe, CHormel Foods Corp5/1/2015
Lehman, Thomas, RAmerican Assn of Bioanalysts4/30/2015
Kielblock, Jill, MAFSCME Council 54/29/2015
Patel, AnitaYWCA of Minneapolis4/25/2015
Cooney, John, M IIIAmericans for Prosperity4/20/2015
Scott, KimberlyNature Conservancy - MN Ch4/14/2015
Verona, KathrynAmerican Chemical Society4/7/2015
Cherryhomes, JackieLegacy Management & Development Corp4/1/2015
Cherryhomes, JackieBlue & White Taxi4/1/2015
Evans, Daniel, MNAMI - MN4/1/2015
Chatterjee, DigauntoMidcontinent Independent System Operator Inc3/31/2015
Day, Warren, JMidcontinent Independent System Operator Inc3/31/2015
Small, JeffreyMidcontinent Independent System Operator Inc3/31/2015
Bonnell, Chris, MCapella University3/27/2015
Olson, ToddAssn of Metropolitan Municipalities3/27/2015
Hofstede, Albert, JCommunity Housing Development Corp3/26/2015
Hofstede, Albert, JDewey Square Group3/26/2015
Hofstede, Albert, JWirtz Beverage MN Wine & Spirits Inc (fka Griggs Cooper & Co)3/26/2015
Kozak, AndrewCorporate Health Systems Inc3/26/2015
Kozak, AndrewDewey Square Group3/26/2015
Kozak, AndrewCommunity Housing Development Corp3/26/2015
Meeks, Jack, ECommunity Housing Development Corp3/26/2015
Meeks, Jack, ECorporate Health Systems Inc3/26/2015
Platto, AndrewDewey Square Group3/26/2015
Platto, AndrewCorporate Health Systems Inc3/26/2015
Platto, AndrewCommunity Housing Development Corp3/26/2015
Warren, KerryCommunity Housing Development Corp3/26/2015
Warren, KerryCorporate Health Systems Inc3/26/2015
Warren, KerryDewey Square Group3/26/2015
Burke, AnnaAssn of Metropolitan Municipalities3/20/2015
Kelly, Ryan, CCoalition for Impartial Justice3/20/2015
O'Connell, MaureenAARP (American Assn of Retired Persons)3/20/2015
Brusven, Christina, KMissouri River Energy Services3/16/2015
Brusven, Christina, KXcel Energy Services Inc3/16/2015
Veverka, Steven, EMN Indian Gaming Assn3/16/2015
Emerson, Elizabeth, AMN Insurance & Financial Services Council3/13/2015
Emerson, Elizabeth, ACenter for Policy Design3/13/2015
Georgacas, Chris, PCenter for Policy Design3/13/2015
Keller, CisaNew Horizon Academy3/13/2015
Lisenby, LyndaCenter for Policy Design3/13/2015
Brusven, Christina, KOtter Tail Power Co3/12/2015
Koenecke, Mary, PGlaxoSmithKline3/10/2015
Forschler, Richard, ADestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency3/9/2015
Freeman, Thomas, CDestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency3/9/2015
Hardy, Shawntera, MFresh Energy3/9/2015
Haas, Nancy, AAIG Inc (American International Group)3/6/2015
Haas, Nancy, APASCO, Inc3/6/2015
Haas, Nancy, AOracle America Inc3/6/2015
Knapp, John, AAmerican Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity3/6/2015
Johnson, Kevin, DAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP3/4/2015
Johnston, LarrySouthern MN Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA)3/3/2015
Quam, Elisabeth, ACenter for Diagnostic Imaging3/3/2015
Fitzsimmons, Alexandra, CChildren's Defense Fund - Minnesota3/2/2015
Haas, Nancy, A1-800 Contacts Inc3/1/2015
McKasy, Bert, JAlpine Glass Inc3/1/2015
Schmidt, MichaelMN Center for Environmental Advocacy2/28/2015
Cheney, Quinn, LRice Lake Boring Inc2/27/2015
Cheney, Quinn, LEssar Steel MN LLC2/27/2015
Cheney, Quinn, LSt Paul Port Authority2/27/2015
Covington, RebeccaMN Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities2/26/2015
Almeida, CristineOld Republic Natl Title Insurance Co2/25/2015
Carlson, Dawn, MOld Republic Natl Title Insurance Co2/25/2015
Cheney, Quinn, LMN Pet Breeders Assn (MNPBA)2/25/2015
Kavanagh, JohnOld Republic Natl Title Insurance Co2/25/2015
Marsh, ColinOld Republic Natl Title Insurance Co2/25/2015
Ptacek, Melvin, JMN-SD Equipment Dealers Assn2/24/2015
Raymer, MatthewColgate-Palmolive Co2/23/2015
Wilke, Nicholas, CMetropolitan Center for Independent Living2/18/2015
Sandvig, Linda, AMN School Social Workers Assn2/17/2015
Grathwol, James, FMinneapolis Public Schools2/6/2015
Holt, Karin, OVinland National Center2/6/2015
Redmond, JamesHunger Solutions MN/Partners to End Hunger2/6/2015
Ladd, DaveHowling for Wolves2/5/2015
Hanson, Thomas, JDestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency2/4/2015
Knapp, John, ADestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency2/4/2015
Brunner, JulieMN Council of Health Plans2/2/2015
Strusinski, William, GFratelli Inc d/b/a/ Italian Tan2/2/2015
Bagnoli, Joseph, TDestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency1/30/2015
Knopf, Christopher, DIndian Land Tenure Foundation1/30/2015
Knopf, Christopher, DWhite Earth Band of Chippewa1/30/2015
Lamb, Kathleen, MDestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency1/30/2015
Psick, Sarah, JDestination Medical Center Economic Development Agency1/30/2015
Tuma, JohnMN Assn of Christian Home Educators1/30/2015
Tuma, JohnMN Inter-County Assn1/30/2015
Tuma, JohnConservation Minnesota1/30/2015
Tuma, JohnConservation MN Voter Center1/30/2015
Franklin, GarnetEducation Minnesota1/29/2015
Gilles, JaneEducation Minnesota1/28/2015
Gauthier, GretaSecond Harvest Heartland1/23/2015
Johnson, Douglas, JMesabi East Public Schools1/20/2015
Westorff, GaryEducation Minnesota1/19/2015
Eide, Edward, TMental Health Assn of MN1/15/2015
Goodpaster, ElizabethMN Center for Environmental Advocacy1/15/2015
James, Karen, EMN Indian Gaming Assn1/15/2015
Murphy, Thomas, RConservation Campaign1/14/2015
Duerr, Amanda, CCoalition of Utility Cities1/9/2015
Duerr, Amanda, CHighway 14 Partnership1/9/2015
Duerr, Amanda, CCoalition of Greater MN Cities1/9/2015
Ruccolo, Erin StojanFresh Energy1/2/2015
Moen, Scott, HDiageo North America1/1/2015
Sparby, David, MXcel Energy Services Inc1/1/2015
Almeida, CristineDarden12/31/2014
Almeida, CristineCelgene Corp12/31/2014
Almeida, CristineM+R Stategic Services12/31/2014
Almeida, CristineHerbAn Farma12/31/2014
Almeida, CristineMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Amundson, Kristen, AMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Apitz, John, FCrop Life America12/31/2014
