Principal Campaign Committee Registration Information
Candidate Information
Candidate Name: Nancy A Taffe Registration Number: 17666
Address: 111 Montana Ave
Registration Date: 11/21/2013
Morris, MN 56267 Office: House District 12A
Telephone: (320)288-6779 Party: RPM
Email: Web Address:
Public Subsidy: No Aff.of Contribution: No
Committee Information
Committee Name: Taffe (Nancy) for House Chair: Corey Poppe
Address: 111 Montana Ave
Morris, MN 56267
Address: 302 South St
Morris, MN 56267
Daytime Phone: (320)288-6779 Daytime Phone: (320)260-6733

Treasurer Name: Tera Kleespie Dpty Treas(if any):
Address: 10 E 1st St
Morris, MN 56267
Daytime Phone: (320)589-9964 Daytime Phone:
Email: Email:
Depository(ies) Information: Bank of the West
214 Atlantic Ave
Morris, MN 56267