Public Offical Information
House of Representatives
Name: Sutter, Barbara
Occupation: Retired
Business Address:  
Employer Name:  
Appointment Date:  
Sources of Compensation
None Reported
Business and Professional Activities
None Reported
Name of Securities
American Beacon Large Cap Value
American Century Equity Income INVFidelity Strategic Dividend & Income
American Century One Choice 2020 Inv
Artisan International Value Investor (Health Savings Plan)
Columbia Contrarian Core Z (Health Savings Plan)
Columbia High Yield Municipal Fund-Z
Domestic Bond Index (Fidelity)
DWS Intermediate Tax/AMT Free Fund-S
DWS Unconstrained Income Fund-S
Fidelity Cash Reserves
Fidelity-VIP Contrafund Portfolio (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
Fidelity-VIP Mid Cap Portfolio (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
Franklin Mutual Shares VIP Fund (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
General Dynamics Corporation
General Electric Corporation
iShares Russell Midcap Value ETF
iShares TIPS Bond ETG
Jensen Portfolio Class J
Large Cap Equity Fund (Fidelity)
Matthews International Pacific Tiger Funds
Metropolitan West Total Return Bond (Health Savings Plan)
MFS New Discovery Series (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
Oppenheimer International Bond Fund A
Pioneer Natural Resources Company
Schwab Fundamental US Large Company Index
Schwab Long Term Tax Free Bond Fund
Schwab Strategic Emerging Market Equity ETF
Schwab Strategic International Equity ETF
Schwab Strategic Large Cap Growth ETF
Schwab Strategic Large Cap Value ETF
Schwab Strategic US REIT ETF
Schwab Strategic US Small Cap ETF
Schwab Strategic US TIPS ETF
Scout International Fund
SIT Minnesota Tax Free Income Fund
Sm/Mid Cap Equity Index (Fidelity)
SPDR Series Trust S&P 600 Small Cap Value
T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Value Fund
TA Barrow Hanley Dividend Focused (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
TA Morgan Stanley Capital Growth (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
TA Torray Concentrated Growth (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
TA TS&W International Equity (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
TA Vanguard ETF-Aggressive Growth (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
Templeton Foreign VIP Fund (TransAmerica Life Insurance Authority)
Vanguard Index Funds Extended Market ETF
Wells Fargo Advantage Short-Term Municipal Bond-Inv
Real Property
None Reported
Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Interests
None Reported

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