Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:01 pm, March 25, 2015.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Beard, Michael, L - RPM03/20/2015(Michael) Beard Volunteer CommitteeHouse55AView Report
Taylor, Frank, L - RPM03/19/2015Frank Taylor For State HouseHouse61AView Report
Severson, Daniel (Dan) - RPM02/13/2015Severson (Dan) for Secretary of StateSecretary of StateView Report
Krage, John (Jack) - DFL02/10/2015Jack Krage for SenateSenate28View Report
Wietzema, Christina, M02/09/2015Citizens for Judge Christina WietzemaDistrict Court5-5View Report
Paulsen, William (Bill), A - RPM02/02/2015Bill Paulsen for SenateSenate25View Report
Scott, Sam - DFL01/26/2015Citizens for Sam ScottHouse35BView Report
Sutphen Sr, Charles (Chuck), W - RPM01/26/2015Chuck 4 House (Chuck Sutphen Sr)House40AView Report
Schwanke, Ben - RPM01/18/2015Committee to Elect Ben SchwankeHouse60BView Report
Abens, Tyler - RPM12/31/2014Families for Tyler AbensHouse33AView Report
Anderson, Diane, D - RPM12/31/2014(Diane) Anderson Volunteer CommitteeHouse51AView Report
Athen, Anthony - RPM12/31/2014Committee to Elect Anthony AthenHouse65BView Report
Atkins, Nate - RPM12/31/2014(Nate Atkins) Honey Badger For HouseHouse61BView Report
Avenel-Navara, Cheryl, A - DFL12/31/2014Friends of Cheryl Avenel-NavaraHouse22BView Report
Baltich, Grace - DFL12/31/2014Grace Baltich Volunteer CommitteeHouse36AView Report
Bayerl, Carla, J - RPM12/31/2014Friends of Carla BayerlHouse7BView Report
Benson, John, H - DFL12/31/2014John Benson Volunteer CommitteeHouse44BView Report
Bjornson, Bryan, P - RPM12/31/2014Bryan P Bjornson for State RepHouse46BView Report
Brandl, Jean, M12/31/2014Brandl (Jean) for JudgeDistrict Court4-61View Report
Brennan, Terry - IPMN12/31/2014Volunteers for Terry BrennanHouse32BView Report
Brink, Kirk - RPM12/31/2014Friends of (Kirk) BrinkHouse63AView Report
Brod, Laura, M - RPM12/31/2014Team Brod (Laura)House25AView Report
Bruno Sr, John, E - DFL12/31/2014John Bruno 4 State HouseHouse39AView Report
Copeland, Greg - RPM12/31/2014Greg Copeland for SenateSenate66View Report
Cunniff, Robert, J - DFL12/31/2014Cunniff (Robert) for State HouseHouse8BView Report
Cunningham, Pam - RPM12/31/2014Friends of Pam CunninghamHouse53AView Report
DeGree, Thomas (Tom) - DFL12/31/2014DeGree (Thomas) for HouseHouse39BView Report
Dorsher, Joanne - DFL12/31/2014Joanne Dorsher for House RepresentativeHouse14AView Report
Duysen, Cheryl, R12/31/2014Cheryl Duysen for JudgeDistrict Court7-27View Report
Entenza, Matt - DFL12/31/2014Matt Entenza for AuditorState AuditorView Report
Finken, John, C - DFL12/31/2014Finken Do It! (John Finken) CommitteeHouse6AView Report
Fraser, Beth - DFL12/31/2014Beth (Fraser) for HouseHouse64BView Report
Frey, Bob - RPM12/31/2014Bob Frey MNHouse47AView Report
Fricke, Joseph - DFL12/31/2014Fricke (Joseph) for Senate CommitteeSenate28View Report
Gerlach, Chris - RPM12/31/2014(Chris) Gerlach for SenateSenate37View Report
Gimse, Joseph - RPM12/31/2014Gimse (Joe) for SenateSenate17View Report
Gottwalt, Steve - RPM12/31/2014Gottwalt (Steve) for State RepresentativeHouse14AView Report
Hakeem, Farheen - GPM12/31/2014Neighbors United for Farheen HakeemHouse61BView Report
Hall, Becky - RPM12/31/2014Becky Hall Volunteer CommitteeHouse7AView Report
Heidgerken, Bernard (Bud), A - RPM12/31/2014Heidgerken (Bud) for House 13AHouse12BView Report
Hennesy, Sarah, E12/31/2014Citizens for Judge Sarah HennesyDistrict Court7-15View Report
Holbrook, Chris - LPM12/31/2014Chris Holbrook for GovernorGovernorView Report
Howes, Larry - RPM12/31/2014Howes (Larry) Volunteer CommitteeHouse5AView Report
