Recent Lobbyist Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 12:20 pm, February 24, 2017.

Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Lobbyist NameAssociation NameDate
Anderson, ChasVeterans Defense Project2/23/2017
Cook, Judy, EAlliance to Prevent Legionnaires' Disease2/23/2017
Franklin, Michael, AMetropolitan Governance Transparency Initiative2/23/2017
Girard, James, LAlliance to Prevent Legionnaires' Disease2/23/2017
Kelly, Randy, CCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)2/23/2017
Kelly, Ryan, CCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)2/23/2017
O'Shea, BrianCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)2/23/2017
Saltzman, KathyMetropolitan Governance Transparency Initiative2/23/2017
Sellwood, JoeAlliance to Prevent Legionnaires' Disease2/23/2017
Strong-Belisle, SarahAlliance to Prevent Legionnaires' Disease2/23/2017
Franzen, ChristianNobles 2 Power Partners LLC c/o Multistate Associates, Inc.2/22/2017
Ginsberg, Richard, WMN Medical Solutions2/22/2017
Lahammer, RobertPHS Management LLC (Presbyterian Homes of MN)2/22/2017
Muir, MatthewCoalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT)2/22/2017
Alswager, Jan, LMN Solar Energy Industries Assn (MnSEIA)2/21/2017
Hauschild, JakePortico Healthnet2/21/2017
Koch, AmyAllied Charities of MN2/21/2017
Pederson, KirkKalkomey Enterprises LLC2/21/2017
Rice, Brian, FKalkomey Enterprises LLC2/21/2017
Rouen, NoahMN Assn of Radon Professionals2/21/2017
Schmiesing, Elizabeth, HCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas2/21/2017
Swanson, Eric, FMN Rural Electric Assn (MREA)2/21/2017
Windler, Joseph, MCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas2/21/2017
Briggs, AmosLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm2/17/2017
Hyland, Eric, J1-800 Contacts Inc2/17/2017
Lindeen, JessicaLeech Lake Reservation Business Comm2/17/2017
Gerber, Darrell, LMN Center for Environmental Advocacy2/16/2017
Kozak, AndrewJ A Wedum Foundation2/16/2017
Meeks, Jack, EJ A Wedum Foundation2/16/2017
Platto, AndrewJ A Wedum Foundation2/16/2017
Rubenstein, James, AVerizon Wireless2/16/2017
Ten Eyck, Mark, FMN Center for Environmental Advocacy2/16/2017
Weinhagen, JonathanMinneapolis Home Field Advantage2/16/2017
Cassidy, Paul, DWarby Parker2/15/2017
Chelseth, Andrew, HWarby Parker2/15/2017
Estenson, JeremyWarby Parker2/15/2017
Gilbert, KristinBeacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (fka PORTICO Interfaith Hsg Coll)2/15/2017
Gosch, LeahPediatric Home Service2/15/2017
Marquis, Matthew, EMN Mechanical Contractors Assn2/15/2017
McDonald, Edward, CBeacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (fka PORTICO Interfaith Hsg Coll)2/15/2017
McNeely, NickMN Drywall & Plaster Assn2/15/2017
McNeely, NickMN Environmental Contractors Assn2/15/2017
McNeely, NickMN Floorcovering Contractors Assn2/15/2017
McNeely, NickMN Painting & Wallcovering Assn2/15/2017
McNeely, NickThermal Insulation Contractors Assn2/15/2017
Reynolds, MargaretWarby Parker2/15/2017
Rodgers, DebraBeacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (fka PORTICO Interfaith Hsg Coll)2/15/2017
Vann, KathrynBeacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (fka PORTICO Interfaith Hsg Coll)2/15/2017
Kunz, David, NMN Athletic Trainers Assn (MATA)2/14/2017
McBeth, DarynJuhl Energy Inc2/14/2017
Olson, Benjamin, RPlanned Parenthood MN,ND,SD Act Fnd2/14/2017
Wafler, James, SBituminous Roadways, Inc2/14/2017
DeLaForest, Christopher, JVisit Saint Paul2/13/2017
Erickson, SarahRainbow Health Initiative2/13/2017
Grindal, H TheodoreWoodbury City of2/13/2017
