Principal Campaign Committee Registration Information
Candidate Information
Candidate Name: Larry Stauber Jr Registration Number: 17252
Address: 6035 South Pike Lake Rd
Registration Date: 8/4/2010
Duluth, MN 55811 Office: Court of Appeals District 14
Telephone: (218)349-7012 Party: N/A
Email: Web Address:
Public Subsidy: No Aff.of Contribution: No
Committee Information
Committee Name: Committee to Elect Judge Larry Stauber Chair: Michael W Lien
Address: 3701 S 48th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Address: 1011 E Central Entrance
Duluth, MN 55811
Daytime Phone: (612)499-9012 Daytime Phone: (218)727-1444
    Email: No Email

Treasurer Name: Larry Stauber Jr Dpty Treas(if any):
Address: 305 MN Judicial Center
25 Rev Dr Martin Luther K
St Paul, MN 55155
Daytime Phone: (651)297-5454 Daytime Phone:
Email: Email:
Depository(ies) Information: US Bank
101 E 5th St
St Paul, MN 55101