Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:05 pm, May 30, 2016.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Nelson, Gary - RPM05/16/2016Gary Nelson for HouseHouse17AView Report
Hudson, Natalie, E05/09/2016Citizens to Re-Elect Judge Natalie HudsonCourt of Appeals2View Report
Newton, Jerry - DFL05/06/2016Jerry Newton CommitteeHouse37AView Report
Wright, Wilhelmina, M04/28/2016Wright (Wilhelmina) for Justice CommitteeSupreme Court2View Report
Pieper, Jon - DFL04/27/2016Pieper (Jon) for House 28BHouse28BView Report
Weber, Roger, T - RPM04/04/2016Committee for Roger T Weber for HD 6AHouse6AView Report
GawneMark, Devin - RPM03/30/2016Citizens for Devin GawneMarkHouse61AView Report
Hansen, Bill - DFL03/17/2016Hansen (Bill) for House 3AHouse3AView Report
Brown, Robin - DFL03/16/2016Robin Brown for MNHouse27AView Report
Theisen, Mary03/07/2016Judge Mary Theisen Volunteer CommitteeDistrict Court1-31View Report
Lake, Victor - RPM02/29/2016Victor Lake for HouseHouse51AView Report