Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, January 19, 2017.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Guth, Timothy12/31/2016Tim Guth For Houston County JudgeDistrict Court3-16View Report
Hinrichs, Russ - DFL12/31/2016Russ Hinrichs for SenateSenate12View Report
Jass, Carolyn - RPM12/31/2016Carolyn Jass for SenateSenate66View Report
Kruse, Allen (Al) - DFL12/31/2016Kruse (Allen) for HouseHouse16AView Report
Kruse, Kirby, G - DFL12/31/2016Vote Kirby Kruse CommitteeHouse22BView Report
Lenczewski, Ann - DFL12/31/2016Lenczewski (Ann) Volunteer CommitteeHouse50BView Report
Livingston, Andrew - RPM12/31/2016Livingston (Andrew) for MN HouseHouse67AView Report
McMahon, Melanie - DFL12/31/2016Neighbors for McMahon (Melanie)House64BView Report
McNamar, Jay - DFL12/31/2016McNamar (Jay) for HouseHouse12AView Report
Miltich, Jim - DFL12/31/2016Miltich (Jim) for Dist 8aHouse8AView Report
Nelson, Tracy - RPM12/31/2016Friends of Nelson (Tracy) for House LLCHouse42BView Report
Schumacher, Brad - RPM12/31/2016Schumacher Volunteer CommitteeSenate15View Report
Sieben, Katie - DFL12/31/2016Katie Sieben Volunteer CommitteeSenate54View Report
Stauber, Larry Jr12/29/2016Committee to Elect Judge Larry StauberCourt of Appeals14View Report
Super, Martin, J - LMP12/19/2016Super 60 (Martin Super)Senate60View Report
Hill, Robert (Bob), A - DFL12/15/2016Bob Hill Election CommitteeHouse43AView Report
Hansen, Phil - RPM12/14/2016Phil Hansen for SenateSenate4View Report
Stender, Timothy Nevin - DFL12/13/2016Stender (Timothy) for 39AHouse39AView Report
Marcotte, Anne, M - DFL12/08/2016Anne M Marcotte CampaignSenate10View Report
Whitethorn, Justice - RPM12/02/2016Whitethorn (Justice) for HouseHouse43BView Report
Leiman, James - RPM11/23/2016Campaign Committee of James LeimanSenate4View Report
Kulberg, Gregg - RPM11/21/2016Citizens for Gregg KulbergSenate17View Report
Askar, Abdimalik Mohamed - RPM11/09/2016Askar Campaign (Abdimalik M Askar)House60BView Report
Laine, Carolyn, D - DFL10/26/2016Laine (Carolyn) for State RepresentativeHouse41BView Report
Erickson, Roger, A - DFL10/24/2016Roger Erickson Campaign CommitteeHouse2AView Report
Kelley, Christopher, P - RPM10/20/2016Kelley (Christopher) for MN SenateSenate51View Report