Public Offical Information
House of Representatives
Name: Patterson, Bruce
Occupation: Self-employed
Business Address: 22924 450th Ave NW
Alvarado, MN 56710
Employer Name: Quilted in Clay
Appointment Date:  
Sources of Compensation
Applicable categories
Name of Source Director Officer Owner Member Partner Employer Employee Honorarium
Quilted in Clay X X X
Business and Professional Activities
None Reported
Name of Securities
Forward Funds
Investment Centers of America
Real Property
County Street Address and Municipality or Section, Township and Range Own Mortgage Contract for deed option to buy, $2500 option to buy, $50,000 Acreage
Marshall Sec 36, Twp 155, Rg 50 N2 N/2 NE4   Yes No No No No 8.5
Marshall 22924 450th Ave NW Alvarado No Yes No No No  
Marshall S1/2 Lot 8, All Lot 9 Stephen Yes No No No No  
Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Interests
None Reported

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