Public Offical Information
House of Representatives
Name: Anselmo, Dario
Occupation: Commercial Real Estate
Business Address: 322 1st Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Employer Name: Self-employed
Appointment Date: 01/03/17
Sources of Compensation
Applicable categories
Name of Source Director Officer Owner Member Partner Employer Employee Honorarium
DP Property Ace, LLC X
LA Real Estate Group, LLC X
Business and Professional Activities
None Reported
Name of Securities
ASM International
Emerging Market Index
Pacific Ex-Japan Fund
Powershare QQQ
Russell 1000 Large Cap Value
Russell 2000 Index
Russell Mid Cap Growth
S & P 500 Index
Williston Basin Fund
Real Property
County Street Address and Municipality or Section, Township and Range Own Mortgage Contract for deed option to buy, $2500 option to buy, $50,000 Acreage
  4177 Shoreline Dr Spring Park Yes No No No No  
Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Interests
None Reported

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