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Knapp, John A
Winthrop & Weinstine PA
225 S 6th St Ste 3500
Minneapolis, MN 55402-4629
Telephone: (612)604-6400
Email: jknapp@winthrop.com
Registration Number: 5841

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
Amazon.com63123/20/2009 LegYes
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity38913/20/20073/6/2015  
American Insurance Assn26Pre-1996 LegYes
Auto Club Group45783/3/2008 LegYes
Bank of America Corp66573/19/2012 LegYes
Boise Inc79Pre-199612/31/2013  
Burlington Northern and Sante Fe Railway Co1010Pre-1996 Leg 
Care Providers of MN4552/12/1998 Leg 
Carpet and Rug Institute67673/4/20132/26/2014  
Coalition of MN Businesses Inc31112/26/2013 Leg 
Conservation Fund67773/7/2013 Leg/AdmYes
Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency70011/12/20152/4/2015  
Distilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS)39961/14/2011 Leg 
ecoATM69315/1/2014 LegYes
FIG LLC and certain of its affiliates (Fortress Investment Group)66091/3/201212/31/2014  
Flint Hills Resources LP31576/13/199710/21/2014  
Georgia-Pacific LLC8631/18/201110/21/2014  
Hewlett-Packard Co53682/12/2010 LegYes
Hubbard Broadcasting Inc30213/16/2010 Leg/MetroYes
Koch Pipeline Company LP562212/2/200510/21/2014  
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co47221/28/2002 Leg 
Lignite Energy Council38921/19/2010 Leg 
Manitoba Hydro50001/19/2000 LegYes
Marvin Windows & Doors46792/11/2004 LegYes
Mayo Clinic3734/24/2003 Leg 
McLane Company Inc67512/13/2013 LegYes
Metropolitan Airports Commission20521/23/2015 Leg 
MiningMN62922/25/2009 Leg 
MN Business Partnership Inc1669Pre-1996 Leg 
MN Dermatological Society63792/1/2011 LegYes
Packaging Corporation of America69043/10/2014 LegYes
Prairie Island Dakota Community37661/2/1997 Leg/AdmYes
St Cloud Hospital-Centra Care Health System41465/20/1999 LegYes

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This report includes filings through 11:14 pm, May. 21, 2015