Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS)
60 Empire Dr, Ste 300
St Paul, MN 55103-1855
(651) 284-7888

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Bellfield, Tommy Union Officer Metropolitan Transit Commission Representative
Benner, Mary G retired Public Member
Bergstrom, David K Executive Director Executive Director
Cornish, Gabe State Trooper State Patrol Representative
Frans, Myron Commissioner Appointed State Official Member
Hunt, Judith M Chief Financial Officer Assistant Director
Jorgenson, Chester H Analyst/President of MAPE Elected Member
Leonard, Erin M Assistant Executive Director Assistant Director
Olsen, Sally (R W) Retired Public Member
Ruter, Thomas J Director Elected Member
Schweyen, Michael Civil Engineer Elected Member
Senf, David R Labor Market Analyst Elected Member
Skoglund, Wesley J Retired; Special Needs Ski Instructor (part-time) Retiree Representative
Strunk, Joseph J Corrections Sgt. Correctional Plan Representative
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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