Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:02 pm, February 10, 2016.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Howe-Pullis, Joan - DFL12/31/2016Committee to Elect Joan Howe-PullisHouse48BView Report
Sunderland, Bradley, A - RPM01/27/2016Sunderland (Bradley) for SenateSenate35View Report
LaFleur, Julie, L01/17/2016Julie (LaFleur) for JudgeDistrict Court10-1View Report
Anderson, Brandon, D - RPM12/31/2015Brandon D Anderson for SD 6Senate6View Report
Benson, Beverly J (Bev)12/31/2015Bev Benson For JudgeDistrict Court4-53View Report
Benz, Mandy - RPM12/31/2015Friends for (Mandy) BenzHouse37AView Report
Brobston, Andrew, D - DFL12/31/2015Andrew Brobston for SenateSenate58View Report
Buggs, Lena - GPM12/31/2015Committee to Elect Lena BuggsHouse65AView Report
Cahill, Steven, J12/31/2015Committee to Re-elect Judge CahillDistrict Court7-27View Report
Culp, Elliot - DFL12/31/2015Elliot Culp for State SenateSenate26View Report
Dean, Patrick (Pat), E - IPMN12/31/2015Pat Dean for State AuditorState AuditorView Report
Faust, Timothy, D - DFL12/31/2015Tim Faust for MN HouseHouse11BView Report
Folken, Bruce - DFL12/31/2015Folken (Bruce) for House 2014House57AView Report
Hafvenstein, Timothy, S - RPM12/31/2015Hafvenstein (Timothy) for HouseHouse11AView Report
Hennelly, Cathy, O - RPM12/31/2015Cathy Hennelly for MN HouseHouse67AView Report
Hiatt, Christopher, W - RPM12/31/2015Hiatt (Christopher) for HouseHouse59AView Report
Holberg, Mary Liz - RPM12/31/2015Elect (Mary) Holberg CommitteeHouse58AView Report
Holmquist, JD - DFL12/31/2015Holmquist (JD) for MN HouseHouse31BView Report
Honour, Scott - RPM12/31/2015Honour for Governor (Scott Honour)GovernorView Report
Lipke, John - DFL12/31/2015John Lipke For Minnesota House 18BHouse18BView Report
Logering, Nancy, J12/31/2015Judge Nancy Logering Campaign CommitteeDistrict Court10-14View Report
MacHardy, Scott - RPM12/31/2015Scott MacHardy for House Campaign CommitteeHouse14AView Report
McKendry, Laurie - DFL12/31/2015McKendry (Laurie) for Minnesota SenateSenate48View Report
Meschke, Anthony - RPM12/31/2015Anthony (Meschke) for MNHouse65AView Report
Metzger, Ann Marie - DFL12/31/2015Metzger (Ann Marie) for MinnesotaHouse53BView Report
Miles, Susan, R12/31/2015Committee to Keep Judge MilesDistrict Court10-1View Report
Montplaisir, Bruce, L - DFL12/31/2015Montplaisir (Bruce) for HouseHouse21BView Report
Moore, James, A12/31/2015Citizens for Judge James MooreDistrict Court4-16View Report
Murray, Rich - RPM12/31/2015Murray (Rich) for House 27AHouse27AView Report
Newman, Scott - RPM12/31/2015Newman (Scott) for Attorney GeneralAttorney GeneralView Report
Paymar, Michael - DFL12/31/2015Paymar (Michael) Volunteer CommitteeHouse64BView Report
Schneider, Mark - DFL12/31/2015Friends of Mark Schneider House 21BHouse21BView Report
Warfa, Sadik - DFL12/31/2015Sadik Warfa for State SenateSenate61View Report
Warfa, Sadik - IPMN12/31/2015Sadik Warfa State Rep Dis 61AHouse61AView Report
Westberg, Chad - RPM12/31/2015Friends of Chad WestbergHouse30AView Report
Wright, Richard (Rich) - DFL12/31/2015Rich Wright for MinnesotaHouse26BView Report
Wright, Wilhelmina, M12/31/2015Committee to Re-elect Judge WrightCourt of Appeals4View Report
McCarvel, Michael - DFL12/10/2015Mike McCarvel Volunteer CommitteeHouse22AView Report
Knox, Sally - DFL12/03/2015Sally (Knox) for SenateSenate15View Report
Johnson, Eric - DFL11/12/2015Committee to Elect Eric Johnson MN House 3AHouse3AView Report
Lindgren, Doug - RPM11/12/2015Lindgren (Doug) Volunteer CommitteeHouse2BView Report