Lenczewski, AnnWoodbury City of2/13/2017
McDaniel, Brian, RFamily Partnership2/13/2017
Sheehan, Cullen, DWoodbury City of2/13/2017
Dooley Jr, William, L JrTransit for Livable Communities2/10/2017
Grooms, Lloyd, WGoogle, Inc.2/9/2017
Hackbarth, TomTNT Fireworks2/9/2017
Hahne, Kathryn, SMN Governmental Relations Council2/9/2017
Kozak, AndrewRAI Services Co2/9/2017
Meeks, Jack, EUniversity of MN2/9/2017
Nachtigal, Emily, JNatl Assn of Vision Care Plans (NAVCP)2/9/2017
Platto, AndrewRAI Services Co2/9/2017
Smith, Kyle JamesAFSCME Council 52/9/2017
Failor, Maureen ScallenMinneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce2/8/2017
Haase, Mark, AAmerican Civil Liberties Union of MN2/8/2017
Hackbarth, TomAmateur Riders Motorcycle Assn2/8/2017
Solberg, Loren, ACoalition of Utility Cities2/8/2017
Zimmer, Christine, MAchieve Services, Inc.2/8/2017
Benske, John, AAmgen, Inc.2/7/2017
Coyle, Peter, JNatl Eagle Center2/7/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PMetropolitan Economic Development Assn2/7/2017
Harris, Shepard, MMetropolitan Economic Development Assn2/7/2017
Johnson, FrankieAllina Hospitals and Clinics2/7/2017
Moore, VicManufacturers & Agents National Association (MANA)2/7/2017
Pomroy, AndyMetropolitan Economic Development Assn2/7/2017
Dirkswager, AnnaClean Energy Economy Minnesota2/6/2017
Georgacas, Chris, PBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RAmazon.com2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RAmerican Insurance Assn2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RAssn of MN Public Ed Radio Stations (AMPERS)2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RBurlington Northern and Sante Fe Railway Co (BNSF)2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RDistilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS)2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RDraftKings, Inc.2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RFanDuel, Inc.2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RHennepin County2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RHubbard Broadcasting Inc2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RLiberty Mutual Insurance Co2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RMayo Clinic2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RMetropolitan Airports Commission2/6/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RPrairie Island Dakota Community2/6/2017
Mast, GreggClean Energy Economy Minnesota2/6/2017
McDaniel, Brian, RBlue Cross/Blue Shield of MN2/6/2017
McDaniel, Brian, RIron Mining Assn of Minnesota2/6/2017
O'Grady, LoganClean Energy Economy Minnesota2/6/2017
Shaffer, David, JMN Solar Energy Industries Assn (MnSEIA)2/6/2017
Bengston, TheodoreLeague of Minnesota Cities2/3/2017
Cowen, ChristopherNatural Resources Defense Council2/3/2017
Olson, JoannaBicycle Alliance of MN2/3/2017
Pownell, RhondaLeague of Minnesota Cities2/3/2017
Walker, Sarah, CAmerican Civil Liberties Union of MN2/3/2017
Walker, Sarah, CArtspace Projects Inc2/3/2017
Walker, Sarah, CSECURUS Technologies2/3/2017
Walker, Sarah, CVeterans Defense Project2/3/2017
Cassidy, Paul, DWoodbury Capital LLC2/2/2017
Pomroy, AndyEnel Green Power North America, Inc.2/2/2017
Rahn, MelissaEnel Green Power North America, Inc.2/2/2017
VanSlooten, Erin McKeeInstitute for Agriculture & Trade Policy2/2/2017
Walker, Sarah, CNature Conservancy - MN Ch2/2/2017
Alswager, Jan, LEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund2/1/2017
Cooke, SarahEducation Minnesota2/1/2017
Fatehi, LeiliFriends of the Mississippi River2/1/2017
