Recent Lobbyist Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:38 pm, September 22, 2017.

Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Lobbyist NameAssociation NameDate
Barrett, Sara, JMN Assn of Naturopathic Physicians9/21/2017
Johnson, Laurence, KMN Nursery & Landscape Assn9/21/2017
Botzek, LucindaPublic Employee Pension Service Assn9/20/2017
Emerson, Elizabeth, ANorthwoods Consulting9/18/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaNorthwoods Consulting9/18/2017
Loesch, JakeNorthwoods Consulting9/18/2017
Orlando, Ronald, AComcast Cable Communications Inc9/18/2017
Psick, Sarah, JTrust for Public Land9/18/2017
Roberts, AmyComcast Cable Communications Inc9/18/2017
Willette, PierreNorthwoods Consulting9/18/2017
Freeman, Thomas, CRAI Services Co9/15/2017
Harris, Shepard, MMN Assn of Townships9/15/2017
Hurd, Donovan, MRAI Services Co9/15/2017
Johnson, David, HRAI Services Co9/15/2017
Johnson, KariMetropolitan Consortium of Community Developers9/14/2017
Wespetal, MarkMN On-Site Wastewater Assn (MOWA)9/11/2017
Moe, Roger, DHMS Host Corporation9/7/2017
Long, GretchenMN State College Faculty8/31/2017
Schaefer, TimothyEnvironment America dba Environment Minnesota8/30/2017
Gutsch, Matthew, ALeadMN8/29/2017
Montgomery, LeahPlanned Parenthood MN,ND,SD Act Fnd8/29/2017
Repke, Charles, WMetric Auto Parts8/29/2017
Madryga, NataliaDart Container Corporation8/28/2017
Lansing, CarolSt Paul Assn of Building Owners & Mgrs8/24/2017
Clarke, SarahSouth East Homes8/23/2017
Gagnon, SamanthaBlue Ox Media Group8/23/2017
Gagnon, SamanthaSouth East Homes8/23/2017
Hylden, NancyBlue Ox Media Group8/23/2017
Hylden, NancySouth East Homes8/23/2017
Kyle, Brenda, LSt Paul Area Chamber of Commerce8/22/2017
Zerwas, ElizabethNorth Memorial Medical Center8/22/2017
Carr, Brian, JNatl Assn of Tobacco Outlets Inc (NATO)8/21/2017
Harper, NicholasLeague of Women Voters Minnesota8/21/2017
Witte, MichelleLeague of Women Voters Minnesota8/21/2017
Dahl, Kristian, MOtter Tail Power Co8/11/2017
McRae, Robert, BCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Poppie, David, ACenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Pringle, Charles, WCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Seck, Gerald, LCoca-Cola Refreshments8/9/2017
Simon, Jarrett, ECenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Singleton, Christe, HCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Strusinski, William, GMN First Provider Alliance8/9/2017
Sutton, Randolph, HCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Townsend, MichelleCenterPoint Energy Resources Corp d/b/a CenterPoint Energy MN Gas8/9/2017
Rouen, NoahDCI Group AZ LLC on behalf of Altria Clients Services and its affiliates8/8/2017
Herring, Valerie, TMN Power (ALLETE)8/7/2017
Christopherson, Kirsten LindgrenMN First Provider Alliance8/3/2017
McAlpin, Brennan, CMN First Provider Alliance8/3/2017
Shea, MeghanNatl Assn of Tobacco Outlets Inc (NATO)8/3/2017
Walker, Sarah, CEverytown for Gun Safety Action Fund8/2/2017
Walker, Sarah, CGoodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota8/2/2017
Walker, Sarah, CMN Humanities Center8/2/2017
Walker, Sarah, CStudents for Education Reform, Inc8/2/2017
Walker, Sarah, CSummit Academy OIC (SAOIC)8/2/2017
Marsh, Ian, GGopher State One Call, Inc7/31/2017
Toye, WilliamAltria Client Services LLC and its Affiliates7/28/2017
Walker, Sarah, COrange Barrel Media7/26/2017
Fatehi, LeiliSierra Club North Star Chapter7/25/2017
Spellman, MatthewMN Assn of Realtors7/25/2017
DeLaForest, Christopher, JGreater Minnesota Gas Inc7/21/2017
Jumale, MustafaMN Minority Child Care Association7/21/2017
Cherryhomes, JackieCPM Development LLC7/18/2017
Cherryhomes, JackieHoliday Companies7/18/2017
Grindal, H TheodoreGopher State One Call, Inc7/17/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaBenson Power Biomass Suppliers7/12/2017
Strand, ScottFriends of the Headwaters7/12/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaConcordia University, St Paul7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaHamline University7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaHart InterCivic7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaMN Assn of County Social Services Administrators (MACSSA)7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaMN Assn of Soil & Water Conserv Dists7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaMN School Counselors Assn7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaSwift County7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaUniversity of St Thomas7/7/2017
Kpohraror, MudiagaBreakthru Beverage Minnesota (fka Consolidated Enterprises)7/6/2017
Munson, AliciaArc MN7/6/2017
Jarrett, Denise, Leco Hair Braider Association LLC7/5/2017
Emerson, Elizabeth, ABenson Power Biomass Suppliers7/3/2017
Loesch, JakeBenson Power Biomass Suppliers7/3/2017
Willette, PierreBenson Power Biomass Suppliers7/3/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMAXIMUS Inc6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Golf Assn6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN High Tech Assn6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Nursery & Landscape Assn6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMN Recreation & Parks Assn6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TMonsanto Co6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TNatl Waste & Recycling Assn (fka Natl Solid Wastes Mgmt Assn)6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TRochester Public Utilities6/30/2017
Bagnoli, Joseph, TSouthern MN Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA)6/30/2017
Eby, LeahYWCA of Minneapolis6/30/2017
McLaughlin, Teri WalkerMN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)6/30/2017
Haas, Nancy, AOracle America Inc6/29/2017
LeBeau II, Rondell ReidHorsemens Benevolent & Protective Assn Inc6/29/2017
Oldfield, KariAssn for Nonsmokers-Minnesota6/29/2017
Ramalingam, NicholeHorsemens Benevolent & Protective Assn Inc6/29/2017
Johnson, Dean, ERockStep Capital Real Estate Investments6/28/2017
Tennessen, AlisaWorking America6/27/2017
Agrimonti, Lisa, MFreeborn Wind Energy LLC6/23/2017
Brusven, Christina, KFreeborn Wind Energy LLC6/23/2017
Clark, James, TPediatric Home Service6/23/2017
Haas, Nancy, APediatric Home Service6/23/2017
Pitts, Haley WallerFreeborn Wind Energy LLC6/23/2017

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