Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, July 24, 2017.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Melin, Carly, C - DFL07/17/2017Carly Melin for RepresentativeHouse6AView Report
Anderson, Mark, T - RPM07/12/2017Mark Anderson for MN Representative CommitteeHouse9AView Report
Bonoff, Terri - DFL07/10/2017Terri Bonoff for State SenateSenate44View Report
Parker, Kevin - DFL07/08/2017Committee to Elect Kevin Parker to House of Rep.House36AView Report
Arnosti, Don - DFL06/28/2017Neighbors for Don ArnostiSenate64View Report
Rutzick, Ryan, L - RPM06/22/2017Ryan Rutzick for RepresentativeHouse44BView Report
Sobieski, David - DFL06/08/2017Committee to Elect David SobieskiHouse2BView Report
Carnahan, Jennifer - RPM06/03/2017Carnahan (Jennifer) for SenateSenate59View Report
Martin, Margaret, E - RPM06/03/2017Margaret (Martin) for MN House 59BHouse59BView Report
Newville, Jessica - RPM06/03/2017Newville (Jessica) for MN HouseHouse59AView Report
Lee, Donald (Don), G - RPM05/31/2017Don Lee for Minnesota HouseHouse52BView Report
Whiting, Jay Christopher - DFL05/03/2017Jay Whiting for MinnesotaHouse55AView Report