Sellwood, JoeUniversity of MN2/1/2017
Anderson, ChasNature Conservancy - MN Ch1/31/2017
Bjorge, Lydia, KBurlington Northern and Sante Fe Railway Co (BNSF)1/31/2017
Hill, Todd, ASEIU Healthcare MN1/31/2017
Sellwood, JoeHealthPartners Inc1/31/2017
Carnival, Douglas, MConcrete Paving Assn of MN1/30/2017
Carnival, Douglas, MMN Assn of Community Telecommunications Adm1/30/2017
Carnival, Douglas, MMN Licensed Beverage Assn Inc1/30/2017
Carnival, Douglas, MMN Municipal Beverage Assn1/30/2017
Clyne, SarahDomestic Abuse Project1/30/2017
Houle, ManilanOutFront MN1/30/2017
O'Keefe, PattyMN3501/30/2017
Stute, VickiDakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce1/30/2017
Anderson, ChasStudents for Education Reform Inc1/27/2017
Carnival, Douglas, MSprint Corporation1/27/2017
Clark, James, TCentene Corporation1/27/2017
DeLaForest, Christopher, JExcelsior Energy, Inc.1/27/2017
Halloran, Brian, KLeafLine Labs LLC1/27/2017
Perzichilli, AndreaLeafLine Labs LLC1/27/2017
Redmond, Lawrence, MLeafLine Labs LLC1/27/2017
Sheehan, Cullen, DAlbertville, City of1/27/2017
Sheehan, Cullen, DSt Michael City of1/27/2017
Sigel, MollyCoon Rapids City of1/27/2017
Andis, Glenn, EHearth Connection1/26/2017
Grovender, KelbyHearth Connection1/26/2017
Issa, WalidCHS Inc1/26/2017
Issa, WalidPerspectives, Inc.1/26/2017
Vamstad, BrianGundersen Health System Inc (fka Gundersen Lutheran H. S., Inc)1/26/2017
Walstien, AmyStudents for Education Reform Inc1/26/2017
Zacharias, Nathan, DShellrock River Watershed Dist (Albert Lea)1/26/2017
Zacharias, Nathan, DSt Louis River Alliance (SLRA)1/26/2017
Berggren, Mitchell, TKalliope Communications LLC1/25/2017
Czech, Kathy AnnSafety Triage and Mental Health Providers1/25/2017
Huot, John DuffyCremation & Trade Services, Inc1/25/2017
Marx, DanielCoalition of Greater MN Cities1/25/2017
Scott, Robert, TCoalition of Greater MN Cities1/25/2017
Dougherty, GaryAmerican Diabetes Assn1/24/2017
Hill, Todd, AMN Pharmacists Assn1/24/2017
Hill, Todd, AMN Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP)1/24/2017
Jerich, Michael, AProtein Sources LLP1/24/2017
Jerich, Ronald, AProtein Sources LLP1/24/2017
Jerich, ValerieProtein Sources LLP1/24/2017
Josephson, Kara MeyerSierra Club North Star Chapter1/24/2017
Cassidy, Paul, DMN Coalition for the Homeless1/23/2017
Chelseth, Andrew, HMN Coalition for the Homeless1/23/2017
Erickson, NicholasBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities1/23/2017
Estenson, JeremyMN Coalition for the Homeless1/23/2017
LeBeau II, Rondell ReidVerizon Wireless1/23/2017
Libby, Kirsten, JMN Alliance of Addiction Treatment Programs1/23/2017
McAlpin, Brennan, CMN Alliance of Addiction Treatment Programs1/23/2017
Reynolds, MargaretMN Coalition for the Homeless1/23/2017
Walstien, AmyB & L Utility Company1/23/2017
Walstien, AmySummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)1/23/2017
Coyle, Peter, JLower Sioux Community1/20/2017
Iverson, ToddCollege Board1/20/2017
Redepenning, KoriMN Alliance with Youth1/20/2017
Scott, KimberlyMN Outdoor Heritage Alliance1/20/2017
Siegel, DavidBuilders Assn of the Twin Cities1/20/2017
Smith, Samuel, INAMI - MN (Natl Assn of Mental Illness)1/20/2017
