Lobbyists Overview
An individual who communicates with public or local officials or urges others to communicate with public or local officials becomes a lobbyist after the individual:

  • Is paid more than $3,000 in a year from all sources for lobbying,
  • Spends more than $250 on lobbying, or
  • Spends more than 50 hours in any month if the individual is a non-elected local official or an employee of a political subdivision

Lobbying includes attempts to influence:

  • Legislative action,
  • Administrative action (the amendment, adoption, or repeal of administrative rule), or
  • The official actions of a metropolitan governmental unit.

Individuals must register within five (5) days of meeting the definition of lobbyist. Once registered, the lobbyist must file periodic reports.

Registered lobbyists and the association they are lobbying on behalf of are covered by the provision of Minnesota's gift ban.

Contact Marcia Waller at 651-539-1187 or 800-657-3889 or marcia.j.waller@state.mn.us if you have questions about registering as a lobbyist.

Contact Jeff Sigurdson at 651-539-1189 or 800-657-3889 or jeff.sigurdson@state.mn.us if you have questions about whether you need to register as a lobbyist or about the gift ban.