Political Committees and Political Funds Registration Information
Registration Number: 30018 Registration Date: 7/7/1974
Committee Name: Minn Dental Political Action Committee Chair: Kevin Dens
Address: 1335 Industrial Blvd #200
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Address: 6980 Fairview Rd
Baxter, MN 56425
Daytime Phone: (612)767-8400 Daytime Phone: (218)454-7000
Website: Email: kcdens@msn.com

Treasurer Name: Dominic Sposeto Dpty Treas(if any): Kyle Gaffney
Address: 2824 Irving Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408-1802
Address: Minnesota Dental PAC
1335 Industrial Blvd #200
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Daytime Phone: (763)235-6485 Daytime Phone: (612)767-8400
Email: dsposeto@gmail.com Email:
Depository(ies) Information: Peoples Bank of Commerce
234 E First Ave
Cambridge, MN 55008