Anderson, ChasSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EALP Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EBendwind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EDeGreeff PA LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EDeGreff DP LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EGroen Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EHillcrest Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EHypergen LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EJMC Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, ELarswind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, ELIMI Energy LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EM O & E Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EMaiden Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EPower Beyond LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, ESierra Wind LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, EStony Hills Windfarm LLC1/19/2017
Cerkvenik, Gary, ETair Windfarm LLC1/19/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PSandata Technologies LLC1/19/2017
Hackbarth, TomAll Terrain Vehicle Assn of MN1/19/2017
Hannah, LauraFresh Energy1/19/2017
Long, Robert, CLower Sioux Community1/19/2017
Seck, Gerald, LLower Sioux Community1/19/2017
Simons, AnnelieseSandata Technologies LLC1/19/2017
Stachowski, TrishaPharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America1/19/2017
Weaver, Thomas, HAchieve Services, Inc.1/19/2017
Bergeron, MatthewLower Sioux Community1/18/2017
Larson, Peder, ALower Sioux Community1/18/2017
McDonnell, AniaAssn of Metropolitan Municipalities1/18/2017
O'Connell, MaureenAARP (American Assn of Retired Persons)1/18/2017
Pope, MarcusYouthprise1/18/2017
Read, AidanMN Center for Environmental Advocacy1/18/2017
Vesel, Margaret, MConservation Corps of Minnesota1/18/2017
Vesel, Margaret, MLower Sioux Community1/18/2017
Walstien, AmyGoodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota1/18/2017
Walstien, AmySpecial Education Graduates Work1/18/2017
Aafedt, David, MIntl Code Council1/17/2017
Anderson, ChasGoodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota1/17/2017
Awaah, EtondeLifetrack Resources, Inc1/17/2017
Gagnon, SamanthaGreater Twin Cities United Way1/17/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RIntl Code Council1/17/2017
Gokemeijer, Pamela, RPhantom Fireworks Eastern Region LLC1/17/2017
Haas, Nancy, ABiotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)1/17/2017
Hanks, VincentBaxter Healthcare Corporation1/17/2017
Hanson, Thomas, JIntl Code Council1/17/2017
Hanson, Thomas, JPhantom Fireworks Eastern Region LLC1/17/2017
Johnson, David, HMN Shopping Center Assn1/17/2017
Johnson, David, HNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)1/17/2017
Knapp, John, APhantom Fireworks Eastern Region LLC1/17/2017
LaCroix-Dalluhn, LauraLifetrack Resources, Inc1/17/2017
Lenczewski, AnnAlbertville, City of1/17/2017
Lenczewski, AnnSt Michael City of1/17/2017
Micheletti, Thomas, AExcelsior Energy, Inc.1/17/2017
Olson, Benjamin, RSpecial Education Graduates Work1/17/2017
Reich, John, CIntl Code Council1/17/2017
Reich, John, CPhantom Fireworks Eastern Region LLC1/17/2017
Sen, Katy, BBiotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)1/17/2017
Solberg, Loren, AChildren's Discovery Museum1/17/2017
Spano, Wyman, LSpecial Education Graduates Work1/17/2017
Stout, Susan, DAmerican Massage Therapy Assn MN Chapter1/17/2017
Stout, Susan, DMN Organization of Leaders in Nursing1/17/2017
Tomassoni, Dante, EDuluth City of1/17/2017
Tomassoni, Dante, EEssentia Health1/17/2017
Chang, StephenMedical Alley Association1/13/2017
Stuart, JohnNAMI - MN (Natl Assn of Mental Illness)1/13/2017
Thao, KayingCatholic Charities1/13/2017
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MInstitute for Agriculture & Trade Policy1/13/2017
Withers, JodyEd Allies1/13/2017
Zimmer, Christine, MAllied Charities of MN1/13/2017
