Candidate Committees that have not filed the 2014 10 Day Pre General Report of Receipts and Expenditures

This report includes documents processed through 11:17 pm, April 23, 2014.

Candidate Committee Name Office Sought District Party
Anderson, PatriciaPatricia Anderson for State AuditorState Auditor RPM
Anderson, SharonSharon Anderson Volunteer CommitteeAttorney General RPM
Bakk, Thomas, M(Thomas) Bakk-Minnesota's Next GovernorGovernor DFL
Carlson, JualThe (Jual) Carlson 34 ClubSecretary of State IPMN
Carney Jr, Bob(Bob) Carney for GovernorGovernor RPM
Chutich, MargaretCitizens for Judge Chutich (Margaret)Court of Appeals 0N/A
Clark, JillJill Clark for Justice CommitteeSupreme Court N/A
Davis, LeslieLeslie Davis for GovernorGovernor DFL
Dayton, Mark, BMark Dayton for a Better MinnesotaGovernor DFL
Entenza, MattMinnesotans for Matt (Entenza)Governor DFL
Farnsworth, Robert (Rob)Rob Farnsworth for GovernorGovernor RPM
Gilbert, RandyGilbert (Randy) for AuditorState Auditor RPM
Gildea, Lorie, SMinnesotans for Chief Justice GildeaSupreme Court N/A
Griffith, DanGriffith (Dan) for Judge CommitteeSupreme Court N/A
Hatch, Michael, A(Michael) Hatch Volunteer CommitteeGovernor DFL
Helland, Robert (Bob)Bob Helland for MN Secretary of StateSecretary of State IPMN
Hilstrom, DebraHilstrom (Debra) for Secretary of StateSecretary of State DFL
Holbrook, ChrisChris Holbrook for GovernorGovernor LPM
Honour, ScottHonour for Governor (Scott Honour)Governor RPM
Howe, John, SHowe (John) Volunteer CommitteeSecretary of State RPM
Hudson, Natalie, ECitizens to Re-Elect Judge Natalie HudsonCourt of Appeals 2NA
Jeffers, SueSue Jeffers for GovernorGovernor RPM
Johnson, Jeff, RJohnson (Jeff) for GovernorGovernor RPM
Kalin, JeremyKalin (Jeremy) for Secretary of StateSecretary of State DFL
Kelliher, Margaret AndersonMargaret (Kelliher) for GovernorGovernor DFL
Klatte, Richard, ARichard A Klatte for Governor Exploratory CommitteeGovernor RPM
Lillehaug, DavidCitizens for Justice LillehaugSupreme Court N/A
Marty, JohnMinnesotans for (John) MartyGovernor DFL
Otto, Rebecca(Rebecca) Otto for AuditorState Auditor DFL
Savior, OleOle Savior Governorship of Minnesota 2014 GOPGovernor RPM
Schmidt, David, ADavid Allen Schmidt For GovernorGovernor Other
Seifert, MartySeifert (Marty) for GovernorGovernor RPM
Severson, Daniel (Dan)Severson (Dan) for Secretary of StateSecretary of State RPM
Simon, SteveSimon (Steve) for Secretary of StateSecretary of State DFL
Stauber, LarryCommittee to Elect Judge Larry StauberCourt of Appeals 14N/A
Stras, David, RCitizens for Justice David StrasSupreme Court 4N/A
Swanson, LoriSwanson (Lori) for Attorney GeneralAttorney General DFL
Swarm, Harley(Harley) Swarm for GovernorGovernor Other
Thissen, Paul(Paul) Thissen 2010 CommitteeGovernor DFL
Thompson, David, AThompson (David A) for Governor CommitteeGovernor RPM
Workcuff, Rahn, VRahn V Workcuff for GovernorGovernor IPMN
Wright, ChrisVote Wright (Chris Wright)Governor Other
Wright, Wilhelmina, MWright (Wilhelmina) for Justice CommitteeSupreme Court N/A
Wright, Wilhelmina, MCommittee to Re-elect Judge WrightCourt of Appeals 4NA
Zellers, KurtZellers (Kurt) for Governor Campaign CommitteeGovernor RPM

Political Party Units that have not filed the 2014 10 Day Pre General Report.
Political Committees and Political Funds that have not filed the 2014 10 Day Pre General Report.