Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis
Minnesota Senate Bldg
95 University Ave W, Ste 3300
St Paul, MN 55155-1800
(651) 296-4791

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Albrecht, Dennis K Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Arneson, Bjorn Legislative Analyst Legislative Analyst
Backhus, Kenneth Attorney Senate Counsel
Bottern, Thomas Attorney Director
Boyd, Krista Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Butler, Ann Marie Attorney Senate Counsel
Cavanor, Katie Attorney Senate Counsel
Doyle Fontaine, Carlon Attorney Senate Counsel
Erickson, Andrew Researcher/Fiscal Analyst Legislative Analyst
James, Stephanie Senate Counsel III Senate Counsel
Knopff, Gregory C Legislative Analyst Legislative Analyst
Larson, Jenna Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Lundeen, Kevin Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Monahan, Liam Legislative Analyst Legislative Analyst
Mueller, Dan Legislative Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Muhm, Casey Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
Nauman, Eric Lead Fiscal Analyst Lead Fiscal Analyst
Paulson, Jack Legislative Analyst Legislative Analyst
Pollock, Nora Senate Counsel Senate Counsel
Pontius, Kathleen E Attorney Senate Counsel
Premo, Priyanka Senate Counsel Senate Counsel
Silvia, Eric Attorney Senate Counsel
Stang, Christopher Attorney Senate Counsel
Stangl, Alexis Senate Counsel Senate Counsel
Stanley, Michael Senate Counsel Senate Counsel
Turner, Chris L Legislative Analyst Legislative Analyst
White, Joan Lawyer Senate Counsel
Willms, Jay Fiscal Analyst Fiscal Analyst
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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