Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 8:25 am, September 18, 2014.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Sailer, Brita, J - DFL08/27/2014Sailer (Brita) for House 2BHouse2BView Report
Pogemiller, Lawrence, J - DFL08/25/2014(Lawrence) Pogemiller for Senate Vol CommSenate59View Report
Farnsworth, Robert (Rob) - RPM08/12/2014Rob Farnsworth for GovernorGovernorView Report
Wiger, Sue - DFL08/08/2014Sue (Wiger) for MoorheadHouse4AView Report
Entenza, Matt - DFL07/28/2014Minnesotans for Matt (Entenza)GovernorView Report
Griffith, Dan07/28/2014Griffith (Dan) for Judge CommitteeSupreme CourtView Report
Labenz, Kevin - DFL07/23/2014(Kevin) Labenz for MN HouseHouse23AView Report
Nelson, Susan, R - RPM07/23/2014Nelson (Susan) for MNHouse8BView Report
Foreman, Karen, L - DFL07/21/2014Foreman (Karen) for 19BHouse19BView Report
McElfatrick, Carolyn, J - RPM07/21/2014Committee for McElfatrick (Carolyn)House5BView Report
Hakeem, Farheen - GPM07/17/2014Neighbors for Farheen HakeemSenate61View Report
Lucier, Ken - RPM07/15/2014Lucier (Ken) for Legislature CommitteeHouse4AView Report
Beach, Kirstin - RPM07/14/2014Citizens for Kirstin BeachHouse66BView Report
Winkler, Jesse Robert - DFL07/11/2014Volunteers for Jesse WinklerHouse34BView Report
Neitzell, Nathan - RPM07/09/2014Neitzell (Nathan) For HouseHouse27BView Report
Bergstrom, Greta - DFL07/05/2014Greta Bergstrom for 64BHouse64BView Report
Marston, Craig, C - RPM07/02/2014Marston (Craig) Volunteer CommitteeHouse50AView Report
Benson, Mike (Michael), W - RPM06/28/2014Mike Benson for RepresentativeHouse26BView Report
Matasich, Matt - RPM06/23/2014Matt Matasich for Senate 5Senate5View Report