Apitz, John, FE I duPont de Nemours & Co12/31/2014
Apitz, John, FRetail Services & Systems Inc d/b/a Total Wine & More12/31/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TFriends of the Mississippi River12/31/2014
Berns, John, MUniversity Enterprise Laboratories Inc12/31/2014
Boerm, DevinHealthcare Distribution Management Assn12/31/2014
Bohn, Raymond, HA Chance to Grow12/31/2014
Borman, Thomas, HSMG 12/31/2014
Bradley, Michael, JMN Independent Coalition12/31/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WCovidien12/31/2014
Bunge, Darrel, DWestern Petroleum12/31/2014
Burkett, M TimPeople Incorporated12/31/2014
Carlson, Dawn, MCelgene Corp12/31/2014
Carlson, Dawn, MMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Carlson, Dawn, MDarden12/31/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DHomesteaders Life Co12/31/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DOTG Management12/31/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DMN Athletic Trainers Assn (MATA)12/31/2014
Chelseth, Andrew, HMN Athletic Trainers Assn (MATA)12/31/2014
Chelseth, Andrew, HHomesteaders Life Co12/31/2014
Cheney, Quinn, LMN Biodiesel Council12/31/2014
Cheney, Quinn, LEquine Development Coalition of Minnesota12/31/2014
Clark, James, TOne Call Care Management12/31/2014
Clark, James, TInstitutional Longevity Markets Assn (ILMA)12/31/2014
Clark, TarrylBlueGreen Alliance12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JCTD Properties12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JPrior Lake Aggregates12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JMedina Golf & Country Club Inc12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JCSM Properties12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JRyland Homes12/31/2014
Coyle, Peter, JMorrie's Automotive Group12/31/2014
Crimmins, Carl, Dlinq312/31/2014
Crocker, CrystalMN For Marriage12/31/2014
de Julio, NicholasGopher State One Call12/31/2014
Driver, MichaelDuluth Metals Corp LLC12/31/2014
Dufault, Eugene, AMN Assn of Townships12/31/2014
Einess, WardIron Rock Capital Partners12/31/2014
Einess, WardMN Insurance & Financial Services Council12/31/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMetropolitan Airports Commission12/31/2014
Emerson, Elizabeth, ASecurian Financial Group Inc12/31/2014
Emerson, Elizabeth, ACatholic Charities12/31/2014
Emerson, Elizabeth, AMN State University Student Assn12/31/2014
Erickson, James, CLovaas Institute for Early Intervention Midwest Hdqtrs12/31/2014
Erickson, SarahFairVote MN12/31/2014
Erickson, Tara GarmanR-80 Medical Transportation Coalition12/31/2014
Estenson, JeremyMN Athletic Trainers Assn (MATA)12/31/2014
Franzen, Douglas, JJoint Religious Legislative Coalition12/31/2014
Franzen, Douglas, JMN Laboratory License Coalition12/31/2014
Gabler, William, JCommunity Housing Development Corp12/31/2014
Gackle, JoshWind On The Wires12/31/2014
Georgacas, Chris, PSecurian Financial Group Inc12/31/2014
Georgacas, Chris, PMN State University Student Assn12/31/2014
Glaess, MarkMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)12/31/2014
Goldman, HowardHumane Society of the United States12/31/2014
Goodno, Kevin, PWal-Mart Stores Inc12/31/2014
Griffin, Phillip, AInterpreting Stakeholder Group12/31/2014
Griffith, William, CColumbus City of12/31/2014
Griffith, William, CMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreKinder Morgan Energy Partners LP12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodorePreferredOne12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreElevator Industry Work Preservation Fund12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreTwin City Pipe Trades Service Assn12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreSano Remedies12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreSt Paul, City of12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreSanimax12/31/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreeBay Inc12/31/2014
Grivna, LoriMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMN State Bar Assn12/31/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WDial Corporation12/31/2014
Hahne, Kathryn, SMetropolitan Airports Commission12/31/2014
Hahne, Kathryn, SMaple Grove City of12/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MGeronimo Wind Energy LLC12/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MGevo Inc12/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MAutism Opportunities Foundation d/b/a MN Autism Center12/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MWal-Mart Stores Inc12/31/2014
Hayden, Holly IversonCare Providers of MN12/31/2014
Heiman, Todd, RIntl Business Machines Corp (IBM)12/31/2014
Hentges, Robert, CSt David's Child Development & Family Services12/31/2014
Higgins, RosemaryEquine Development Coalition of Minnesota12/31/2014
Hilger, JeffEquine Development Coalition of Minnesota12/31/2014
Hill, Todd, AMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Hodapp, Mathew, JMN State Patrol Troopers Assn12/31/2014
Hyland, Eric, JNorthwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission12/31/2014
James, Karen, ESanford Health12/31/2014
Johnson, David, HGeneral Motors, LLC12/31/2014
Johnson, David, HThree Rivers Park District12/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMinneapolis Firefighters Fraternal Assn12/31/2014
Johnson, David, HNorbord Minnesota Inc12/31/2014
Kavanagh, JohnM+R Stategic Services12/31/2014
Kavanagh, JohnDarden12/31/2014
Kavanagh, JohnMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Kavanagh, JohnCelgene Corp12/31/2014
Keefe, Elaine, MGirl Scouts of MN & Wisconsin River Valleys12/31/2014
Keliher, Thomas, EMN Nurses Assn12/31/2014
