Recent Candidate Terminations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, March 26, 2017.
Newest Terminations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Termination Date Committee Name Office Sought District Campaign Report
Farnsworth, Robert (Rob) - RPM03/23/2017Rob Farnsworth for District 6AHouse6AView Report
Aplikowski, Andy - RPM03/15/2017Andy (Aplikowski) for MinnesotaSenate35View Report
Best, Adam - DFL03/15/2017Best (Adam) for MinnesotaHouse38BView Report
Perovich, Peter - DFL03/14/2017Peter (Perovich) for HouseHouse35AView Report
Wagner, Erin - DFL03/06/2017Wagner (Erin) for MinnesotaHouse10BView Report
Flaherty, James (Jim), F - RPM02/03/2017Jim Flaherty For 20BHouse20BView Report
Abrahamson, Brian - DFL12/31/2016Brian Abrahamson for SenateSenate22View Report
Aho, Beverly, J12/31/2016Beverly Aho for Judge 2014District Court4-61View Report
Atkins, Joe - DFL12/31/2016Atkins (Joe) for State RepresentativeHouse52BView Report
Bacon, Pat - DFL12/31/2016Bacon (Pat) for MN HouseHouse23AView Report
Barringer, Cody - RPM12/31/2016Cody Barringer for RepresentativeHouse7BView Report
Beard, Samuel (Sam) - DFL12/31/2016Sam BeardHouse35BView Report
Becker, Christopher - DFL12/31/2016Chris Becker Election CommitteeHouse52BView Report
Bernardy, Connie - DFL12/31/2016Connie Bernardy Volunteer TeamSenate41View Report
Bragg, Kyle - RPM12/31/2016Kyle Bragg for HouseHouse63AView Report
Brenden, Craig, A - DFL12/31/2016Brenden (Craig) for Representative CommitteeHouse24AView Report
Brown, David (Dave), M - RPM12/31/2016Dave Brown for SenateSenate15View Report
Bye, Dan, L - DFL12/31/2016Committee to Elect Dan Bye for 9AHouse9AView Report
Claflin, Warren - DFL12/31/2016Neighbors for ClaflinHouse54AView Report
Dawson, Monica - DFL12/31/2016Monica Dawson 4 SenateSenate33View Report
Eichorn, Justin - RPM12/31/2016Eichorn (Justin) for MN House Campaign CommitteeHouse5BView Report
Freundschuh, Michael (Mike), J - RPM12/31/2016Freundschuh (Michael) for SenateSenate58View Report
Gammel, Paul - DFL12/31/2016Friends of Paul GammelHouse32AView Report
Gardner, Sharla - DFL12/31/2016Sharla Gardner for State SenateSenate7View Report
Griffin, Michael - DFL12/31/2016Grassroots for Griffin (Michael)House59BView Report
Guth, Timothy12/31/2016Tim Guth For Houston County JudgeDistrict Court3-16View Report
Hakanson, Sten - DFL12/31/2016Sten Hakanson For HouseHouse52BView Report
Hancock, David - RPM12/31/2016Citizens for Dave HancockHouse2AView Report
Hanson, Christopher (Chris) - DFL12/31/2016Chris Hanson for 20AHouse20AView Report
Havlick, Jennifer, L - RPM12/31/2016Havlick (Jennifer) for SenateSenate3View Report
Heinks, Tom - RPM12/31/2016Tom Heinks for State HouseHouse15AView Report
Helland, Robert (Bob) - IPMN12/31/2016Bob Helland for MN Secretary of StateSecretary of StateView Report
Hendrikson, Kay, C - DFL12/31/2016Hendrikson (Kay) for HouseHouse53BView Report
Hinrichs, Russ - DFL12/31/2016Russ Hinrichs for SenateSenate12View Report
Horan, Riley - RPM12/31/2016Riley Horan for State RepresentativeHouse64AView Report
Huffman, Alexander Charles - RPM12/31/2016Huffman (Alexander) for SenateSenate35View Report
Jass, Carolyn - RPM12/31/2016Carolyn Jass for SenateSenate66View Report
Kafut-Hagen, Cynthia - IPMN12/31/2016Cynthia (Kafut-Hagen) for 5bHouse5BView Report
Keenan, Tyler, D - RPM12/31/2016Keenan (Tyler) for HouseHouse49BView Report
Kimball, Harold (Hal) - DFL12/31/2016Hal Kimball for State SenateSenate18View Report
Koenen, Lyle, J - DFL12/31/2016(Lyle) Koenen Volunteer CommitteeHouse20BView Report
Kruse, Allen (Al) - DFL12/31/2016Kruse (Allen) for HouseHouse16AView Report
Kruse, Kirby, G - DFL12/31/2016Vote Kirby Kruse CommitteeHouse22BView Report
