Campaign Finance Summary Fiscal Year 2000

  site.gif (163 bytes)Executive Summary
  site.gif (163 bytes)Entities in this Summary
  site.gif (163 bytes)Abbreviations
  site.gif (163 bytes)Campaign Expenditure Limits
  site.gif (163 bytes)Cash Balances
  site.gif (163 bytes)Contributions Received
  site.gif (163 bytes)Expenditures Made
  site.gif (163 bytes)2000 Statistics for State Senate  ...  Candidates
  site.gif (163 bytes)Comparison of Reports Filed by Principal Campaign Committees
  site.gif (163 bytes)State Public Subsidy Program
  site.gif (163 bytes)Tax Return Participation Rate
  site.gif (163 bytes)State Elections Campaign Fund Income Tax ... Tax Checkoffs

Summary of Contributions and Expenditures by Office

  site.gif (163 bytes)State Senate and Representatives Candidates
  site.gif (163 bytes)Judical Candidates
  site.gif (163 bytes)Consitutional OfficeHolders
  site.gif (163 bytes)Judicial Officeholders
  site.gif (163 bytes)Other Registered Committees
  site.gif (163 bytes)Major Donors to Principal Campaign Committee 
  site.gif (163 bytes)Comparison of Reports ... and Political Party Units
  site.gif (163 bytes)Political Committees and Political Funds ...-in Excess of $20,000 
  site.gif (163 bytes)Political Committees and Political Funds...-in Excess of $50,000
  site.gif (163 bytes)Independent Expenditures - Political Committees and Political Funds
  site.gif (163 bytes)Independent Expenditures - Political Party Units
  site.gif (163 bytes)Public Subsidy Payments and Disbursements for Political Parties
  site.gif (163 bytes)Political Party Units
  site.gif (163 bytes)Political Committees and Political Funds
  site.gif (163 bytes)Major Donors to Political Committes and Political Funds
  site.gif (163 bytes)Large Givers
  site.gif (163 bytes)Charts



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