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Moe, Roger D
17444 Park Ave SE
Erskine, MN 56535-9238
Telephone: (612)803-9976
Email: rogermoe@gvtel.com
Registration Number: 1259

Association Represented Association
Leg/Adm/Metro Designated
3M (MN Mining & Manufacturing Co)5431/12/201112/31/2015  
American Beverage Assn66717/25/201212/5/2014Leg/Adm/Metro 
American Beverage Assn667111/2/2015 Leg/Adm/MetroYes
American Crystal Sugar Co61341/12/2011 Leg/AdmYes
Backup Power Source, Inc69754/23/201511/3/2015  
Bloomington Central Station LLC66412/29/201212/31/2013  
Builders Assn of the Twin Cities43065/8/20146/15/2015  
Charter Communications, Inc.46502/1/2016 Leg/Adm 
Chisago County71024/27/2016 Leg/Adm 
Delta Air Lines Inc62321/12/2011 Leg/Adm 
DENCO II LLC66422/29/201212/31/2014  
DraftKings, Inc.71185/5/2016 Leg 
Eagan City of304410/24/201312/31/2015  
Estee Lauder Companies Inc61441/12/2011 Leg/AdmYes
FanDuel, Inc.71195/5/2016 Leg 
HealthPartners Inc2561/12/2011 Leg/Adm 
Joint Religious Legislative Coalition3172/26/201411/3/2015  
Lakes Country Service Cooperative36471/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Mall of America33332/1/2011 Leg 
Metro ECSU (Educational Cooperative Service Unit)66211/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians50911/12/2011 Leg/Adm 
MN Hockey Ventures Group466110/19/2011 Leg/Adm/Metro 
MN Landscape Arboretum39358/22/201212/9/2013  
MN Regional Railroads Assn25732/4/2013 Leg/Adm 
Natl Joint Powers Alliance57231/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Northeast Service Cooperative36461/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Norway House71584/27/2016 Leg/Adm 
NW MN Service Cooperative 1 & 236451/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Prairie Island Dakota Community37661/24/2012 Leg/Adm/Metro 
Property Casualty Insurers Assn of America (PCI)21253/7/201312/5/2014  
Resource Training & Solutions61621/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Shoreview, City of683410/24/201311/3/2015  
South Central Service Cooperative47631/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
Southeast Service Cooperative36511/15/2013 Leg/Adm 
SW/WC MN Service Cooperative 6 & 836491/12/2011 Leg/Adm 
TechNet72005/4/2016 Leg/AdmYes
Verizon Wireless20383/9/2011 Leg 
Vinland National Center26781/12/2011 Leg/Adm 
WDFG North America LLC (World Duty Free Group)70998/7/201511/3/2015Adm/Metro 
WDFG North America LLC (World Duty Free Group)70992/1/2016 Adm/MetroYes
Xcel Energy Services Inc6601/5/2016 Leg/Adm/Metro 

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This report includes filings through 12:03 pm, May. 27, 2016