Keliher, Thomas, EHopkins School District12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KeBay Inc12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KKinder Morgan Energy Partners LP12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KSano Remedies12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KElevator Industry Work Preservation Fund12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KSanimax12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KPreferredOne12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KTwin City Pipe Trades Service Assn12/31/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KSt Paul, City of12/31/2014
Knapp, John, AFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)12/31/2014
Knopf, Christopher, DFond du Lac Reservation12/31/2014
Kohl, ThomasAllergan USA, Inc12/31/2014
Krikava, Michael, COtter Tail Power Co12/31/2014
Kuhl, CarlEagle Street Grille12/31/2014
Kulick, Gail, TMN Utility Contractors Assn (MUCA)12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel JosephMN Brewers Assn12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel, GElevator Industry Work Preservation Fund12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel, GPreferredOne12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel, GSt Paul, City of12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel, GeBay Inc12/31/2014
Larson, Daniel, GSano Remedies12/31/2014
LeBeau II, Rondell ReidBig Lake Area Sanitary District12/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RJessen Media12/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RAssn of Surgical Technologists12/31/2014
Leichentritt, Lee, AJustice in Minnesota12/31/2014
Leva, AutumnMN For Marriage12/31/2014
Lisenby, LyndaSecurian Financial Group Inc12/31/2014
Lobejko, Patrick, PMidwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services12/31/2014
Long, Robert, CPrior Lake Aggregates12/31/2014
Marriott, Chad, TNewPage Corp12/31/2014
Marsh, ColinCelgene Corp12/31/2014
Marsh, ColinDarden12/31/2014
Marsh, ColinM+R Stategic Services12/31/2014
Marsh, ColinMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Marsh, Ian, GeBay Inc12/31/2014
Marsh, Ian, GSt Paul, City of12/31/2014
Marsh, Ian, GSanimax12/31/2014
Marsh, Ian, GKinder Morgan Energy Partners LP12/31/2014
Martyn, Patrick, JCash Central of MN12/31/2014
McDaniel, Brian, RHoliday Companies12/31/2014
Means, Valerie, MAlliant Energy Corporation12/31/2014
Means, Valerie, MOtter Tail Power Co12/31/2014
Means, Valerie, MXcel Energy Services Inc12/31/2014
Miller, Jeremy, EAmerican Massage Therapy Assn MN Chapter12/31/2014
Moe, Roger, DDENCO II LLC12/31/2014
Moore, VicHoliday Companies12/31/2014
Moore, VicMN Laboratory License Coalition12/31/2014
Moratzka, Andrew, PNewPage Corp12/31/2014
Morris, Randolph, WAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP12/31/2014
Morrison, Andrew, JDakota Group12/31/2014
Murphy, Molly, BM+R Stategic Services12/31/2014
Murphy, Thomas, RM+R Stategic Services12/31/2014
Mussell, Nate, CeBay Inc12/31/2014
Mussell, Nate, CTwin City Pipe Trades Service Assn12/31/2014
Mussell, Nate, CPreferredOne12/31/2014
Mussell, Nate, CSano Remedies12/31/2014
Neren, Sandra, LNatl Assn of Settlement Purchasers12/31/2014
Neren, Sandra, LInstitutional Longevity Markets Assn (ILMA)12/31/2014
Olson, Benjamin, RCovidien12/31/2014
Otto, BillSanimax12/31/2014
Otto, BilleBay Inc12/31/2014
Pederson, KirkClean Water Action Alliance of MN12/31/2014
Pederson, KirkPolice Officers Alliance of MN12/31/2014
Poul, Thomas, JRetail Services & Systems Inc d/b/a Total Wine & More12/31/2014
Poul, Thomas, JLake Elmo City of12/31/2014
Prichard, Thomas, WMN For Marriage12/31/2014
Prokosch, McKenzieChoice Auto Rental Inc12/31/2014
Pryse, BeccaNorth Metro Crossing Coalition12/31/2014
Pryse, BeccaMidwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services12/31/2014
Quam, Elisabeth, AMN Ambulatory Health Care Consortium12/31/2014
Rahn, MelissaWal-Mart Stores Inc12/31/2014
Ramalingam, NicholeBig Lake Area Sanitary District12/31/2014
Redmond, Lawrence, MFedEx Corp12/31/2014
Reed, JasonHunger-Free Minnesota12/31/2014
Rice, Brian, FFairmont Police Relief Assn12/31/2014
Rice, Brian, FPolice Officers Alliance of MN12/31/2014
Richie, Samuel, KMN Milk Producers Assn12/31/2014
Schmaltz, Michael, PMN Glass Assn12/31/2014
Schreiner, Margaret, DDakota Electric Assn12/31/2014
Sheehan, Cullen, DeBay Inc12/31/2014
Simpser, Zeviel, TOtter Tail Power Co12/31/2014
Soberg, Ronald, JConsortium for Legislation - Lake Superior Schools12/31/2014
Soberg, Ronald, JDuluth Ind School Dist 70912/31/2014
Sogard, David, BMinnkota Power Cooperative Inc12/31/2014
Spaulding, RobertFriends of the Mississippi River12/31/2014
Stanton, Russell, PInter Faculty Organization12/31/2014
Steen, Jacob, WMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc12/31/2014
Tarsney, JamesNeighbors for Life12/31/2014
Tennessen, Robert, JR L Polk & Co12/31/2014
Tennessen, Robert, JAFLAC12/31/2014
Tennessen, Robert, JI-35W Solutions Alliance12/31/2014
Tennessen, Robert, JInsurance Auto Auctions Inc12/31/2014
Theurer, LynnNursing Consultation Inc12/31/2014
Van Heel, MargaretOTG Management12/31/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities12/31/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EArts Partnership12/31/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MAmerican Massage Therapy Assn MN Chapter12/31/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MMN Assn of Assessing Officers (MAAO)12/31/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MMN Lodging Assn12/31/2014
Walker, Sarah, AMN Oncology Hematology PA12/31/2014
Walli, KevinMN Milk Producers Assn12/31/2014
Walli, KevinDuluth Metals Corp LLC12/31/2014
Walli, KevinLake Superior Warehousing Co Inc12/31/2014
Walli, KevinSE MN Multi-Cnty Housing & Redevelopment Authority12/31/2014
Walseth, Samuel, PSustainable Resources Center12/31/2014
Weber, Joseph, BTwin Metals Minnesota LLC12/31/2014
