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Pryse, Becca
Ewald Consulting Group Inc
1000 Westgate Dr Ste 252
St Paul, MN 55114
Telephone: (651)265-7858
Email: beccap@ewald.com
Registration Number: 1541

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
Aggregate Ready Mix Assn of MN51243/15/2005 Leg 
Community Assns Institute of MN62341/7/2013 Leg 
Intermediate Superintendents Dist 28750683/15/20057/27/2015  
Midwest Assn for Medical Equipment Services64082/24/201012/31/2014  
MN Assn of Career & Technical Administrators60641/6/20107/27/2015  
MN Assn of Career & Technical Educators60651/6/20107/27/2015  
MN Assn of County Officers44910/24/2006 Leg/AdmYes
MN Assn of Public Accountants17641/5/2009 Leg/AdmYes
MN Assn of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH)51313/15/2005 Leg 
MN Assn of School Business Officials57021/6/2010 Leg 
MN Community Education Assn50691/6/20107/27/2015  
MN Psychological Assn10858/4/2008 Leg/Adm 
MN Sign Assn38193/15/20054/5/2013  
North Metro Crossing Coalition47721/9/200912/31/2014  
North Metro Mayors Assn26043/15/2005 LegYes
Osseo School District60301/6/20107/27/2015  
UNITE HERE53634/17/20136/23/2014  

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This report includes filings through 11:57 pm, May. 30, 2016