Candidate Committees that have not filed the 2016 10 Day Pre General Report of Receipts and Expenditures

This report includes documents processed through 11:04 pm, October 26, 2016.

Candidate Committee Name Office Sought District Party
Abrahamson, BrianBrian Abrahamson for SenateSenate 22DFL
Albright, TonyElect Albright (Tony) CommitteeHouse 55BRPM
Ali, Ali, CAli (Ali) for MinnesotaSenate 55DFL
Allen, Susan, LSusan Allen for 62B CampaignHouse 62BDFL
Amorosia, DaleAmorosia (Dale) for State SenateSenate 25DFL
Anderson, Bruce, DFriends of Bruce D AndersonSenate 29RPM
Anderson, Jody, WJody Anderson for HouseHouse 39ADFL
Anderson, PaulPaul Anderson for SenateSenate 44RPM
Anderson, Sarah, LAnderson (Sarah) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 44ARPM
Anselmo, Dario ArthurAnselmo (Dario) for HouseHouse 49ARPM
Anzelc, TomPeople for Tom AnzelcHouse 5BDFL
Applebaum, JonJon Applebaum For RepresentativeHouse 44BDFL
Askar, Abdimalik MohamedAskar Campaign (Abdimalik M Askar)House 60BRPM
Austinson, John WayneJohn Wayne Austinson for State RepresentativeHouse 26BDFL
Backer, JeffCitizens for Jeff Backer Jr HouseHouse 12ARPM
Bahner, KristinKristin Bahner for State RepresentativeHouse 34BDFL
Bahr, Calvin (Cal), KFriends of Freedom (Calvin K Bahr)House 31BRPM
Baird, IanIan Baird for State SenateSenate 64RPM
Baker, David (Dave)Baker (Dave) for HouseHouse 17BRPM
Bakk, Thomas (Tom), MBakk (Thomas) for SenateSenate 3DFL
Barr, ReginaRegina for HouseHouse 52BRPM
Barrett, Robert (Bob), CCampaign for Bob BarrettHouse 32BRPM
Barringer, CodyCody Barringer for RepresentativeHouse 7BRPM
Barsness, DennisCommittee to elect Dennis BarsnessHouse 5BGPM
Bass, George NyakasiBass (George) For House Campaign CommitteeHouse 1ADFL
Bayley, Lisa PritchardCommittee to Elect Lisa BayleyHouse 21ADFL
Becker-Finn, JamieBecker-Finn (Jamie) for 42BHouse 42BDFL
Belflower, ChristopherCampaign for Chris BelflowerSenate 43IPMN
Bennett, PeggyBennett (Peggy) for MN House 27AHouse 27ARPM
Benson, Michelle, RBenson (Michelle) for SenateSenate 31RPM
Bergstrom, DonnaBergstrom (Donna) Volunteer CommitteeSenate 7RPM
Bernardy, ConnieConnie Bernardy Volunteer Team (House)House 41ADFL
Bjornson, Bryan PBjornson (Bryan) for State RepHouse 46BRPM
Bliss, MattVote Bliss (Matt) 2016House 5ARPM
Bly, David, HDavid Bly Committee 20BHouse 20BDFL
Bradley, FranBradley (Fran) for LegislatureHouse 25BRPM
Bragg, KyleKyle Bragg for HouseHouse 63ARPM
Brandon, TimothyCommittee to Elect Tim Brandon for House 3BHouse 3BRPM
Brown, ChilahBrown (Chilah) for SenateSenate 15DFL
Bruins, RoxanaRoxana Bruins for SenateSenate 45RPM
Buckvold, AnneAnne Buckvold for HouseHouse 13ADFL
Burke, Susan, NCommittee to Elect Susan BurkeDistrict Court 4-18N/A
Calvert, Deborah (Deb)Deb Calvert for State SenateSenate 44DFL
Cardinal, Robert (Bob), JElect Bob Cardinal CampaignHouse 43ARPM