Westin, Charles, WPublic Employee Pension Service Assn12/31/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SCollege of St Catherine12/31/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SGopher State One Call12/31/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SSt Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce12/31/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SUNITE HERE12/31/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SCollege of St Scholastica12/31/2014
Cowan, RickCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)12/30/2014
Kingrey, John, PMN County Attorneys Assn12/30/2014
Larson, Nancy, ADassel Lakeside Health Care Center12/30/2014
Mills, Cindy, CCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)12/30/2014
Shuford, BrianCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)12/30/2014
Colton, AlisonBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN12/29/2014
Reese, ShaneCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)12/29/2014
Cook, Judy, Elinq312/22/2014
Girard, James, Llinq312/22/2014
Rahn, Sean, ABest Buy Co Inc12/22/2014
Sellwood, Joelinq312/22/2014
Strong-Belisle, Sarahlinq312/22/2014
Moriarty, ColleenHunger Solutions MN/Partners to End Hunger12/19/2014
Privratsky, MattMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)12/19/2014
Carlson, JoelUnited States Distilled Products Co12/17/2014
Connolly, Daniel, JMN Religious Council12/15/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMN Religious Council12/15/2014
Forschler, Richard, AMN Religious Council12/15/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WWhite Earth Band of Chippewa12/12/2014
Gunderson, Dan, AAmerican Petroleum Institute12/12/2014
O'Rourke, CapHowling for Wolves12/12/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MHamline University12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN School Counselors Assn12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MUniversity of St Thomas12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MPolaris Industries Inc12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MConsolidated Enterprises Inc12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN State University Student Assn12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MConcordia University, St Paul12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN Assn of Soil & Water Conserv Dists12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MInnocence Project MN12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN Insurance & Financial Services Council12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MSecurian Financial Group Inc12/10/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)12/10/2014
Chesney, Mary, LMN APRN Coalition (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses)12/10/2014
Griffin, Phillip, APreferredOne12/10/2014
Tomlin, KathleenCatholic Charities12/9/2014
Clucas, CathyEmbarq12/5/2014
Moe, Roger, DAmerican Beverage Assn12/5/2014
Moe, Roger, DProperty Casualty Insurers Assn of America (PCI)12/5/2014
Solberg, Loren, AReif Center for the Arts12/5/2014
Winner, DanielleEnergy CENTS Coalition12/5/2014
Knuth, Sherri, LMN League of Women Voters12/2/2014
Bunge, Darrel, DMN Wine & Spirits Wholesale Assn12/1/2014
DeLaForest, Christopher, J360 Global Investments12/1/2014
Dibblee, Michelle, VTransit for Livable Communities12/1/2014
Johnson, Todd, MMN Medical Solutions12/1/2014
Lake, BryanMN Business Partnership Inc12/1/2014
Meller, Robert, L JrTIAA/CREF12/1/2014
Olson, David, CMN Chamber of Commerce12/1/2014
O'Rourke, CapMN High Tech Assn12/1/2014
Erickson, Judith, LTofte Hospitality LCC11/30/2014
Erickson, Judith, LCuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce11/30/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreOTG Management11/30/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KOTG Management11/30/2014
Larson, Daniel, GOTG Management11/30/2014
Sheehan, Cullen, DOTG Management11/30/2014
Doar, Rob, TGun Owners Civil Rights Alliance11/25/2014
Oxley, Greg, TMN Municipal Utilities Assn11/25/2014
Moore, Terrance, WMN Broadcasters Assn11/24/2014
Orr, BrittaLocal Public Health Assn of MN11/21/2014
Orr, BrittaAssn of Minnesota Counties11/21/2014
Lawrence, WhitneyTransit for Livable Communities11/17/2014
Hill, Todd, ALyft Inc11/15/2014
Odegaard, AnnaSEIU Healthcare MN11/14/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WLyft Inc11/10/2014
Olson, Benjamin, RLyft Inc11/10/2014
Quarshie, IreneTarget Corp11/4/2014
Aaro, KarlEducation Minnesota11/3/2014
Burdick, MattNAMI - MN11/1/2014
Duerr, AndrewMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)10/31/2014
Erdman, HenryMarijuana Policy Project10/31/2014
James, Karen, EUpper Sioux Community Board of Trustees10/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RMarijuana Policy Project10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMN Optometric Assn10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaParent Aware for School Readiness10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaReproductive Health Alliance (fka MN SAFPLAN)10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMental Health Providers Assn of MN10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaGreater MN Housing Fund10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMinneapolis City of10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMN Chiropractic Assn10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMoorhead City of10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMN HomeCare Assn10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaFamily Housing Fund of Minneapolis & St Paul10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMN Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Inc (MOHR)10/31/2014
Simon, LeiaAAA Minneapolis10/31/2014
Thompson, Anna, MMedtronic Inc10/31/2014
Hokanson, MarenService Employees Intl Union Local 28410/30/2014
Jarecke, Kate KulesherNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corp10/28/2014
Fleming, W Morgan JrMiddle Management Assn10/22/2014