Zimmer, Christine, MSt Cloud Hospital-CentraCare Health System1/13/2017
Grindal, H TheodoreAlbertville, City of1/12/2017
Grindal, H TheodoreSt Michael City of1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HEnterprise Rent-A-Car Inc1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMillerCoors LLC1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMN Pharmacists Assn1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMN Recruiting & Staffing Assn1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMN Restaurant Assn1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMN Service Station & Convenience Store Assn1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMN Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP)1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HMotion Picture Assn of America Inc1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HSafelite Group, Inc. (fka Belron US Inc)1/12/2017
Humphrey, Hubert (Buck), HToy Industry Assn1/12/2017
Kanninen, Rebecca, JAlbertville, City of1/12/2017
Kanninen, Rebecca, JSt Michael City of1/12/2017
Larson, Daniel, GAlbertville, City of1/12/2017
Larson, Daniel, GSt Michael City of1/12/2017
Marsh, Ian, GMagellan Midstream Partners LP1/12/2017
Schmit, MarcusSecond Harvest Heartland1/12/2017
Stanford, DarciMN State College Faculty1/12/2017
Carlson, JoelAutoLotto, Inc. c/o MultiState Assoc., Inc.1/11/2017
Day, MikeScience Museum of MN1/11/2017
Einess, WardOpportunity for All Kids1/11/2017
Freeman, Thomas, CIntl Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association1/11/2017
Frenette, Lisa, ALiteracy Action Network (fka Literacy MN)1/11/2017
Frenette, Lisa, ARed River Watershed Management Board1/11/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PGirl Scouts of MN & Wisconsin River Valleys1/11/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PNystrom & Associates Ltd1/11/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PTru Shrimp Systems1/11/2017
Jerich, ValerieMN Cable Communications Assn1/11/2017
Johnson, David, HIntl Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association1/11/2017
Johnson, PamTwin Cities Habitat for Humanity1/11/2017
Lucero, RebeccaMN Council of Nonprofits1/11/2017
McDonald, AngeliqueMN State College Student Assn1/11/2017
Pomroy, AndyMN Distillers Guild1/11/2017
Pomroy, AndyTru Shrimp Systems1/11/2017
Rahn, MelissaMN Distillers Guild1/11/2017
Rahn, MelissaTru Shrimp Systems1/11/2017
Simons, AnnelieseGirl Scouts of MN & Wisconsin River Valleys1/11/2017
Simons, AnnelieseNystrom & Associates Ltd1/11/2017
Stoll, ElizabethBaxter Healthcare Corporation1/11/2017
Elliott, Sonnie, AIntl Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association1/10/2017
Forschler, Richard, AIntl Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association1/10/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PAmgen, Inc.1/10/2017
Goodno, Kevin, PUCB, Inc.1/10/2017
Madryga, NataliaGreater Twin Cities United Way1/10/2017
Robins, Zachary, JMNvest.org1/10/2017
Simons, AnnelieseAmgen, Inc.1/10/2017
Simons, AnnelieseUCB, Inc.1/10/2017
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MLifetrack Resources, Inc1/10/2017
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MMN Library Assn1/10/2017
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MMN Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome1/10/2017
Vanasek, Robert (Rob), MYMCA of the Greater Twin Cities1/10/2017
Erickson, Tara GarmanMN Psychiatric Society1/9/2017
Long, Robert, CRenovate America, Inc.1/9/2017
Lucente, ElizabethMN Solar Energy Industries Assn (MnSEIA)1/9/2017