Carlson, James, AFriends for Jim CarlsonSenate 51DFL
Carlson, Lyndon, RLyndon R Carlson Campaign CommitteeHouse 45ADFL
Carnahan, JenniferCarnahan (Jennifer) for SenateSenate 59RPM
Cashman, Beverly, JCashman (Beverly) for RepresentativeHouse 24ADFL
Champion, Bobby JoeCommittee to Elect Bobby Joe ChampionSenate 59DFL
Christensen, Drew (Andrew)Christensen (Drew) for MinnesotaHouse 56ARPM
Christiansen, Jared GaryJared Christiansen for MN HouseHouse 56ADFL
Clark, KarenKaren Clark Election CommitteeHouse 62ADFL
Clausen, Gregory DavidClausen (Gregory) for SenateSenate 57DFL
Cohen, Richard, JCohen (Richard) Volunteer CommitteeSenate 64DFL
Considine, Jack (John)Considine (Jack) Campaign CommitteeHouse 19BDFL
Cornish, Anthony (Tony), JCornish (Tony) for State RepresentativeHouse 23BRPM
Craig, DaveDave Craig for MN HouseHouse 34ADFL
Crouse, Matthew FranklinCrouse (Matthew) for MNHouse 13BDFL
Cummins, MichaelCummins (Michael) for SenateSenate 11RPM
Cwodzinski, SteveSteve Cwodzinski for State SenateSenate 48DFL
Dahle, Kevin, LKevin Dahle for SenateSenate 20DFL
Dailey, WillaWilla Dailey for SenateSenate 19RPM
Daniels, Brian, TFriends of Brian DanielsHouse 24BRPM
Daudt, KurtDaudt (Kurt) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 31ARPM
Davern, PatrickDavern (Patrick) Volunteer CommitteeSenate 38DFL
Davids, Gregory, MPeople for (Gregory) Davids CommitteeHouse 28BRPM
Davnie, JimNeighbors for Jim DavnieHouse 63ADFL
Dean, MatthewFriends of Matt DeanHouse 38BRPM
Dehn, RaymondCommittee to elect Raymond DehnHouse 59BDFL
Dettmer, Bob, PDettmer (Bob) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 39ARPM
Dibble, D ScottVolunteers for (Scott) DibbleSenate 61DFL
Diesslin, EliseDiesslin (Elise) for 21BHouse 21BDFL
Dively, Emory, KThe Friends of Emory DivelyHouse 64BRPM
Dorholt, Zachary (Zach)Friends for Zach (Dorholt)House 14BDFL
Dornink, GeneDornink (Gene) for Senate CommitteeSenate 27RPM
Draheim, RichDraheim (Rich) for SenateSenate 20RPM
Dziedzic, Kari (Karen)Kari Dziedzic for State SenateSenate 60DFL
Eaton, ChrisEaton (Chris) for SenateSenate 40DFL
Eichorn, JustinEichorn (Justin) for MN Senate Campaign CommitteeSenate 5RPM
Eken, KentEken (Kent) for State Senate District 4Senate 4DFL
Englund, RickyRicky's (Englund) Run for the SenateSenate 31DFL
Erhardt, Ronnie (Ron), PRon Erhardt Volunteer CommitteeHouse 49ADFL
Erickson, SondraCommittee for (Sondra) EricksonHouse 15ARPM
Falk, Andrew, JAndrew Falk for State RepresentativeHouse 17ADFL
Fenton, Kelly, AFenton (Kelly) for HouseHouse 53BRPM
Fernandez, MargaretMargaret (Fernandez) for HouseHouse 30BDFL
Fischbach, MichelleFriends of (Michelle) FischbachSenate 13RPM
Fischer, Peter, MFischer (Peter) for RepresentativeHouse 43ADFL
Fogarty, KevinFogarty (Kevin) for MN HouseHouse 38ADFL
Fontaine, Kip O'deanFontaine (Kip O'dean) for SenateSenate 1DFL