Clarke, SarahSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)10/21/2014
Clarke, SarahBetter Futures Minnesota10/21/2014
Knapp, John, AKoch Pipeline Company LP10/21/2014
Knapp, John, AGeorgia-Pacific LLC10/21/2014
Knapp, John, AFlint Hills Resources LP10/21/2014
Swanson, Eric, FFlint Hills Resources LP10/21/2014
House, LinneaNARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota10/13/2014
McGann, EmilyMN State Bar Assn10/10/2014
Warthesen, AdamLand Stewardship Project10/10/2014
Johnson, Douglas, JBois Forte Indian Reservation10/1/2014
Westin, Charles, WMagellan Midstream Partners LP10/1/2014
Arens, DuaneNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)9/30/2014
Franke, RogerArrow International, Inc9/30/2014
Pearson, StacyFirst State Tire Disposal Inc9/30/2014
Coons, ShaunaLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm9/29/2014
Hyde, Jeffrey, LGeneral Electric Co9/26/2014
Tingelstad, KathyAnoka County9/26/2014
Van Wychen, JeffMN 20209/26/2014
Snyder, Bethany, LLeadingAge Minnesota (fka Aging Services of MN)9/24/2014
Anderson, ErinHealth Care for All-Minnesota (HCAMn)9/19/2014
Sullivan, Joseph, KWind On The Wires9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SNorth Metro Mayors Assn9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of School Business Officials9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMidwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of School Administrators9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Assn of County Officers9/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SIntermediate Superintendents Dist 2879/16/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN9/16/2014
Larson, Daniel JosephAmerican Petroleum Institute9/15/2014
Moe, Karen ElizabethMN Community Action Partnership9/11/2014
Falk, Marnie, STreo Solutions9/10/2014
George, Dee DodgeLeukemia & Lymphoma Society9/8/2014
Hanson, Thomas, JUCare MN9/6/2014
Johnston, J MarkSanford Health9/5/2014
Holste, HeidiCare Providers of MN9/4/2014
Jerich, Michael, AMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Jerich, Ronald, AMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Jerich, ValerieMN Ethanol Producers Assn9/4/2014
Lucking, CarrieAlliance for a Better Minnesota9/4/2014
Grinsell, LynneTravelers Companies Inc and Subsidiaries9/3/2014
Broton, DarinMN Community Foundation9/1/2014
Campo, MaryannSuma MRI PA9/1/2014
Fay, JustinSierra Club North Star Chapter9/1/2014
Gottwalt, SteveCenter for Diagnostic Imaging9/1/2014
James, Karen, EMN Developmental Achievement Center Assn9/1/2014
Schoenfeld, GeraldMN Biodiesel Council9/1/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MCisco Systems Inc9/1/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MGeneral Motors, LLC9/1/2014
Westin, Charles, WMN Wine & Spirits Wholesale Assn9/1/2014
Harnack, Ronald, DMN Assn of Soil & Water Conserv Dists8/31/2014
Jemtrud, Alve, LEducation Minnesota8/31/2014
Wilson, AnthonyMicrosoft Corp8/29/2014
Cinqueonce, ElizabethMN Pharmacists Assn8/22/2014
Snope, Andrew, JIBEW Local 2928/21/2014
Gerber, Darrell, LClean Water Action Alliance of MN8/15/2014
Mason, Ralonda, JMid-Minnesota Legal Aid8/15/2014
Murphy, Steven, LTitan Supply8/14/2014
Murphy, Steven, LA & I Equipment (American & International)8/14/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm8/13/2014
Haugee, EricAFSCME Council 58/4/2014
Garletz, AnnaleeAssn of Minnesota Counties8/1/2014
McLaughlin, Bridget NielsenCenter for Energy & Environment8/1/2014
Westin, Charles, WMN Wholesale Marketers8/1/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TGlobal Spectrum7/31/2014
Goodno, Kevin, PNatl Multiple Sclerosis Society-Upper Midwest Chapter7/31/2014
Hill, Todd, APew Charitable Trusts7/31/2014
McGrann, William, RGlobal Spectrum7/31/2014
Simons, AnnelieseNatl Multiple Sclerosis Society-Upper Midwest Chapter7/31/2014
Eisenberg, Dennis, GEducation Minnesota7/22/2014
Carlson, JoelLiesch Associates Inc7/15/2014
Chapel, VeronicaStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JMN Assn of Criminal Defense Lawyers7/15/2014
Melton, TimStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Rhee, MichelleStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Saltzman, Kathy LarsonStudentsFirst7/15/2014
Chapman, LeslieSecurian Financial Group Inc7/11/2014
Droessler, William, JIzaak Walton League of America (Midwest)7/7/2014
Donnelly, Julia, MMN Nurses Assn7/4/2014
Lamp, KathrynHennepin County7/3/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Orchestral Assn7/1/2014
Bartsh, Geoffrey, JMedica7/1/2014
Cerkvenik, Gary, EKoochiching County7/1/2014
Czarnetzki, DeanSecurian Financial Group Inc7/1/2014
Delaney, Lyall, BPolice Officers Alliance of MN7/1/2014
Dicklich, Ronald, RRange Assn of Municipalities & Schools7/1/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMN Humanities Center7/1/2014
Hahne, Kathryn, SMN Humanities Center7/1/2014
McGrann, William, RMN Historical Society7/1/2014
Psick, Sarah, JEducational Testing Service7/1/2014
Psick, Sarah, JMAXIMUS Inc7/1/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DStudentsFirst6/30/2014
Daklin, CarrieUnite Edina 2736/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, ALocal Search Assn c/o MultiState Assoc Inc (fka Yellow Page Assn)6/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, AMinneapolis Home Field Advantage6/30/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, ABloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HHennepin County6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HMetropolitan Emergency Services Board6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HCisco Systems Inc6/30/2014
Johnson, David, HMN State Bar Assn6/30/2014
Kigin, Thomas, JAmerican Public Media Group6/30/2014
Kigin, Thomas, JMN Public Radio Inc6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JMoorhead City of6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JCoalition of Utility Cities6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JGreater Minnesota Partnership6/30/2014
