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Grindal, H Theodore
Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP
100 Washington Ave S #2200
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Telephone: (612)339-6900
Email: htgrindal@locklaw.com
Registration Number: 7237

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
50 CAN Inc (50 State Camp For Achievement Now) d/b/a MinnCAN64992/6/2014 Leg/AdmYes
American Dental Partners of MN (fka PDHC Ltd)58081/18/2006 LegYes
American Transmission Co53934/6/2010 LegYes
Augsburg College49404/25/201312/31/2013Leg 
Augsburg College49401/7/201512/31/2015Leg 
Augsburg College49404/15/2016 LegYes
Becton, Dickinson and Co64363/26/2014 LegYes
Blaine, City of25491/20/2016 LegYes
Civic Proficiency Institute70493/17/2015 LegYes
ClearWay Minnesota48209/2/2005 Leg/MetroYes
Coalition for Impartial Justice646010/26/20119/30/2015  
Corval Group67281/17/20136/2/2014  
DaVita Inc55082/13/2013 LegYes
Dayton City of47463/2/2015 Leg/AdmYes
eBay Inc63244/1/200912/31/2014  
Election Systems & Software565111/19/2015 LegYes
Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund40711/28/201312/31/2014Leg 
Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund40713/25/2015 LegYes
EngagePoint, Inc697211/19/20148/31/2015  
Fairview Health Services401112/9/2004 Leg/Adm/Metro 
Howling for Wolves666512/18/2014 Leg/Adm 
Industry Council for Tangible Assets700912/17/2015 Leg/AdmYes
Intl Assn of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA)71753/24/2016 Leg/MetroYes
Intl Union of Allied Painters & Trades Dist Cncl 8266311/27/2012 LegYes
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP686012/6/201312/31/2014  
Kwik Trip Inc46698/25/2010 LegYes
Leech Lake Reservation Business Comm289511/18/2014 Leg/Adm/MetroYes
Metro Minn Council on Graduate Medical Education65424/5/2011 LegYes
Microsoft Corp43169/1/1999 LegYes
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians-Corp Comm3587Pre-1996 Leg/AdmYes
MN Academy of Ophthalmology2342Pre-1996 LegYes
MN Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs525710/18/2002 LegYes
MN Auto Dealers Assn (MADA)4719/25/2013 Leg 
MN Beer Wholesalers Assn47510/20/2003 LegYes
MN Chauffeured Transportation Association68802/6/20149/30/2015  
MN Energy Resources Corp23321/28/2008 Leg 
MN Insurance & Financial Services Council60961/23/2009 Leg 
MN Medical Group Management Assn (MMGMA)369510/20/200312/31/2013  
MN Multi-Housing Assn4381/10/2011 Leg 
MN Power (ALLETE)5601/18/2007 Leg 
MN Radiological Society63992/4/2010 LegYes
MN Religious Council37143/22/20135/31/2013  
MN Society of Anesthesiologists2199Pre-1996 LegYes
MN Sports Facilities Authority67271/17/2013 LegYes
MN Veterinary Medical Assn622Pre-1996 LegYes
Natl Popular Vote62092/6/2014 Leg 
Nexus712211/19/2015 LegYes
Olmsted County305812/2/20135/31/2015  
OTG Management65675/16/201111/30/2014  
Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota5001/20/2016 LegYes
Personal Communications Industry Assn (PCIA) c/o MultiState Assoc, Inc.71874/6/2016 LegYes
Procter & Gamble2896Pre-1996 LegYes
Protect Minnesota and Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund70764/29/201512/31/2015  
Sanimax San, Inc.69214/7/201412/31/2014Leg/Adm/Metro 
Sanimax San, Inc.69213/31/2015 Leg/Adm/MetroYes
Sanneh Foundation71673/24/2016 Leg 
Sano Remedies69609/9/201412/31/2014  
Self Storage Association685411/14/2013 LegYes
SSP America, Inc712111/19/2015 MetroYes
St Paul, City of17623/27/201412/31/2014  
TechNet72005/6/2016 Leg/Adm 
Thomson Reuters2216Pre-1996 LegYes
TTX Co43471/22/2008 LegYes
Twin Cities Medical Society545912/30/20036/30/2013  
Twin City Pipe Trades Service Assn38611/16/201312/31/2014  
Vadnais Heights, City of71763/24/2016 Leg/Adm/MetroYes

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This report includes filings through 11:55 pm, May. 24, 2016