Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 2:52 pm, February 16, 2017.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Parrish, Phillip, C - RPM02/13/2017parrish4mn18132Governor  (507)402-5820
Brownell, William, P - RPM02/01/2017Friends of Brownell (William) 4 House18131House66B  (651)398-5570
Savior, Ole - RPM01/18/2017Ole Savior for Governorship of MN 201818130Governor  (612)306-2146
Stephenson, Zachary - DFL01/17/2017Stephenson (Zachary) for House18129House36A  (361)537-5028
Otto, Rebecca - DFL12/31/2016Rebecca Otto for Minnesota18128Governor  (651)433-2982
Coleman, Christopher, B - DFL12/13/2016Coleman (Christopher) for Governor18127Governor  (612)927-2018
Chamberlin, Christopher William - RPM11/30/2016Chamberlin (Christopher) for Minnesota Governor18126Governor  (320)291-0933
Murphy, Erin - DFL11/17/2016Murphy (Erin) for Minnesota18125Governor  (651)492-3998
Winkler, Ryan - DFL11/16/2016Ryan Winkler for Attorney General18124Attorney General  (612)424-9110