Arts Board
Suite 200
400 Sibley St
St Paul, MN 55101-1928
(651) 215-1600

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Brede, Ardell F Mayor Member-At Large
Burnet, Peggy retired Member (District 3)
Charron, Michael J Administrator/Professor Member (District 1)
Davis, Rebecca Concert Pianist & Teacher Member (District 7)
Dayton, Wendy Retired Member-At-Large (District 3)
Dowse, Sean Arts Administrator Member (District 2)
Gens, Susanne K Executive Director Executive Director
Glenn, David Nonprofit Manager Member (District 6)
McInnis, Ellen SVP Member (District 5)
Moss, Thomas Consultant Member (District 4)
Sivertson, Jan business owner Member-At Large
West, Dobson Retired Member (District 8)
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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