Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:16 pm, April 22, 2014.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Bares, David - RPM04/16/2014David Bares for 58AHouse58AView Report
Koch, Christopher - LPM04/14/2014Christopher Koch for GovernorGovernorView Report
Nettestad, Chester (Chet), F - DFL04/14/2014Volunteers for Chet (Nettestad)House8AView Report
Wilfahrt, Jeff - DFL04/12/2014Wilfahrt (Jeff) for House Election CommitteeHouse57BView Report
Backer, Jeffery, W Jr - RPM04/04/2014Citizens for Jeff Backer JrSenate9View Report
Banaian, King - RPM04/04/2014King Banaian for HouseHouse14BView Report
Fiereck, Ryan - DFL03/31/2014Friends for Fiereck (Ryan)House31AView Report
Nguyen, Dennis - RPM03/31/2014Win With Nguyen (Dennis)Secretary of StateView Report
Wunderlich, Douglas - DFL03/31/2014Wunderlich (Douglas) for MN House 29AHouse29AView Report
Olson, Jon - DFL03/21/2014Jon Olson for House Volunteer CommitteeHouse58AView Report
Franson, Dick - DFL02/24/2014Dick Franson for Secretary of State Vol. Comm.Secretary of StateView Report
Shunkwiler, Thad - RPM02/08/2014Friends of Thad (Shunkwiler) for HouseHouse19BView Report
Pfeilsticker, Linda, K - DFL01/31/2014Committee to Elect Linda PfeilstickerHouse28BView Report