Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:01 pm, August 31, 2015.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Franzen, Eric, B - RPM08/25/2015Friends for Eric FranzenHouse60AView Report
Gunness, Jeffrey, J - RPM08/25/2015(Jeffrey) Gunness for HouseHouse62BView Report
Adriaens, Samuel, J - RPM08/20/2015Sam (Adriaens) for SenateSenate60View Report
Warner, Laurie, J - DFL08/20/2015Laurie Warner for House 32BHouse32BView Report
Dauer, Brian - DFL08/16/2015Friends of Brian DauerHouse13BView Report
Cermak, Grant, J - RPM08/14/2015Cermak (Grant) for ChangeHouse59AView Report
Kaehler, Filomena (Mena) - RPM08/14/2015Mena (Kaehler) for MinnesotaHouse28BView Report
Dominguez, Augustine, W - DFL08/13/2015Friends of Dominguez (Augustine) CommitteeHouse58BView Report
Brunson, Yoman - RPM08/11/2015(Yoman) Brunson for State RepresentativeHouse58BView Report
Anderson, Patricia - RPM08/10/2015Patricia Anderson for State AuditorState AuditorView Report
Berquam, Jennifer - RPM08/10/2015(Jennifer) Berquam Volunteer CommitteeHouse28BView Report
Kehr, Allan - RPM08/10/2015Allan Kehr Campaign CommitteeHouse7BView Report
Longrie, Diana - DFL08/10/2015Committee to Elect LongrieHouse55AView Report
Swanson, Donna - DFL08/10/2015Swanson (Donna) For St PaulHouse64AView Report
Branstad, John - DFL08/06/2015Volunteers for (John) BranstadHouse19BView Report
Sawatzke, Pat - RPM08/04/2015Pat Sawatzke Volunteer CommitteeSenate19View Report
Paulsen, Erik - RPM08/03/2015Paulsen (Erik) Volunteer CommitteeHouse42BView Report
Hatch, Michael, A - DFL07/14/2015(Michael) Hatch Volunteer CommitteeGovernorView Report
Brynaert, Kathy - DFL07/13/2015Brynaert (Kathy) for State RepresentativeHouse19BView Report
Colon, Yolandita - IPMN07/10/2015Colon (Yolandita) for House CommitteeHouse62AView Report
Charron, Michael - RPM07/01/2015Citizens for (Michael) CharronHouse28AView Report
Statema, Fred - RPM06/30/2015Statema for MN House District 59AHouse59AView Report
Fobbe, Lisa, A - DFL06/26/2015(Lisa) Fobbe for Senate 16Senate16View Report
Bartz, Greg - RPM06/22/2015Greg Bartz Campaign CommitteeHouse21BView Report
Doty, Al - DFL06/19/2015Al Doty for HouseHouse9BView Report
Obermueller, Michael - DFL06/08/2015(Michael) Obermueller for MinnesotansHouse38BView Report
Phillips, Jeff - RPM06/06/2015Committee to Elect Jeff PhillipsHouse41AView Report