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Rice, Brian F
Rice Michels & Walther LLP
10 2nd St NE Ste 206
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Telephone: (612)865-8425
Email: brice@ricemichels.com
Registration Number: 6485

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
AFSCME Council 59003/18/2014 Leg/Adm 
BlueGreen Alliance67745/1/201512/31/2015  
Club West Partners LLC71411/20/2016 Leg/Adm 
Committee of Nine39482/22/1996 Leg/AdmYes
Creative Water Solutions66453/2/2012 Leg/AdmYes
DraftKings, Inc.71185/12/2016 Leg 
Duluth Police Union Local 80765993/27/201312/31/2015  
Environmental Defense Action Fund71351/11/2016 Leg/Adm 
Fairmont Police Relief Assn48531/17/201212/31/2014  
FanDuel, Inc.71195/12/2016 Leg 
Hennepin County3186Pre-1996 Leg/Adm/Metro 
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy592512/22/200812/31/2013  
linq367845/5/2014 Leg/AdmYes
Maplewood Volunteer Firefighters Relief Association71532/25/2016 LegYes
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board427Pre-1996 Leg/AdmYes
Minneapolis Police Fraternal Assn66362/7/2012 Leg/AdmYes
MN Professional Fire Fighters121012/7/2007 Leg/Adm 
MN State Fire Chiefs Assn26063/27/2013 Leg/Adm 
Police Officers Alliance of MN53922/1/201112/31/2014  
Police Officers Fed of Mpls11231/22/2008 Leg/Adm 
St Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission67963/27/201312/31/2015  

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This report includes filings through 12:03 pm, May. 27, 2016