House of Representatives
State Office Building
St Paul, MN 55155

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Albright, Tony Entrepreneur / Business Consultant Representative (District 55B)
Allen, Susan Attorney Representative (District 62B)
Anderson, Paul H Self Employed/Farmer/Legislator Representative (District 12B)
Anderson, Sarah Professional Representative (District 44A)
Anselmo, Dario A Commercial Real Estate Representative (District 49A)
Applebaum, Jon Lawyer Representative (District 44B)
Backer, Jeffrey W Jr Business Owner Representative (District 12A)
Bahr, Calvin K Truck Driver Representative (District 31B)
Baker, David Self-employed Representative (District 17B)
Barr, Regina Business Owner/Consultant Representative (District 52B)
Barrett, Bob Director of Market Research and Analysis Representative (District 32B)
Becker-Finn, Jamie Attorney Representative (District 42B)
Bennett, Peggy Retired Representative (District 27A)
Bernardy, Connie L Parks and Recreation Staff Representative (District 41A)
Bliss, Matt Resort Owner/Technology Director Representative (District 5A)
Bly, David H Legislator Representative (District 20B)
Carlson, Andrew Project Manager Representative (District 50B)
Carlson, Lyndon R State Representative/Retired Teacher Representative (District 45A)
Christensen, Drew Educator Representative (District 56A)
Clark, Karen State Representative/College Instructor/Nonprofit Exec. Dir. Representative (District 62A)
Considine, John (Jack) Retired Representative (District 19B)
Cornish, Anthony (Tony) Legislator Representative (District 23B)
Daniels, Brian Warranty Administrator Representative (District 24B)
Daudt, Kurt Legislator Representative (District 31A)
Davids, Gregory M State Rep/Farm Owner/Small Businessman Representative (District 28B)
Davnie, Jim Executive Director Representative (District 63A)
Dean, Matthew Legislator Representative (District 38B)
Dehn, Raymond Design/Sustainability Consultant Representative (District 59B)
Dettmer, Bob P State Representative Representative (District 39A)
Drazkowski, Steve Search Marketing Strategist Representative (District 21B)
Ecklund, Robert Papermaker/ / Representative 3A Representative (District 3A)
Erickson, Sondra Retired Representative (District 15A)
Fabian, Daniel E State Representative Representative (District 1A)
Fenton, Kelly State Representative Representative (District 53B)
Fischer, Peter Director of Finance & Operations Representative (District 43A)
Flanagan, Peggy Partner Representative (District 46A)
Franke, Keith Restaurant & Bar Owner Representative (District 54A)
Franson, Mary Misc Jobs Representative (District 8B)
Freiberg, Mike Attorney Representative (District 45B)
Garofalo, Patrick Network Engineer Representative (District 58B)
Green, Steve Contractor Representative (District 2B)
Grossell, Matthew J Retired Representative (District 2A)
Gruenhagen, Glenn Insurance Agent Representative (District 18B)
Gunther, Robert C State Representative Representative (District 23A)
Haley, Barb Homemaker Representative (District 21A)
Halverson, Laurie Homemaker Representative (District 51B)
Hamilton, Rod Pork Producer Representative (District 22B)
Hansen, Rick Owner Representative (District 52A)
Hausman, Alice Legislator Representative (District 66A)
Heintzeman, Joshua Self-Employed Representative (District 10A)
Hertaus, Jerry Real Estate / Development Representative (District 33A)
Hilstrom, Debra Lawyer/Legislator Representative (District 40B)
Hoppe, Joe Sales Representative (District 47B)
Hornstein, Frank State Legislator Representative (District 61A)
Hortman, Melissa Attorney Representative (District 36B)
Howe, Jeff Business Owner/National Guard Member Representative (District 13A)
Jessup, Randy Self-employed (Small business owner) Representative (District 42A)
Johnson, Brian L Retired Deputy Sheriff Representative (District 32A)
Johnson, Clark P Retired Representative (District 19A)
Johnson, Sheldon Corrections Worker Representative (District 67B)
Jurgens, Tony Independent Insurance Agent Representative (District 54B)
Kiel, Debra (Deb) Self/Homemaker Representative (District 1B)
Knoblach, Jim Real Estate professional, State Representative Representative (District 14B)
Koegel, Erin Volunteer Coordinator Representative (District 37A)
Koznick, Jon Mortgage lender Representative (District 58A)
Kresha, Ronald Finance & Board Member Representative (District 9B)
