Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Examiners for
Suite 440
2829 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3245
(651) 201-2730

Name of Official(s) Economic Interest Statement Occupation Agency Title/Position
Berg, Josh Health Program Manager Designee, Health Commissioner
Chies, Steven Consultant Proprietary Nursing Home Representative
Davis, Katie Nursing Home Administrator Proprietary Nursing Home Representative
Ehlinger, Edward P Physician/Commissioner Health Commissioner
Held, Robert Division Director Designee, Human Services Commissioner
Johnson Piper, Emily Deputy Commissioner Human Services Commissioner
Johnson, Nathan Long-term Care Administrator Non-Profit Nursing Home Administrator Member
Pederson, Jane C Physician Physician Member
Pfeffer, Jennifer Executive Director Non-Profit Nursing Home Adminstrator Member
Reierson, Marilyn Program Manager Public Member
Snyder, Randy Executive Director Executive Director
Tagtmeyer, Ann Homemaker / Fitness Instructor Public Member
Tripple, Herbert Michael Retired Public Member
Tuders, Nancy Registered Nurse Nurse Member
For information on former officials of this entity, contact the Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board office at (651)539-1184 or 1-800-657-3889.  For TDD/TTY communication, contact us through the Minnesota relay service at 1-800-627-3529.

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