Miller, Michael, JCoalition of Greater MN Cities6/30/2014
Psick, Sarah, JMN Childrens Museum6/30/2014
Van Heel, MargaretStudentsFirst6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, Mlinq36/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMinneapolis Municipal Retirement Assn6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MRetail Services & Systems Inc d/b/a Total Wine & More6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMN Vikings Football Club6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MArcher Daniels Midland Co6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MAnoka County6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MHennepin County6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMN Pipe Trades Assn6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MSCI MN Funeral Services Inc6/30/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MDelta Air Lines Inc6/30/2014
de Julio, NicholasUNITE HERE6/23/2014
Hylla, Scott, JSunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc6/23/2014
Johnson, Todd, MAnimal Rescue, Media & Education6/23/2014
Pryse, BeccaUNITE HERE6/23/2014
Redmond, Lawrence, MAnimal Rescue, Media & Education6/23/2014
Wilhelmi, Michael, SMN Childrens Museum6/23/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KNatl Popular Vote6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMicrosoft Corp6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KElevator Industry Work Preservation Fund6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Beer Wholesalers Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Multi-Housing Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Veterinary Medical Assn6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Power (ALLETE)6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KProcter & Gamble6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KThomson Reuters6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KeBay Inc6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KIntl Union of Allied Painters & Trades Dist Cncl 826/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, K50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KMN Chauffeured Transportation Association6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KSelf Storage Association6/20/2014
Bjorge, Lydia, KOlmsted County6/20/2014
Hodges, BetsyLeague of Minnesota Cities6/19/2014
Kaner-Roth, AnnProject 5156/16/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JBicycle Alliance of MN6/16/2014
Peterson, Shawn, MFriends of Education6/16/2014
Peterson, Shawn, MAdvanceEd6/16/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JAutomotive Recyclers of Minnesota6/15/2014
Delaney, Lyall, BPolice Officers Fed of Mpls6/9/2014
Wanner, FrankDuluth Federation of Teachers6/9/2014
Haase, Mark, ACouncil on Crime & Justice6/5/2014
Knutson, JessicaAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc and its Affiliates6/4/2014
Grindal, H TheodoreCorval Group6/2/2014
Johnson, David, GGrand Portage Indian Reservation6/2/2014
Klett, Rebecca, KCorval Group6/2/2014
Marsh, Ian, GCorval Group6/2/2014
Thorson, JohnEducation Minnesota6/2/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Warehouse Association (MWA)6/1/2014
Campbell, Erin, MAnimal Folks MN6/1/2014
Carnival, Douglas, MMN Warehouse Association (MWA)6/1/2014
Denison, Dustin, RMN Renewable Energy Society (MRES)6/1/2014
Larson, Peder, AVaporLok Products LLC6/1/2014
Long, Robert, CVaporLok Products LLC6/1/2014
McGrann, William, RMN Warehouse Association (MWA)6/1/2014
Novak, Steven, GAmerican Cleaning Institute6/1/2014
Novak, Steven, Glinq36/1/2014
Psick, Sarah, JMN Warehouse Association (MWA)6/1/2014
Stout, Susan, DMN APRN Coalition (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses)6/1/2014
Ahern, Michael, JCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
Ahern, Michael, JEdina City of5/31/2014
Bacher, LindsayScience Museum of MN5/31/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)5/31/2014
Bagnoli, Joseph, TElk River ISD #7285/31/2014
Bakken, JeffreyOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Banovetz, Nicholas50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN5/31/2014
Beaty, J ScottMN Youth Intervention Programs Assn5/31/2014
Benson, Scott, AMN Live!5/31/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WACE Group North America5/31/2014
Bufton, Carol, AMN Safety Council Inc5/31/2014
Centers Jr, Tal, RCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Cerkvenik, Gary, EVirginia Public Schools5/31/2014
Cerkvenik, Gary, EEveleth-Gilbert Public Schools5/31/2014
Cox, Douglas, WMN Citizens for Tax Justice5/31/2014
Crandall, Lynnette SlaterCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
DeLaForest, Christopher, JMarijuana Policy Project5/31/2014
Drews, Burl, MCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Driscoll, JimIndependent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC)5/31/2014
Dukich, John, MMN State Bar Assn5/31/2014
Einess, WardMN Live!5/31/2014
Erickson, James, CUnite Edina 2735/31/2014
Everett, David, LMN State Baptist Convention Inc5/31/2014
Ewald, JerryAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Falk, Marnie, SMN Dense Breast Coalition5/31/2014
Feingold, Russell, ACenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Fitzpatrick, George, LCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Forschler, Richard, AOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Franzen, ChristianManufacturers & Agents National Association5/31/2014
Gastineau, PaulCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
George, Jason, AIntl Union of Operating Eng 495/31/2014
Goodno, Kevin, PSt Francis Nursing Home5/31/2014
Goodno, Kevin, PMN Retail Merchants Assn5/31/2014
Griffin, Phillip, ANorth Memorial Medical Center5/31/2014
