Recent Lobbyist Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:12 pm, July 31, 2014.

Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Lobbyist NameAssociation NameDate
Johnson, Douglas, JMesabi East Public Schools7/18/2014
Donnelly, Julia, MIntl Union of Operating Eng 497/16/2014
Parrish, ErinAARP (American Assn of Retired Persons)7/15/2014
Larson, Peder, AUS Energy Services Inc7/14/2014
Murphy, Steven, LA & I Equipment (American & International)7/8/2014
Murphy, Steven, LTitan Supply7/8/2014
Johnson, Thomas, LMN Water Quality Assn6/30/2014
Griffith, William, CBass Pro Shops6/25/2014
Peterson, Shawn, MMN Catholic Conference6/25/2014
Lehman, Thomas, RMN Med Solutions6/24/2014
Cook, Judy, EEnbridge Energy Partners LP6/23/2014
de Julio, NicholasMN Childrens Museum6/23/2014
Girard, James, LEnbridge Energy Partners LP6/23/2014
Kadansky, Richard, SMarathon Petroleum Company LP (Subsidiaries & Affiliates)6/23/2014
Moe, DarrickMN Rural Electric Assn6/23/2014
Clarke, SarahBetter Futures Minnesota6/19/2014
Berkland, KristinMN Energy Resources Corp6/13/2014
Currie, LeighMN Center for Environmental Advocacy6/13/2014
Arens, DuaneNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)6/12/2014
Coyle, Peter, JRyland Homes6/12/2014
Coyle, Peter, JCSM Properties6/11/2014
Coyle, Peter, JCTD Properties6/11/2014
Coyle, Peter, JMedina Golf & Country Club Inc6/11/2014
Coyle, Peter, JMorrie's Automotive Group6/11/2014
Elliott, Sonnie, APRBA The Rechargeable Battery Association6/10/2014
Hokanson, MarenService Employees Intl Union Local 2846/10/2014
Meunier, PaulMN Youth Intervention Programs Assn6/9/2014
Agrimonti, Lisa, MCHS Inc6/6/2014
Slaven, Matthew, ACHS Inc6/6/2014
de Julio, NicholasMN Society of Prof Surveyors6/4/2014
Clarke, SarahSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)6/2/2014
Griffith, William, CSFI Partnership 546/2/2014
Steen, Jacob, WMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc6/2/2014
Bohn, Jonathan, MMN State University Student Assn5/29/2014
Georgacas, Chris, PMN State University Student Assn5/29/2014
Lee, AmberMN Energy Resources Corp5/27/2014
Byers, JenniferUnited For Jobs5/20/2014
Cassidy, Paul, DAGNL Health LLC5/20/2014
Chelseth, Andrew, HAGNL Health LLC5/20/2014
Freeman, Thomas, CBetter Futures Minnesota5/20/2014
Kadoun, ElizabethUnited For Jobs5/20/2014
Long, Robert, CShaw-Lundquist Associates Inc5/20/2014
Phelps, ToddAGNL Health LLC5/20/2014
Simpson, MarcAGNL Health LLC5/20/2014
Hanson, Thomas, JecoATM5/19/2014
Severson, Jon, EScience Museum of MN5/19/2014
Cherryhomes, JackieBlue & White Taxi5/16/2014
Hofstede, Albert, JTed Williams Hitters Hall of Fame and Museum5/15/2014
Olsen, MeghanJoint Religious Legislative Coalition5/15/2014
Peltier, BenjaminMN Hospital Assn5/15/2014
Warren, KerryTed Williams Hitters Hall of Fame and Museum5/15/2014
Jarecke, Kate KulesherNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corp5/9/2014
O'Rourke, CapBlue & White Taxi5/9/2014
Moe, Roger, DBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities5/8/2014
Seck, Gerald, LBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities5/8/2014
Vanasek, Robert (Bob), EBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities5/8/2014
Cheney, Quinn, LRice Lake Boring Inc5/6/2014
Einess, WardIron Rock Capital Partners5/6/2014
Martyn, Patrick, JCash Central of MN5/6/2014
Stish, DeAnnRice Lake Boring Inc5/6/2014
Fisher, David, FHudson Group5/5/2014
O'Connor, KaitlynLand Stewardship Project5/5/2014
Pederson, Kirklinq35/5/2014
Rice, Brian, Flinq35/5/2014
Dorman, DanMankato City of5/2/2014
Dorman, DanRochester City of5/2/2014
Dorman, DanSpirit Mountain Recreation Area Authority5/2/2014
Long, Robert, CColgate-Palmolive Co5/2/2014
Long, Robert, CEast Side Freedom Library5/2/2014
Long, Robert, CPersonal Care Products Council5/2/2014
Kleven, Bruce, MDuininck Inc5/1/2014
Knapp, John, AecoATM5/1/2014
Olson, LorenMinneapolis City of5/1/2014

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