McMillan, David, JMN Power (ALLETE)1/9/2017
Moore, FatimaMetropolitan Consortium of Community Developers1/9/2017
Psick, Sarah, JAutoLotto, Inc. c/o MultiState Assoc., Inc.1/9/2017
Psick, Sarah, JMN Assn for Justice1/9/2017
Psick, Sarah, JUpton 43 Restaurant LLC1/9/2017
Strusinski, William, GJohnson Controls, Inc.1/9/2017
Thies, Angela, MMarch of Dimes1/9/2017
Walker, Sarah, COpportunity for All Kids1/9/2017
Zimmer, Christine, MAuto Club Group1/9/2017
Apitz, John, FCommunity Association Institute (CAI)1/6/2017
Hurd, Donovan, MFieldTurf USA Inc1/6/2017
Hynes, Patrick, JCommunity Association Institute (CAI)1/6/2017
Mulloy, TaraHennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)1/6/2017
Spreck, TimMinnesotans for Family Fishing and Healthy Lakes1/6/2017
Walstien, AmyMN Humanities Center1/6/2017
Walstien, AmyUS Justice Action Network1/6/2017
George, Jason, AIntl Union of Operating Eng 491/5/2017
Hackbarth, TomBPAM (Bowling Proprietors Assn of MN)1/5/2017
Hoke, John GregoryBiotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)1/5/2017
Larson, Mimi DalyScience Museum of MN1/5/2017
Paulsen, NelsConservation Minnesota1/5/2017
Paulsen, NelsConservation MN Voter Center1/5/2017
Rabe, BenjaminFresh Energy1/5/2017
Reichenbach, Hannah, MMedical Transportation Management Inc1/5/2017
Segal, KateBiogen1/5/2017
Urness, JaclynConservation Minnesota1/5/2017
Urness, JaclynConservation MN Voter Center1/5/2017
Willette, PierreBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)1/5/2017
Anderson, ChasMN Humanities Center1/4/2017
Hyland, Eric, JIntoxalock by Consumer Safety Technology1/4/2017
Hyland, Eric, JNatl Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc.1/4/2017
Johnson, Matthew, HTakeda Pharmaceuticals America1/4/2017
Kwilas, Anthony, RCompTIA Member Services LLC1/4/2017
Nachtigal, Emily, JMinneapolis Downtown Council1/4/2017
Nachtigal, Emily, JUNIMIN Corp1/4/2017
Peterson, Bradley, MWaite Park City of1/4/2017
Seifert, Martin, JWaite Park City of1/4/2017
Willette, PierreCenturyLink1/4/2017
Willette, PierreConcordia University, St Paul1/4/2017
Willette, PierreHamline University1/4/2017
Willette, PierreHart InterCivic1/4/2017
Willette, PierreInnocence Project MN1/4/2017
Willette, PierreIntegrity Medicolegal Enterprises1/4/2017
Willette, PierreMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)1/4/2017
Willette, PierreMN Assn of Soil & Water Conserv Dists1/4/2017
Willette, PierreMN School Counselors Assn1/4/2017
Willette, PierrePolaris Industries Inc1/4/2017
Willette, PierrePrincipal Financial Group1/4/2017
Willette, PierreShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community1/4/2017
Willette, PierreSwift County1/4/2017
Willette, PierreUniversity of St Thomas1/4/2017
Zahrt, Shane, AWaite Park City of1/4/2017
Almeida, CristineAT&T Inc1/3/2017
Brelje, AnnaEducation Minnesota1/3/2017
Cassidy, Paul, DAdvantage Capital Partners1/3/2017
Cassidy, Paul, DCare Providers of Minnesota1/3/2017
Chelseth, Andrew, HCare Providers of Minnesota1/3/2017
Cook, Judy, EMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)1/3/2017
Donnelly, Julia, MAT&T Inc1/3/2017
Erickson, SarahNARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota1/3/2017
Erickson, SarahSt Paul Public Schools1/3/2017
Erickson, SarahUjamma Place1/3/2017
Estenson, JeremyCare Providers of Minnesota1/3/2017
Girard, James, LMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)1/3/2017
Green, MaggieMN Funeral Directors Assn1/3/2017
Johnson, JoelIntl Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 6471/3/2017
Johnson, JoelMinnkota Power Cooperative Inc1/3/2017