Griffith, JohnTarget Corp5/31/2014
Hancox, DavidMetropolitan Center for Independent Living5/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MPerpich Center for Arts Education Foundation5/31/2014
Harris, Shepard, MFriends of Animal Adoption Inc d/b/a Animal Ark5/31/2014
Heer, JohnCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Herman, John, HOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Herman, John, HiHeartMedia, Inc., Clear Channel Outdoor, and Affiliated Entities (fka Clear Channel Outdoor Inc)5/31/2014
Hevert, Robert, BCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Hill, Todd, ARed Wing City of5/31/2014
Hocking, ErinMN Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)5/31/2014
Hylden, NancyiHeartMedia, Inc., Clear Channel Outdoor, and Affiliated Entities (fka Clear Channel Outdoor Inc)5/31/2014
Hylden, NancyBlue & White Taxi5/31/2014
Jepsen, Cynthia, CTwin Cities Public Television (tpt)5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HDodge County5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HAnoka Co Regional Rail Authority5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMetropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates Ltd5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HWayzata City of5/31/2014
Johnson, David, HMN Pipe Trades Assn5/31/2014
Johnson, Thomas, LJuhl Energy Inc5/31/2014
Juan, NicoleNARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota5/31/2014
Kaul Jr, JohnRushford Peterson School District5/31/2014
Keliher, Thomas, EMN Assn of Nurse Anesthetists5/31/2014
Killeen, Alison, JJoint Religious Legislative Coalition5/31/2014
Koch, LeeOrdway Center for the Performing Arts5/31/2014
Kravitz, GabrielJewish Community Action5/31/2014
Kruse, Todd, ATransparaGov Inc5/31/2014
Lansing, CaroliHeartMedia, Inc., Clear Channel Outdoor, and Affiliated Entities (fka Clear Channel Outdoor Inc)5/31/2014
Larsen, Margaret (Peg), ARushford Peterson School District5/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RSouth Country Health Alliance5/31/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RItasca Medical Care5/31/2014
Livezey, Robert, ECenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Lobejko, Patrick, PProfessional Home Care Coalition5/31/2014
Loos, Larry, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Lynch, TeresaCoalition for Impartial Justice5/31/2014
Messinger, William, FAureus Inc5/31/2014
Munyon, SherryIsanti Area Joint Operating Fire District5/31/2014
Murray, Catherine, AIntegra Telecom5/31/2014
Nesvig, KirkCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Noble, AndrewUnited Credit Consultants5/31/2014
Noll, PeterMN Catholic Conference5/31/2014
Olson, Benjamin, RDairies Federation of MN5/31/2014
O'Rourke, CapService Employees Intl Union Local 2845/31/2014
O'Rourke, CapEmerge Community Development5/31/2014
Patel, Priti, RXcel Energy Services Inc5/31/2014
Peterson, Douglas, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Psick, Sarah, JFIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)5/31/2014
Rahn, MelissaSpringbrook Nature Center Foundation5/31/2014
Rahn, MelissaMN Retail Merchants Assn5/31/2014
Rakow, KayeNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)5/31/2014
Repke, Charles, WMN Museum of American Art5/31/2014
Sanders, Richard, ECenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Sanger, GeorgeCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DPrimeWest Joint Powers Board5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DSouth Country Health Alliance5/31/2014
Scandrett, Michael, DCooperative Network5/31/2014
Schardin, Michaelbetmar languages5/31/2014
Simon, LeiaMN Retail Merchants Assn5/31/2014
Simon, LeiaFriends of Animal Adoption Inc d/b/a Animal Ark5/31/2014
Simons, AnnelieseSt Francis Nursing Home5/31/2014
Simons, AnnelieseMN Retail Merchants Assn5/31/2014
Sletten, Jill, GKasson City of5/31/2014
Sommers, MichelleAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Sorum, PeggyCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Strusinski, William, GTwin Cities Public Television (tpt)5/31/2014
Tollin, Scott, MAmalgamated Transit Union Local 10055/31/2014
Troxle, MatthewCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/31/2014
Walker, Sarah, ALyft Inc5/31/2014
Walker, Sarah, ARed Wing City of5/31/2014
Wilkin, TimGary Adkins Associates Inc5/31/2014
de Julio, NicholasMN Driver & Traffic Safety Ed Assn5/30/2014
Dosland, ValerieMN Driver & Traffic Safety Ed Assn5/30/2014
Johnson, David, Hlinq35/30/2014
Whitmore, Mark, RAllina Hospitals and Clinics5/30/2014
Hofstede, Albert, JMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Kozak, AndrewMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Kozak, AndrewACE Cash Express5/29/2014
Meeks, Jack, EACE Cash Express5/29/2014
Warren, KerryMinneapolis Ventures5/29/2014
Moore, VicJoint Religious Legislative Coalition5/28/2014
Moore, VicManufacturers & Agents National Association5/28/2014
Schwinghammer, Kelly, MBlueGreen Alliance5/28/2014
Berentson, BeauAssn of Minnesota Counties5/24/2014
Amberg, William, JAnimal Humane Society5/22/2014
Jaskulke, FrankLifeScience Alley5/22/2014
Kleven, Richard, JThrivent Financial for Lutherans5/21/2014
Wurth, John, RRBC Wealth Management5/20/2014
Brugh, AmyMN Council of Nonprofits5/19/2014
Hasbargen, VernaeMN Rural Education Assn (MREA)5/19/2014
Thomas, SandiManna Freight Systems5/18/2014
Casper, SarahMN Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)5/16/2014
Kaul Jr, JohnHiawatha Broadband Communication Inc5/16/2014
Westin, Charles, WTCF National Bank5/16/2014
Winters, JoshuaMN Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)5/16/2014
Hamlin, Jacob, PCargill Inc5/15/2014
Johnson, David, HLower MN River Watershed Dist5/15/2014
Stout, Susan, DAmputee Coalition of America5/15/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MBluff Street Development LLC5/15/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MMetropolitan Pediatric Dental Associates Ltd5/15/2014
