Judicial Candidates
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This report includes filings received through 11:01 pm, February 26, 2015.

Supreme Court
Candidate Committee Name Reg No. District Filed For
Last Filed
for Office
Term. Date
Clark, JillJill Clark for Justice Committee17624  2012 
Gildea, Lorie, SMinnesotans for Chief Justice Gildea17301  2012 
Griffith, DanGriffith (Dan) for Judge Committee17616  20127/28/2014
Lillehaug, David, LCitizens for Justice Lillehaug177013 2014 
MacDonald, Michelle, LMacDonald (Michelle) for Justice177743 2014 
Stras, David, RCitizens for Justice David Stras173064 2012 
Wright, Wilhelmina, MWright (Wilhelmina) for Justice Committee177122 2014 

Court of Appeals
Candidate Committee Name Reg No. District Filed For
Last Filed
for Office
Term. Date
Chutich, MargaretCitizens for Judge Chutich (Margaret)1773612 2014 
Hudson, Natalie, ECitizens to Re-Elect Judge Natalie Hudson160772 2010 
Stauber, Larry JrCommittee to Elect Judge Larry Stauber1725214 2010 
Wright, Wilhelmina, MCommittee to Re-elect Judge Wright172684   

District Court
Candidate Committee Name Reg No. District Filed For
Last Filed
for Office
Term. Date
Aho, Beverly, JBeverly Aho for Judge 2014178114-61 2014 
Antolak, Steven, EAntolak (Steven) for Judge176094-61 2014 
Benson, Beverly J (Bev)Bev Benson For Judge177784-53 2014 
Berris, MarcMarc Berris for Judge175384-44 2012 
Bovitz, Jennifer SantoroBovitz for Judge Volunteer Committee1723110-3 2010 
Brandl, Jean, MBrandl (Jean) for Judge178364-616/3/2014201412/31/2014
Burke, Susan, NCommittee to Elect Susan Burke162074-18 2010 
Cahill, Steven, JCommittee to Re-elect Judge Cahill178387-27 2014 
Cragg, DanielDaniel Cragg for Dist Ct Judge Elec. Cmte178044-43 2014 
Dawson, AmyCommittee to Elect Amy Dawson178254-61 2014 
Dehen, John, PJohn Dehen for Judge1685010-27 2010 
Duysen, Cheryl, RCheryl Duysen for Judge178177-276/3/2014201412/31/2014
Fahey, MikeJudge Mike Fahey Campaign Committee167671-27 2014 
Giancola, Mark GabrielMark Giancola For Hennepin Judge178424-43 2014 
Hagerty, Brian, CBrian Hagerty for Judge178214-43 2014 
Hennesy, Sarah, ECitizens for Judge Sarah Hennesy177487-155/20/2014201412/31/2014
Hooten, CarolHooten (Carol) for Judge158631-1 2008 
Hutchison, JasonHutchison (Jason) for Judge Committee178184-43 2014 
Jude, TadTad Jude for Judge1722310-3 2010 
Knutson, David, LCitizens for Judge David Knutson162381-6 2012 
Kohler, Kenneth (Ken), JKen Kohler for Judge Committee178357-27 2014 
Krenz, Diane, MKrenz (Diane) for Judge176184-22 201212/31/2014
LaFleur, Julie, LJulie (LaFleur) for Judge1782710-1 2014 
Lashinski, StacyLashinski (Stacy) for Judge1777010-14 2014 
Logering, Nancy, JJudge Nancy Logering Campaign Committee1684010-14 2014 
Matthews, Edward (Ed), TEd Matthews for Ramsey County Judge172142-16 2010 
Miles, Susan, RCommittee to Keep Judge Miles1780110-1 2014 
Millenacker, Robyn AnnCitizens for Judge (Robyn Ann) Millenacker173002-14 2012 
Moore, James, ACitizens for Judge James Moore178374-16 2014 
Norton, Glen, AGlen Norton For District Judge178244-436/3/2014201412/31/2014
Osburn, Richard DwaneCommittee to Elect Richard Osburn to the 7th District Court178457-116/2/2014201412/31/2014
Ostby, Elena, LCommittee to Elect Judge Elena L Ostby165252-28 2012 
Pearson, Andrew RobertKeep Judge Pearson (Andrew) Committee178437-11 2014 
Ritts, ChrisCommittee to Elect Chris Ritts178334-535/30/2014201412/31/2014
Scoggin, Paul, RScoggin (Paul) for Judge177944-43 2014 
Sullivan, Bridget AnnBridget Sullivan for Judge177934-43 2014 
Theisen, MaryJudge Mary Theisen Volunteer Committee158771-31 2014 
Wietzema, Christina, MCitizens for Judge Christina Wietzema178415-5 20142/9/2015