Levenson-Falk, AnnaCitizens Utility Board of Minnesota1/3/2017
Marsh, ColinAT&T Inc1/3/2017
Nachtigal, Emily, JMinneapolis Municipal Retirement Assn1/3/2017
Reynolds, MargaretAdvantage Capital Partners1/3/2017
Reynolds, MargaretCare Providers of Minnesota1/3/2017
Sellwood, JoeDeloitte Consulting LLP1/3/2017
Strong-Belisle, SarahMN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)1/3/2017
Wolf, MelissaAT&T Inc1/3/2017
Wood, MarthaTeachers Insurance and Annuity Assn (TIAA)1/3/2017
Clarke, SarahPACER Center12/30/2016
Freeman, Thomas, CMN Private College Council12/30/2016
Cousins, KeithRochester Area Builders Inc12/29/2016
DeLaForest, Christopher, JHennepin County12/29/2016
Freeman, Thomas, CNatl Assn of Industrial & Office Properties (NAIOP)12/29/2016
Nachtigal, Emily, JK12, Inc.12/29/2016
Nachtigal, Emily, JShelton Fireworks12/29/2016
Sen, Katy, BPeople's Center Health Services12/29/2016
Johnson, Douglas, JMesabi Metallics 12/28/2016
Morris, Randolph, WGreenwich Biosciences, Inc.12/28/2016
Thysse, CarrieSt Paul, City of12/28/2016
Wald, Alexander W JMinneapolis Area Assn of REALTORS12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, AAggregate & Ready Mix Assn of MN12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, ACoalition of Greater MN Cities12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, ACoalition of Utility Cities12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, ADuluth Seaway Port Authority12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, AGreater Minnesota Partnership12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, AHighway 14 Partnership12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, AMankato City of12/28/2016
Zahrt, Shane, AMoorhead City of12/28/2016
Hynes, Patrick, JInver Grove Heights City of12/27/2016
Kwilas, Anthony, RMN Pork Producers Assn12/27/2016
Sen, Katy, BInver Grove Heights City of12/27/2016
Palen, Jin Lee JohnsonMN Assn of Community Mental Health Prog (MACMHP)12/23/2016
Hanson, ChrisAFSCME 6512/22/2016
Solberg, Loren, ARockStep Capital12/22/2016
Duerr, AndrewMN Pork Producers Assn12/21/2016
Poul, Thomas, JPure Storage, Inc.12/21/2016
Sen, Katy, BPure Storage, Inc.12/21/2016
Sigel, MollyGreat Lakes Gas Transmission Co12/21/2016
Sigel, MollyShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community12/21/2016
Ahern, Michael, JCliffs Natural Resources, Inc.12/20/2016
Apitz, John, FSHI International 12/20/2016
Christopherson, Kirsten LindgrenNeighborhood Development Center (NDC)12/20/2016
Christopherson, Kirsten LindgrenWorkforce Homeownership Minnesota12/20/2016
Hynes, Patrick, JSHI International 12/20/2016
Libby, Kirsten, JNeighborhood Development Center (NDC)12/20/2016
Libby, Kirsten, JWorkforce Homeownership Minnesota12/20/2016
Loscalzo, Julian EmpsonWorkforce Homeownership Minnesota12/20/2016
Pray, CherylAssn of Residential Resources in MN (ARRM)12/20/2016
Sigel, MollyCliffs Natural Resources, Inc.12/20/2016
Einess, WardMN Automatic Merchandising Council12/19/2016
Lenczewski, AnnBloomington City of12/19/2016
Marsh, Ian, GMN Restaurant Assn12/19/2016
Medina, MichelleMN Farmers Union12/19/2016
Rosedahl, LeslieMN Restaurant Assn12/19/2016
Sheehan, Cullen, DData Recognition Corp12/19/2016
Ahern, Michael, JWestern Refining, Inc.12/16/2016
DeLaForest, Christopher, JSKB Environmental12/16/2016
Gould, LelandWestern Refining, Inc.12/16/2016
Lenczewski, AnnMN Restaurant Assn12/16/2016
Sigel, MollyMN Telecom Alliance12/16/2016
Sigel, MollyWestern Refining, Inc.12/16/2016
Bruce, Devin, KMN Assn of Professional Employees (MAPE)12/15/2016