Padilla, Julie, LPrior Lake Aggregates5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LOakdale, City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LPersonal Care Products Council5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LColumbus City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LShoreview, City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LColgate-Palmolive Co5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LOutdoor Advertising Assn of MN c/o5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LVinland National Center5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LEagan City of5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LMall of America5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LCoca-Cola Refreshments5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LT-Mobile USA Inc5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LTIES (Technology & Info Educational Serv)5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LSherman Associates Inc5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LAggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LMinneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LUS Steel Corp5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LBloomington Central Station LLC5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LAdvanced Disposal Services5/14/2014
Padilla, Julie, LProperty Managers Coalition5/14/2014
Geier, MarkMN Precision Manufacturing Assn5/6/2014
Arnosti, Donald, ANatl Audubon Society Minnesota5/2/2014
Madon, AlexiTechnology Association of America d/b/a TechAmerica5/2/2014
Woods, Charles DeanCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas5/2/2014
Powell, Dennis (Duke)MN Ambulance Assn5/1/2014
Wahlstrom, Dale, ALifeScience Alley5/1/2014
Bovid, KathleenBristol-Myers Squibb Co4/30/2014
Hird, Gary, MSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc4/30/2014
Jude, LarissBlue & White Taxi4/30/2014
Lee, AmberXcel Energy Services Inc4/30/2014
Nick, Barbara, AMN Energy Resources Corp4/30/2014
Steelman, Lisa, ANovartis Pharmaceuticals Corp4/30/2014
Chadwick, SamanthaEnvironment Minnesota4/25/2014
Pierson, ChristinaCitizens Council for Health Freedom4/24/2014
Pearson, StacyChild Protection League Action4/21/2014
Medearis, JessicaMN State College Student Assn4/13/2014
Ehlert, TimothyTarget Corp4/4/2014
Breitinger, Jennifer, WBristol-Myers Squibb Co4/1/2014
Cherryhomes, JackieStark Electronics4/1/2014
Cherryhomes, JackieDLR Group4/1/2014
Morris, Randolph, WHealthcare Distribution Management Assn4/1/2014
Gossman, AbigailMedImmune LLC3/31/2014
Haas, Nancy, AMN Society of Prof Surveyors3/31/2014
Morris, Randolph, WMedImmune LLC3/31/2014
Weber, Joseph, BLive Nation Entertainment Inc3/31/2014
Williams, MatthewGeneral Electric Co3/28/2014
Terwilliger, HannaEnvironment Minnesota3/21/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WHP, Inc.3/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMN Utility Contractors Assn (MUCA)3/20/2014
Killian, KendalMN Assn of Professional Employees (MAPE)3/17/2014
Kwilas, Anthony, RMN Assn of Realtors3/17/2014
Lahr, Darrin, FXcel Energy Services Inc3/15/2014
Ledger, AndreaMN Nurses Assn3/14/2014
McLafferty, AnnaNAMI - MN3/14/2014
McMullen, Elizabeth HartwigMN Business Partnership Inc3/14/2014
McClean, James, MSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce3/7/2014
Patterson Jr, ShermanMinneapolis City of3/7/2014
Genia, KaraGrand Portage Indian Reservation3/4/2014
Johnson, David, HLogistiCare Solutions LLC3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelAmerican Forest and Paper Assn3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelMN Chamber of Commerce3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelConsumer Specialty Products Assn3/4/2014
Robertson, MichaelWaste Management of MN Inc & Affiliates3/4/2014
Sullivan, Thomas, BHowling for Wolves3/4/2014
Vesel, Margaret, MLogistiCare Solutions LLC3/4/2014
Alswager, Jan, LEducation Minnesota2/28/2014
Apitz, John, FRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Buske, CraigRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Clark, James, TRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Diehl, John, EGillette Children's Specialty Healthcare2/28/2014
Hyland, Eric, JRedFlex Traffic Systems Inc2/28/2014
Martyn, Joseph, PMN Mortgage Assn2/28/2014
Martyn, Joseph, PMN Financial Services Assn2/28/2014
Thorson, JohnAFSCME Council 52/28/2014
Jepsen, Cynthia, CMN Indian Gaming Assn2/27/2014
Knapp, John, ACarpet and Rug Institute2/26/2014
McDaniel, Brian, RBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN2/25/2014
Endreson, Daniel, KClean Water Action Alliance of MN2/21/2014
Tschida, JohnAllina Hospitals and Clinics2/21/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMiningMN2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WMarvin Windows & Doors2/20/2014
Grooms, Lloyd, WCenturyLink2/20/2014
Hyland, Eric, JInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Kramer, Ross, EInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Neren, Sandra, LInvest in Outcomes2/20/2014
Kantner, ElizabethService Employees Intl Union Local 2842/19/2014
Padilla, Julie, LGillette Children's Specialty Healthcare2/19/2014
Seck, Gerald, LGillette Children's Specialty Healthcare2/19/2014
Wessel, Christina MacklinMN Council of Nonprofits2/19/2014
Wieber, CraigAssn of Residential Resources in MN (ARRM)2/19/2014
Clarke, SarahMN State College Student Assn2/14/2014
Knuth, Daniel, JRight to Know Minnesota2/13/2014
Walker, Sarah, ACorrections Corp of America2/13/2014
Lipschultz, DanIntegra Telecom2/7/2014
Lipschultz, Dantw telecom of MN llc2/7/2014
Bennett, Cory, RMN Biodiesel Council2/1/2014
Freeman, Thomas, CAmerican Assn of Preferred Provider Organizations1/31/2014
Sletten, Jill, GProject 5151/29/2014