Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:01 pm, August 3, 2015.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Jensen, Scott Mitchell - RPM08/03/2015Scott Jensen for Senate17865Senate47  (952)484-2635
Peterson, David - DFL07/31/2015Dave Peterson for 32B17864House32BYes (651)214-6642
Walbruch, Linda - DFL06/26/2015Wally 4 rep (Linda Walbruch)17863House25AYes (507)993-2880
Reardon, Tim - DFL06/09/2015Friends of Tim (Reardon) for MN House17862House46A  (612)387-3965
Scapanski, Karla - DFL06/01/2015friends for Karla (Scapanski)17861House15BYes (320)237-1068
Wolgamott, Daniel - DFL06/01/2015Dan (Wolgamott) for Senate17860Senate14Yes (320)828-2632
Trehus, Thomas - DFL05/26/2015Committee to Elect Thomas Trehus17859House28BYes (507)498-3533
Flanagan, Peggy - DFL05/22/2015Neighbors for Peggy Flanagan17858House46A  (612)735-1890
Pfliger, Jesse - RPM05/22/2015Think Government Differently (Jesse Pfliger)17857Senate45  (612)229-7320
Davern, Patrick - DFL05/21/2015Davern (Patrick) Volunteer Committee Senate17856Senate38Yes (651)784-3674
Lestrud, Kent - DFL05/11/2015Kent Lestrud for House17855House15AYes (763)218-7050