Recent Candidate Registrations

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, September 26, 2016.
Newest Registrations are at the top of the list
Candidate - Party Reg. Date Committee Name Reg No. Office Sought District Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Treas. Phone
Anderson, Sheldon - RPM09/13/2016Sheldon Anderson for House18122House32B  (651)269-4965
Ritts, Chris08/12/2016Committee to Elect Chris Ritts18121District Court4-45NA (651)785-4200
King, Pamela A W08/01/2016Citizens to keep Judge Pamela King for District Court18120District Court3-9NA (507)289-4611
Super, Martin, J - LMP07/21/2016Super 60 (Martin Super)18119Senate60  (763)742-6198
Montemayor, Jane - DFL07/18/2016Citizens for Jane (Montemayor)18115House47B  (612)483-7912
Guth, Timothy07/18/2016Tim Guth For Houston County Judge18114District Court3-16NA (507)725-3848
Hahn, Edwin Dale - RPM07/18/2016Hahn (Edwin) for Senate18116Senate1  (218)686-3970
Richards, Jim - DFL07/18/2016Jim Richards for House18118House40BYes (763)587-3789
Amorosia, Dale - DFL07/15/2016Amorosia (Dale) for State Senate18113Senate25Yes (858)539-6679
Leiter, Claire - RPM07/15/2016Claire (Leiter) for House18112House62A  (952)913-6777
Baird, Ian - RPM07/15/2016Ian Baird for State Senate18111Senate64  (612)272-5313
Taylor, Anne - RPM07/14/2016Anne Taylor for State Rep18110House46AYes (763)417-0659
Dively, Emory, K - RPM07/12/2016The Friends of Emory Dively18109House64BYes (612)424-4197
Bass, George Nyakasi - DFL07/12/2016Bass (George) For House Campaign Committee18108House1AYes (218)689-8787
Bragg, Kyle - RPM07/12/2016Kyle Bragg for House18107House63A  (612)822-2076
Giordana, Monique - RPM07/10/2016Giordana (Monique) Volunteer Committee18117House65AYes (715)225-3291
Sturino, Carmaine07/05/2016Volunteers for Judge Sturino18106District Court3-16NA (507)450-6996
Idso, Jordan - RPM07/05/2016Jordan Idso for House 4A18105House4AYes (701)261-2344
Wallace, Kathy, M07/01/2016Citizens for Elect Judge Kathy Wallace18104District Court3-21NA (612)865-3961
Zick, Robert (Bob), S - RPM06/30/2016Bob Zick for State Senate18103Senate43  (651)707-2282
Marvin, Robert - RPM06/30/2016Marvin (Robert) for Senate18102Senate40Yes (763)535-5498
Horan, Riley - RPM06/29/2016Riley Horan for State Representative18101House64AYes (651)207-3791
Walters, Terrence, M06/29/2016Citizens for Judge Terrence Walters18100District Court3-17NA (507)732-4609
Ali, Ali, C - DFL06/29/2016Ali (Ali) for Minnesota18099Senate55Yes (612)222-2425
Cardinal, Robert (Bob), J - RPM06/28/2016Elect Bob Cardinal Campaign18098House43AYes (651)777-1331