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Minn. Stat. Sec. 10A.02, subd. 8(e).

This report includes filings received through 11:01 pm, February 26, 2015.

Candidate - Party Committee Name Reg No. Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Registration
Term. Date
Bakk, Thomas, M - DFL (Thomas) Bakk-Minnesota's Next Governor16775Yes05/27/08 
Dahn, Bill - DFL 1607No 
Davis, Leslie - DFL Leslie Davis for Governor15839No07/16/02 
Dayton, Mark, B - DFL Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota16881No01/16/09 
Entenza, Matt - DFL Minnesotans for Matt (Entenza)16883No01/23/0907/28/14
Hatch, Michael, A - DFL (Michael) Hatch Volunteer Committee12345No01/10/90 
Kelliher, Margaret Anderson - DFL Margaret (Kelliher) for Governor16924No08/13/09 
Marty, John - DFL Minnesotans for (John) Marty12947No06/08/93 
Thissen, Paul - DFL (Paul) Thissen 2010 Committee16870No11/10/08 
Wright, Chris - GRP Vote Wright (Chris Wright)16897No06/08/09 
Nicollet, Hannah, P - IPMN Hannah Nicollet for Governor17771No05/23/14 
Workcuff, Rahn, V - IPMN Rahn V Workcuff for Governor16942No10/02/09 
Holbrook, Chris - LPM Chris Holbrook for Governor17747Yes04/21/1412/31/14
Koch, Christopher - LPM Christopher Koch for Governor17722No03/07/1404/14/14
Schmidt, David, A - Other David Allen Schmidt For Governor17661Yes11/08/1305/31/14
Steele, Adam - Other Adam Steele for Governor Committee17828Yes07/10/1412/31/14
Swarm, Harley - Other (Harley) Swarm for Governor16944No10/12/09 
Anderson, Merrill - RPM Merrill Anderson Campaign Committee17763No05/16/14 
Carney Jr, Bob - RPM (Bob) Carney for Governor17007No01/27/10 
Farnsworth, Robert (Rob) - RPM Rob Farnsworth for Governor17654Yes08/19/1308/12/14
Honour, Scott - RPM Honour for Governor (Scott Honour)17640No04/24/13 
Jeffers, Sue - RPM Sue Jeffers for Governor16384No01/23/0605/02/14
Johnson, Jeff, R - RPM Johnson (Jeff) for Governor17641No05/06/13 
Klatte, Richard, A - RPM Richard A Klatte for Governor Exploratory Committee17658No09/30/13 
Savior, Ole - RPM Ole Savior Governorship of Minnesota 2014 GOP17630No10/25/1206/02/14
Seifert, Marty - RPM Seifert (Marty) for Governor16901Yes06/16/09 
Thompson, David, A - RPM Thompson (David A) for Governor Committee17644No06/24/13 
Zellers, Kurt - RPM Zellers (Kurt) for Governor Campaign Committee17646No06/24/13 

Attorney General
Candidate - Party Committee Name Reg No. Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Registration
Term. Date
Swanson, Lori - DFL Swanson (Lori) for Attorney General16567Yes07/28/06 
Dawkins, Andy - GPM Dawkins (Andy) for Attorney General17784No06/04/14 
Borgos, Brandan - IPMN Brandan Borgos for AG17755No05/01/14 
O'Connor, Mary - LPM 1695No 
Vacek, Dan R - Other 1693Yes 
Anderson, Sharon - RPM Sharon Anderson Volunteer Committee11539No01/01/82 
Newman, Scott - RPM Newman (Scott) for Attorney General17810No06/19/14 

Secretary of State
Candidate - Party Committee Name Reg No. Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Registration
Term. Date
Franson, Dick - DFL 1652No 
Franson, Dick - DFL Dick Franson for Secretary of State Vol. Comm.17702No01/31/1402/24/14
Hilstrom, Debra - DFL Hilstrom (Debra) for Secretary of State17645No06/21/13 
Iverson, Gregg - DFL 1635No 
Kalin, Jeremy - DFL Kalin (Jeremy) for Secretary of State17647No07/09/13 
Simon, Steve - DFL Simon (Steve) for Secretary of State17653No08/09/13 
Helland, Robert (Bob) - IPMN Bob Helland for MN Secretary of State17742No04/07/14 
Singleton, David, A - IPMN David A Singleton Elect Secretary of State17768No05/21/14 
Odden, Bob - LPM 1696No 
Howe, John, S - RPM Howe (John) Volunteer Committee17726No03/13/14 
Nguyen, Dennis - RPM Win With Nguyen (Dennis)17660No10/18/1303/31/14
Severson, Daniel (Dan) - RPM Severson (Dan) for Secretary of State16941No10/02/0902/13/15

State Auditor
Candidate - Party Committee Name Reg No. Signed Campaign Spending Agreement Registration
Term. Date
Entenza, Matt - DFL Matt Entenza for Auditor17785No06/04/1412/31/14
Otto, Rebecca - DFL (Rebecca) Otto for Auditor16247Yes03/23/05 
Schwartzbacker, Judith - GRP 1699No 
Dean, Patrick (Pat), E - IPMN Pat Dean for State Auditor17772No05/23/14 
Iversen, Keegan, W - LPM Keegan Iversen State Auditor17757Yes05/07/1411/20/14
Anderson, Patricia - RPM Patricia Anderson for State Auditor15488Yes10/17/01 
Gilbert, Randy - RPM Gilbert (Randy) for Auditor16939No09/29/09