Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, September 22, 2017.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Knese, Lucas - RPM09/19/2017Lucas (Knese) for 15B18176House15BYes (320)267-0628
Laughinghouse, Timothy, P - DFL09/14/2017Tim Laughinghouse for State Legislature 61B18175House61BYes (612)280-6474
Barry, Cheryl - DFL09/11/2017Cheryl Barry for MN House18174House49A  (773)405-1929
Jackson, Carolyn, C - DFL09/11/2017Jackson (Carolyn) for Edina18173House49A  (952)237-6500
Johnson, Lance, J - RPM09/11/2017LanceJohnson4Governor201818172Governor  (651)770-8505
Mekeland, Shane - RPM08/31/2017Shane Mekeland for MN House Representative18171House15BYes (763)234-0727
Isenor, Jonathan Richard - DFL08/29/2017Campaign for Jonathan Isenor for House18170House21BYes (507)774-9138
Chutich, Margaret08/25/2017Citizens for Justice Chutich (Margaret)18169Supreme CourtNA (612)284-4529
Wolgamott, Dan - DFL08/23/2017Neighbors for Dan (Wolgamott)18168House14BYes (320)469-4136
Osmek, David - RPM08/22/2017David Osmek for Governor18167GovernorYes (763)232-3106
Snyder, David, M - DFL08/21/2017Committee to Elect David Snyder18166House47A  (952)495-4399
Long, James (Jamie) - DFL08/15/2017Neighbors for Jamie Long18165House61BYes (612)987-8018
Wittorf, Meggie - DFL08/10/2017Minnesotans for Meggie Wittorf18164House61BYes (612)802-3769
Balaski, Donavon - DFL08/10/2017Balaski (Donavon) for House18163House35AYes (612)816-5457
Read, Jim - DFL08/09/2017Jim Read for State Representative18162House13AYes (320)492-7338
Williams, Maggie - DFL08/09/2017Committee to Elect Maggie Williams18161House58A  (952)220-9847
Johnson, Burt - DFL08/01/2017Burt Johnson for Minnesota House18160House42AYes (651)528-8987
Petricka, Danny - RPM07/28/2017Danny (Petricka) for House Committee18159House20BYes (507)645-9243
Downey, Keith - RPM07/24/2017Downey (Keith) for Governor Committee18158GovernorYes (763)242-5144
Moller, Kelly - DFL07/19/2017Volunteers for Kelly Moller18157House42AYes (612)205-2709
Klassen, Heather Leigh - DFL07/05/2017Committee to Elect Heather Klassen for MN18156House23AYes (507)236-4674
Abrahamson, Brian - DFL07/03/2017Brian Abrahamson for Minnesota18155House22AYes (605)940-5451
Hilstrom, Debra - DFL06/30/2017Debra Hilstrom for Attorney General18154Attorney GeneralYes
Kimmel, Marinda - DFL06/29/2017Marinda Kimmel for House18153House16BYes (507)995-9994
Fontenello, Jordan - DFL06/28/2017Fontenello (Jordan) for House18152House28BYes (507)606-5865
O'Loughlin, Paula, L - DFL06/23/2017Paula (O'Loughlin) for Minnesota18151House39BYes (612)867-2610
Tollefson, Jon - DFL06/22/2017Jon Tollefson for Auditor18149State AuditorYes 612-281-4555