G24 State Capitol
75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
St Paul, MN 55155-1606

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Abeler, Jim Chiropractor Senator (District 35)
Anderson, Bruce D Legislator/State of Minn//Air Force Reserve(Retired) Senator (District 29)
Bakk, Thomas M Retired Senator (District 3)
Benson, Michelle R Senator Senator (District 31)
Bonoff, Terri State Senator Senator (District 44)
Brown, Dave Insurance Sales Senator (District 15)
Carlson, James (Jim) Retired Engineer Senator (District 51)
Chamberlain, Roger Financial Advisor Senator (District 38)
Champion, Bobby Joe Attorney Senator (District 59)
Clausen, Greg Legislator Senator (District 57)
Cohen, Richard J Self Employed Attorney Senator (District 64)
Dahle, Kevin L Teacher Senator (District 20)
Dahms, Gary H retired Senator (District 16)
Dibble, D Scott State Senator Senator (District 61)
Dziedzic, Kari State Senator Senator (District 60)
Eaton, Chris Registered Nurse Senator (District 40)
Eken, Bernhard Kent Teacher/Legislator Senator (District 4)
Fischbach, Michelle L Attorney Senator (District 13)
Franzen, Melisa Attorney Senator (District 49)
Gazelka, Paul Business Owner Senator (District 9)
Goodwin, Barbara Senator Senator (District 41)
Hall, Dan Business Relations Senator (District 56)
Halvorson Wiklund, Melissa State Senator Senator (District 50)
Hann, David W Consultant Senator (District 48)
Hawj, Foung Multimedia Producer Senator (District 67)
Hayden, Jeffrey D Legislators Senator (District 62)
Hoffman, John Marketing Director / Co-Director Senator (District 36)
Housley, Karin Small Business Owner Senator (District 39)
Ingebrigtsen, William G State Senator Senator (District 8)
Jensen, Vicki Insurance Producer Senator (District 24)
Johnson, Alice M Legislator Senator (District 37)
Kent, Susan Minnesota State Senator Senator (District 53)
Kiffmeyer, Mary RN Business owner Senator (District 30)
Koenen, Lyle School Bus Driver/Truck Driver/Legislator Senator (District 17)
Latz, Ronald S Attorney Senator (District 46)
Limmer, Warren Real Estate Sales/Legislator Senator (District 34)
Lourey, Anthony State Senator / Farmer Senator (District 11)
Marty, John J State Senator Senator (District 66)
Metzen, James P Senator Senator (District 52)
Miller, Jeremy CFO Senator (District 28)
Nelson, Carla Jean Small Business Owner Senator (District 26)
Newman, Scott J Retired Attorney/State Senator Senator (District 18)
Nienow, Sean Sales Senator (District 32)
Ortman, Julianne E Attorney Senator (District 47)
Osmek, David Project Manager Senator (District 33)
Pappas, Sandra L Vice President Senator (District 65)
Pederson, John Vice President Senator (District 14)
Pratt, Eric Risk Manager Senator (District 55)
Ray, Patricia Torres Legislator Senator (District 63)
Reinert, Roger J College Teacher Senator (District 7)
Rest, Ann H Legislator Senator (District 45)
Rosen, Julie agronomist Senator (District 23)
Ruud, Carrie Real Estate Broker Senator (District 10)
Saxhaug, Tom Senator Senator (District 5)
Scalze, Beverly Business Owner Senator (District 42)
Schmit, Matt Consultant Senator (District 21)
Senjem, David H Retired Mayo Clinic, State Senator Senator (District 25)
Sheran, Kathleen Property Management Senator (District 19)
Sieben, Katie Legislator Senator (District 54)
Skoe, Rod Farmer Senator (District 2)
Sparks, Daniel Self - employed Senator (District 27)
Stumpf, LeRoy A Farmer Senator (District 1)
Thompson, Dave Attorney Senator (District 58)
Tomassoni, David J Legislator Senator (District 6)
Weber, Bill Real Estate Appraiser, Broker, Manager Senator (District 22)
Westrom, Torrey Independent Businessman Senator (District 12)
Wiger, Charles W Attorney Senator (District 43)
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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