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Goodno, Kevin P
Fredrikson & Byron PA
200 S Sixth St Ste 4000
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1425
Telephone: (612)492-7000
Email: kgoodno@fredlaw.com
Registration Number: 1786

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
3B Group, Inc dba Merwin LTC Pharmacy53661/9/2015 Leg/AdmYes
Alliance Pipeline Inc470411/16/2010 Leg/AdmYes
American Coatings Association66281/24/2012 LegYes
Apple Tree Dental47801/12/2009 Leg 
Autism Opportunities Foundation d/b/a MN Autism Center (fka FEAT)51551/11/2008 LegYes
Body Stars, Inc aka Almost Famous Body Piercing69951/9/2015 Leg/Adm/MetroYes
Drexel Hamilton LLC69961/9/2015 LegYes
Enbridge Energy Partners LP24061/9/2015 Leg/Adm 
Epilepsy Foundation of MN31731/8/2007 Leg/Adm/MetroYes
Eventide Lutheran Home56101/27/2014 LegYes
Family Housing Fund of Minneapolis & St Paul288812/8/2006 LegYes
Flood Diversion Board of Authority69971/9/2015 Leg/AdmYes
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare42491/21/2015 Leg/Adm 
Greater MN Housing Fund448412/8/2006 Leg 
Mental Health Providers Assn of MN63143/23/2009 LegYes
Minneapolis City of22562/9/2011 Leg 
Minnehaha Creek Watershed Dist33942/26/2015 Leg/Adm 
Missouri River Energy Services45621/8/2007 Leg 
MN Chiropractic Assn4878/7/2007 Leg/AdmYes
MN HomeCare Assn30301/29/2009 Leg/AdmYes
MN Optometric Assn5548/29/2011 Leg 
MN Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation Inc (MOHR)240310/2/2006 Leg/AdmYes
MN Retail Merchants Assn5731/27/2014 Leg 
Moorhead City of18931/26/2009 Leg/Adm 
Mount Olivet Home65171/26/2015 LegYes
Natl Multiple Sclerosis Society-Upper Midwest Chapter47301/24/20127/31/2014  
Nurse-Family Partnership62271/9/2015 Leg/Adm 
Parent Aware for School Readiness67851/27/2014 Leg 
Pew Charitable Trusts63073/21/2014 LegYes
Reproductive Health Alliance (fka MN SAFPLAN)61471/7/2011 LegYes
St Francis Nursing Home68741/27/2014 LegYes
USAgain LLC68051/30/2014 Leg/Adm/Metro 
Vail Place70262/10/2015 LegYes
Vail Resorts Management Co67923/25/2013 Leg 
Wal-Mart Stores Inc58231/26/200712/31/2014  

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This report includes filings through 10:09 am, Mar. 5, 2015