Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, May 23, 2017.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Bey, Nikolay, N - RPM05/10/2017Nikolay Nikolayevich Bey for Governor18145Governor  (651)800-6939
Taitt, Brandon - DFL05/03/2017Neighbors for (Brandon) Taitt18144House37B  (763)442-8878
Huffman, Blake - RPM05/02/2017Blake Huffman for Governor18143Governor  (763)242-2233
Dean, Matt - RPM04/27/2017Matt Dean for Governor18142Governor  (612)309-8532
Rhoades, Jenny - IPMN04/21/2017Jenny Rhoades for Governor18141Governor  (952)210-4407
Niska, Harry - RPM04/17/2017Niska (Harry) for Attorney General18140Attorney General  (952)314-8314
Liebling, Tina - DFL04/04/2017Liebling (Tina) for Governor18139Governor  (507)993-8823
Lesch, John - DFL04/03/2017John Lesch for Attorney General18138Attorney General  (310)867-0911
Walz, Tim - DFL03/27/2017Tim Walz for Governor18135Governor  (507)720-6321
Albers, Jason - IPMN03/27/2017Albers (Jason) for Minnesota18136House25A  (507)398-5960
Mahlberg, Jamie - DFL03/27/2017Jamie (Mahlberg) for House18137House25A  (412)524-2451
Wharton, Jeffrey Ryan - RPM03/20/2017Wharton (Jeffrey) for Minnesota18134Governor  (507)616-6091
Wardlow, Doug - RPM03/01/2017Doug Wardlow for Attorney General18133Attorney General  (612)708-4221