Iversen, Sigrid - DFL12/31/2014Neighbors for Sigrid IversenHouse36BView Report
Johnson, Duane, E - RPM12/31/2014Duane Johnson Volunteer CommitteeSenate43View Report
Johnson, Julie, K - RPM12/31/2014Johnson (Julie) Volunteer CommitteeHouse54BView Report
Karschnia, Richard (Rick), A - RPM12/31/2014Richard Karschnia for SenateSenate65View Report
King, April, E - RPM12/31/2014Citizens for (April) King CommitteeSenate42View Report
Klatte, Richard, A - RPM12/31/2014Richard A Klatte for Governor Exploratory CommitteeGovernorView Report
Krenz, Diane, M12/31/2014Krenz (Diane) for JudgeDistrict Court4-22View Report
Krug, Linda, T - DFL12/31/2014Krugfor7A Committee (Linda Krug)House7AView Report
Kruse, Allen (Al) - DFL12/31/2014Al Kruse Campaign CommitteeHouse16AView Report
Livingston, Andrew, M - RPM12/31/2014Livingston (Andrew) for MN HouseHouse67AView Report
McFarlane, Carol, J - RPM12/31/2014(Carol) McFarlane Volunteer CommitteeHouse53BView Report
McGuire, Mary Jo - DFL12/31/2014Volunteers for McGuire (Mary Jo)Senate66View Report
Michel, Geoffrey - RPM12/31/2014(Geoffrey) Michel for SenateSenate41View Report
Millsop, Brent - RPM12/31/2014Committee to Elect Brent MillsopHouse60AView Report
Munger, John - DFL12/31/2014Friends of John Munger Campaign CommitteeHouse58AView Report
Niles, Don - DFL12/31/2014Niles (Don) for House 9AHouse9AView Report
Norton, Glen, A12/31/2014Glen Norton For District JudgeDistrict Court4-43View Report
Ohly, Judy - DFL12/31/2014Ohly (Judy) Campaign FundSenate25View Report
Olseen, Rick - DFL12/31/2014Rick Olseen for HouseHouse32BView Report
Osbakken, Kristine - GPM12/31/2014Committee to Elect Kristine OsbakkenHouse7AView Report
Osburn, Richard Dwane12/31/2014Committee to Elect Richard Osburn to the 7th District CourtDistrict Court7-11View Report
Patel-Zellinger, Sanu - RPM12/31/2014Sanu (Patel-Zellinger) for State RepresentativeHouse40BView Report
Pauley, Jeffrey (Jeff), L - RPM12/31/2014Jeff Pauley Volunteer Campaign CommitteeHouse45AView Report
Pickering, Keith - DFL12/31/2014Pickering (Keith) Campaign CommitteeHouse47AView Report
Price, Thomas Keith - IPMN12/31/2014Thomas Keith Price for House of Representatives 27AHouse27AView Report
Quinn, John, T - RPM12/31/2014Quinn4House (John)House67BView Report
Ritts, Chris12/31/2014Committee to Elect Chris RittsDistrict Court4-53View Report
Rosenfield Sr, Richard (Rick), R - DFL12/31/2014Committee to Elect Rick RosenfieldHouse12BView Report
Shimanski, Ron - RPM12/31/2014(Ron) Shimanski Volunteer CommitteeHouse18AView Report
Simon, Steve - DFL12/31/2014Citizens for (Steve) SimonHouse46BView Report
Spence, Mick - DFL12/31/2014Supporters for (Mick) SpenceHouse41BView Report
Steele, Adam - Other12/31/2014Adam Steele for Governor CommitteeGovernorView Report
Steele, Adam - RPM12/31/2014The (Adam) Steele CommitteeHouse4AView Report
Sterner, Phillip, M - DFL12/31/2014Sterner (Phillip) for House Election CommitteeHouse37BView Report
Sullivan, Michael, J - RPM12/31/2014(Michael) Sullivan for 61B HouseHouse61BView Report
Tollefson, Jon - DFL12/31/2014Tollefson (Jon) for HouseHouse44BView Report
Trocke, Peter, J - RPM12/31/2014Trocke (Peter) For SenateSenate23View Report
Vogel, Bruce - RPM12/31/2014Friends of Bruce VogelHouse17BView Report
Weaver, Martha - RPM12/31/2014Martha Weaver Volunteer CommitteeSenate35View Report
Welle, Adrian - DFL12/31/2014Adrian Welle Campaign CommitteeHouse9BView Report
Wiener, Ben - RPM12/31/2014Ben (Wiener) for MN HouseHouse11BView Report
Zaiger, Gloria - DFL12/31/2014Zaiger (Gloria) for HouseHouse64BView Report