Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 10:57 am, September 17, 2014.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Giancola, Mark Gabriel08/14/2014Mark Giancola For Hennepin Judge17842District Court4-43NA (763)421-1441
Wietzema, Christina, M08/04/2014Citizens for Judge Christina Wietzema17841District Court5-5NA (507)847-4200
Beard, Samuel (Sam) - DFL07/31/2014Sam Beard17840House35B  (763)923-9483
Cahill, Steven, J07/28/2014Committee to Re-elect Judge Cahill17838District Court7-27NA (612)272-5312
Moore, James, A07/23/2014Citizens for Judge James Moore17837District Court4-16NA (612)735-6117
Brandl, Jean, M07/23/2014Brandl (Jean) for Judge17836District Court4-61NA (612)605-4573
Kohler, Kenneth (Ken), J07/22/2014Ken Kohler for Judge Committee17835District Court7-27NA (701)238-4583
Bjornson, Bryan, P - RPM07/21/2014Bryan P Bjornson for State Rep17839House46BYes (952)992-0219
Ritts, Chris07/21/2014Committee to Elect Chris Ritts17833District Court4-53NA (651)785-4200
LaDuke, Jared - RPM07/21/2014Jared LaDuke MN House 4B Committee17834House4BYes (218)841-8351
Manthey, Timothy, O - RPM07/15/2014Timothy O Manthey for House17831House46AYes (952)285-2919
Surman, Daniel - RPM07/15/2014Volunteers for Surman (Daniel)17832House64BYes (952)393-1223
Schneider, Mark - DFL07/11/2014Friends of Mark Schneider House 21B17830House21BYes (507)534-3475
Hafvenstein, Timothy, S - RPM07/11/2014Hafvenstein (Timothy) for House17829House11AYes (218)878-4868
Steele, Adam - Other07/10/2014Adam Steele for Governor Committee17828GovernorYes (218)759-1162
LaFleur, Julie, L07/08/2014Julie (LaFleur) for Judge17827District Court10-1NA (651)247-9595
Paulson, Elizabeth (Lizz) - RPM07/03/2014Friends 4 Lizz Paulson17826House66BYes (612)285-4429
Dawson, Amy07/02/2014Committee to Elect Amy Dawson17825District Court4-61NA
Norton, Glen, A07/02/2014Glen Norton For District Judge17824District Court4-43NA (763)478-8781
Slyter, Diana - DFL07/01/2014Friends of Diana Slyter17823House22AYes (507)350-0863
Schiroo, Steve - DFL06/30/2014Steven Schiroo for MN House 18A17822House18AYes (320)583-8291
Hagerty, Brian, C06/30/2014Brian Hagerty for Judge17821District Court4-43NA (952)941-9253
Brown, Andrew - RPM06/30/2014Friends of Andrew Brown17820House64AYes (651)233-6904
Schoen, Lynn - DFL06/26/2014Schoen (Lynn) for House17819House21AYes (651)565-2793
Hutchison, Jason06/26/2014Hutchison (Jason) for Judge Committee17818District Court4-43NA (612)269-3924
Duysen, Cheryl, R06/23/2014Cheryl Duysen for Judge17817District Court7-27NA (507)318-9925
Wright, Richard (Rich) - DFL06/23/2014Rich Wright for Minnesota17816House26BYes (507)696-7704
Cashman, Beverly, J - DFL06/20/2014Cashman (Beverly) for Representative17815House24AYes (507)456-6889
Bicott, Zavier - RPM06/19/2014Friends of Zavier Bicott17814House50BYes (757)773-3331
Fremling, Wade, K - RPM06/19/2014Committee to Elect Wade Fremling House 3B17813House3BYes (218)393-4761
Miltich, Jim - DFL06/19/2014Miltich for Dist 8a17812House8AYes (612)750-8864
Aho, Beverly, J06/19/2014Beverly Aho for Judge 201417811District Court4-61NA (612)308-1997
Newman, Scott - RPM06/19/2014Newman (Scott) for Attorney General17810Attorney GeneralYes (320)587-2255
Matasich, Matt - RPM06/19/2014Matasich (Matt) for House17809House6BYes (218)929-0916
Bayerl, Carla, J - RPM06/19/2014Friends of Carla Bayerl17808House7BYes (218)621-0538
Lofgren, Thomas - DFL06/17/2014Lofgren (Thomas) for MN 20A17805House20AYes (612)919-9448
Cragg, Daniel06/17/2014Daniel Cragg for Dist Ct Judge Elec. Cmte17804District Court4-43NA (651)287-5854