Cerkvenik, Gary, ERange Assn of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS)12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MAmerican Public Media Group12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MAnheuser-Busch Companies12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MCan Manufacturers Institute12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MCLUES (Communidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio)12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MConservation Campaign12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MKEPRO12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MMedtronic Inc12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MMN Public Radio Inc12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MPolyMet Mining Inc12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MRELX, Inc.12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MSouthern MN Regional Legal Services Inc12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MSunrise Banks12/15/2016
Donnelly, Julia, MWalden University12/15/2016
Glessing, Peter, HMN Restaurant Assn12/15/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreBloomington City of12/15/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreMN Restaurant Assn12/15/2016
Kanninen, Rebecca, JMN Restaurant Assn12/15/2016
Larson, Daniel, GMN Restaurant Assn12/15/2016
Sigel, MollyMN Employment Law Council (MELC)12/15/2016
Sigel, MollyTruGreen12/15/2016
Sigel, MollyViking Gas Transmission Co12/15/2016
Briggs, AmosData Recognition Corp12/14/2016
Grindal, H TheodoreData Recognition Corp12/14/2016
Kanninen, Rebecca, JData Recognition Corp12/14/2016
Larson, Daniel, GData Recognition Corp12/14/2016
Thrane, Peter, HCorVel Corporation12/14/2016
Boroff, AnnaMN Cable Communications Assn12/13/2016
Duffrin, ChrisCenter for Energy & Environment12/13/2016
Alswager, Jan, LSchool Nurse Organization of MN (SNOM)12/12/2016
Chapuran, LibbieLeadingAge Minnesota12/12/2016
Walstien, AmyMN Precision Manufacturing Assn12/12/2016
Ingram, Alan, WMN Society for Clinical Social Work12/8/2016
Steinbrenner, Thomas JackBrotherhood of Maint of Way Employees (BMWED of IBT)12/7/2016
Haas, Nancy, AIntegrity Health Network12/6/2016
Poul, Thomas, JIntegrity Health Network12/6/2016
Sen, Katy, BIntegrity Health Network12/6/2016
Sigel, MollyDorsey & Whitney LLP12/6/2016
Sigel, MollyMedica12/6/2016
Sigel, MollyMN Joint Underwriting Assn12/6/2016
Sigel, MollyRandy's Environmental Services Sanitation & Recycling12/6/2016
Sigel, MollyXcel Energy Services Inc12/6/2016
Warren, KerryDunbar Development12/6/2016
Warren, KerryHillcrest Development12/6/2016
Warren, KerryJ A Wedum Foundation12/6/2016
Warren, KerryKelber Catering Inc12/6/2016
Warren, KerryMinneapolis Institute of Arts12/6/2016
Warren, KerryUniversity of St Thomas12/6/2016
Erickson, James, CRemedy Analytics, Inc.12/5/2016
Perry, Jack, YProtein Sources LLP12/5/2016
Zimmer, Christine, MMN Hospital Assn12/5/2016
Einess, WardLaFargeHolcim11/30/2016
Einess, WardPrepare + Prosper11/30/2016
Bergeron, MatthewVinland National Center11/29/2016
Elliott, Sonnie, ATeladoc, Inc.11/29/2016
Freeman, Thomas, CTeladoc, Inc.11/29/2016
Raines, PhilipClarus Dermatology11/29/2016
Cassidy, Paul, DCorVel Corporation11/28/2016
Chelseth, Andrew, HCorVel Corporation11/28/2016
Estenson, JeremyCorVel Corporation11/28/2016
Kennedy, SuzannaCorVel Corporation11/28/2016
Reynolds, MargaretCorVel Corporation11/28/2016
Sen, Katy, BSafe Passage for Children of Minnesota11/28/2016

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