Kuster, Byron, E - DFL12/31/2016Byron Kuster for MN HouseHouse11AView Report
Larson, Scott - Other12/31/2016Larson (Scott) 4 MN Senate 64Senate64View Report
Lenczewski, Ann - DFL12/31/2016Lenczewski (Ann) Volunteer CommitteeHouse50BView Report
Livingston, Andrew - RPM12/31/2016Livingston (Andrew) for MN HouseHouse67AView Report
Lundblad, Larry, A - RPM12/31/2016Larry Lundblad Volunteer CommitteeHouse9AView Report
Lynch, Ann - DFL12/31/2016(Ann) Lynch for SenateSenate30View Report
McLeod, David, F12/31/2016David McLeod for Judge Election CommitteeDistrict Court3-17View Report
McMahon, Melanie - DFL12/31/2016Neighbors for McMahon (Melanie)House64BView Report
McNamar, Jay - DFL12/31/2016McNamar (Jay) for HouseHouse12AView Report
Miltich, Jim - DFL12/31/2016Miltich (Jim) for Dist 8aHouse8AView Report
Misukanis, Mark - RPM12/31/2016Mark Misukanis for SenateSenate52View Report
Nelson, Tracy - RPM12/31/2016Friends of Nelson (Tracy) for House LLCHouse42BView Report
Newcomer, Kristine - RPM12/31/2016KrisNewcomer for MN HouseHouse48AView Report
Norman, Dustin, R - DFL12/31/2016Friends of Dustin R NormanHouse49AView Report
Pariseau, Gregory (Greg), M - DFL12/31/2016Pariseau (Greg) for State HouseHouse38BView Report
Pfliger, Jesse - RPM12/31/2016Think Government Differently (Jesse Pfliger)Senate45View Report
Povolny, Steven Thomas - RPM12/31/2016Steve Povolny for SenateSenate52View Report
Reardon, Tim - DFL12/31/2016Friends of Tim (Reardon) for MN HouseHouse46AView Report
Reed, Chris - RPM12/31/2016Committee to Elect Chris ReedHouse5BView Report
Reyes, Peter, M Jr12/31/2016Citizens for Judge Reyes (Peter)Court of Appeals16View Report
Richards, Jim - DFL12/31/2016Jim Richards for HouseHouse40BView Report
Robling, Claire - RPM12/31/2016Citizens for Claire RoblingSenate35View Report
Rolstad, Valerie - DFL12/31/2016Valerierolstad4houseHouse41AView Report
Rosenblatt, Brian - RPM12/31/2016Rosenblatt (Brian) for 61AHouse61AView Report
Rutzick, Ryan, L - RPM12/31/2016Ryan Rutzick for RepresentativeHouse44BView Report
Sanders, Timothy (Tim), A - RPM12/31/2016Tim Sanders Volunteer CommitteeHouse37BView Report
Schiroo, Steve - DFL12/31/2016Steven Schiroo for MN House 18AHouse18AView Report
Schiroo, Steven - DFL12/31/2016Steven Schiroo Campaign Committee (Senate)Senate18View Report
Schumacher, Brad - RPM12/31/2016Schumacher Volunteer CommitteeSenate15View Report
Sieben, Katie - DFL12/31/2016Katie Sieben Volunteer CommitteeSenate54View Report
Slaten, Donald (Don) - DFL12/31/2016Committee to Elect Don SlatenHouse54BView Report
Slavik, Kelly - RPM12/31/2016Kelli Slavik for Senate CommitteeSenate44View Report
Stensrud, Kirk, D - RPM12/31/2016Friends For Kirk StensrudHouse48AView Report
Stumpf, LeRoy - DFL12/31/2016Senator (LeRoy) Stumpf Reelection CommitteeSenate1View Report
Sullivan, Bridget Ann12/31/2016Bridget Sullivan for JudgeDistrict Court4-43View Report
Turner, Rashad Anthony - DFL12/31/2016Campaign to Elect Rashad TurnerHouse65AView Report
Walters, Terrence, M12/31/2016Citizens for Judge Terrence WaltersDistrict Court3-17View Report
Ward, John - DFL12/31/2016Committee to Elect John WardHouse10AView Report
Wells, Natasha (Tasha), M - RPM12/31/2016Friends of Tasha WellsHouse57AView Report
Wermerskirchen, Brian - RPM12/31/2016Brian Wermerskirchen for Minnesota HouseHouse20BView Report
Wolf, Pam, A - RPM12/31/2016Pam Wolf for SenateSenate37View Report
Zellers, Kurt - RPM12/31/2016Volunteers for Zellers (Kurt)House34BView Report
Zick, Robert (Bob), S - RPM12/31/2016Volunteers for Bob Zick House Dist 43BHouse43BView Report
Stauber, Larry Jr12/29/2016Committee to Elect Judge Larry StauberCourt of Appeals14View Report