Kunesh-Podein, Mary Library Media Specialist Representative (District 41B)
Layman, Sandra K Retired Representative (District 5B)
Lee, Fue Office and Administrative Specialist Representative (District 59A)
Lesch, John Attorney Representative (District 66B)
Liebling, Tina Statement Pending Legislator/attorney Representative (District 26A)
Lien, Ben Legislator Representative (District 4A)
Lillie, Leon M Airline worker Representative (District 43B)
Loeffler, Diane Policy and Planning Analyst/ State Representative Representative (District 60A)
Lohmer, Kathleen M State Representative Representative (District 39B)
Loon, Jenifer Homemaker Representative (District 48B)
Loonan, Robert Insurance Agent Representative (District 55A)
Lucero, Eric Internet and Computer Security & Real Estate Representative (District 30B)
Lueck, Dale K Rancher Representative (District 10B)
Mahoney, Timothy Pipefitter/retired Representative (District 67A)
Mariani, Carlos Exec Director Manager Representative (District 65B)
Marquart, Paul Teacher Representative (District 4B)
Masin, Sandra Legislator/Educator Representative (District 51A)
McDonald, Joseph Photographer Representative (District 29A)
Metsa, Jason I Field Coordinator Representative (District 6B)
Miller, Tim Self employed Representative (District 17A)
Moran, Rena L State Representative Representative (District 65A)
Murphy, Erin Registered Nurse Representative (District 64A)
Murphy, Mary Retired Representative (District 3B)
Nash, Jim Business Owner Representative (District 47A)
Nelson, Michael V Retired Carpenter Representative (District 40A)
Newberger, James W Paramedic Representative (District 15B)
Nornes, Larry (Bud) Minnesota House of Representatives Representative (District 8A)
O'Driscoll, Tim Trainer Representative (District 13B)
Olson, Liz Organizer Representative (District 7B)
Omar, Ilhan Director of Policy & Initiatives Representative (District 60B)
O'Neill, Marion Self-employed Representative (District 29B)
Pelowski, Gene P Jr State Representative Representative (District 28A)
Peppin, Joyce Attorney Representative (District 34A)
Petersburg, John Church Administrator Representative (District 24A)
Peterson, Roz Realtor Representative (District 56B)
Pierson, Nels Realtor Representative (District 26B)
Pinto, Dave Attorney Representative (District 64B)
Poppe, Jeanne College Counselor Representative (District 27B)
Poston, John Business Owner Representative (District 9A)
Pryor, Laurie Retired Representative (District 48A)
Pugh, Cindy State Legislator Representative (District 33B)
Quade, Erin Maye Community Representative Representative (District 57A)
Quam, Duane R Engineer/Scientist Representative (District 25A)
Rarick, Jason Electrician Representative (District 11B)
Rosenthal, Paul Currency Trader Representative (District 49B)
Runbeck, Linda Small Business owner Representative (District 38A)
Sandstede, Julie Teacher Representative (District 6A)
Sauke, Duane Retired Representative (District 25B)
Schomacker, Joseph (Joe) Roy Small Business Owner Representative (District 22A)
Schultz, Jennifer Professor Representative (District 7A)
Scott, Peggy S Pre-Market Specialist Representative (District 35B)
Slocum, Linda J Teacher Representative (District 50A)
Smith, Dennis J Attorney Representative (District 34B)
Sundin, Mike Consultant Representative (District 11A)
Swedzinski, Christopher Thomas Farmer, Business Owner Representative (District 16A)
Theis, Tama Office Manager Representative (District 14A)
Thissen, Paul Legislator/Lawyer Representative (District 61B)
Torkelson, Paul Self Employed/Farmer Representative (District 16B)
Uglem, Mark W House of Representatives/Representative 36A Representative (District 36A)
Urdahl, Dean L Legislator Representative (District 18A)
Vogel, Bob Banker Representative (District 20A)
Wagenius, Jean D Legislator Representative (District 63B)
Waggoner, Will Assistant Manager Representative (District 26A)
Ward, JoAnn State Legislator Representative (District 53A)
West, Nolan Committee Legislative Assistant Representative (District 37B)
Whelan, Abigail Legislator Representative (District 35A)
Wills, Anna Christa Legislator Representative (District 57B)
Youakim, Cheryl State Representative Representative (District 46B)
Zerwas, Nick State Legislator Representative (District 30A)
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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