Franke, Keith, JCitizens for Franke (Keith)House 54ARPM
Franson, Mary, DTeam Franson (Mary Franson)House 8BRPM
Franzen, Melisa LopezMelisa Franzen for SenateSenate 49DFL
Freiberg, MikeFriends of (Mike) FreibergHouse 45BDFL
Frentz, Nick AndrewFrentz (Nick Andrew) for MN SenateSenate 19DFL
Fritz, PattiFritz (Patti) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 24BDFL
Gammel, PaulFriends of Paul GammelHouse 32ADFL
Garofalo, PatrickGarofalo (Patrick) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 58BRPM
Gazelka, PaulGazelka (Paul) Volunteer CommitteeSenate 9RPM
Gerten, BradBrad Gerten for MN HouseHouse 51ARPM
Gillespie, AlberderAlberder (Gillespie) for MinnesotaHouse 53BDFL
Giordana, MoniqueGiordana (Monique) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 65ARPM
Goggin, Michael, PGoggin (Michael) for SenateSenate 21RPM
Green, SteveCommittee to Elect Steve GreenHouse 2BRPM
Grossell, Matthew (Matt), JMatt Grossell for MN HouseHouse 2ARPM
Grossenburg, AustinAustin GrossenburgHouse 16BDFL
Gruenhagen, Glenn, HGruenhagen (Glenn) for State RepHouse 18BRPM
Haakenson, Cecilia (Ceci)Ceci (Haakenson) for House 55BHouse 55BDFL
Hakanson, StenSten (Hakanson) for MN SenateSenate 39DFL
Hall, Dan, DDan Hall Volunteer CommitteeSenate 56RPM
Halverson, Laurie, LHalverson (Laurie) for HouseHouse 51BDFL
Hamilton, RodVolunteers for Rod HamiltonHouse 22BRPM
Hamlin, Sarah, LSarah (Hamlin) for HouseHouse 30ADFL
Hammond, PatPat Hammond for Minnesota HouseHouse 51BRPM
Hann, DavidDavid Hann for State SenateSenate 48RPM
Hansen, Richard (Rick), JPeople for (Rick) HansenHouse 52ADFL
Haseman, JoshuaHaseman (Joshua) For HouseHouse 23BDFL
Hausman, AliceHausman (Alice) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 66ADFL
Havlick, Jennifer, LHavlick (Jennifer) for SenateSenate 3RPM
Hawj, FoungFoung (Hawj) for Senate 67Senate 67DFL
Hayden, Jeffrey (Jeff)Jeff Hayden for SenateSenate 62DFL
Heintzeman, JoshuaCommittee to Elect Josh HeintzemanHouse 10ARPM
Hernandez, MaryMary (Hernandez) for MinnesotaHouse 55ADFL
Hertaus, Jerome Allan (Jerry)Hertaus (Jerome) for House Seat 33AHouse 33ARPM
Heyer, JonHeyer (Jon) 4 HouseHouse 66ARPM
Hilstrom, Debra, JDebra Hilstrom Volunteer CommitteeHouse 40BDFL
Hinrichs, RussRuss Hinrichs for SenateSenate 12DFL
Hoffman, JohnCommittee to Elect John HoffmanSenate 36DFL
Holl, C JHoll (CJ) for MN RepresentativeHouse 8ADFL
Holmstadt, LeilaniLeilani Holmstadt for MN SenateSenate 54RPM
Hoppe, JoeJoe Hoppe Volunteer CommitteeHouse 47BRPM
Horan, RileyRiley Horan for State RepresentativeHouse 64ARPM
Hornstein, FrankHornstein (Frank) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 61ADFL
Hortman, Melissa, AMelissa Hortman Campaign CommitteeHouse 36BDFL
Housley, KarinHousley (Karin) For SenateSenate 39RPM
Howe, Jeffrey, RHowe (Jeffrey) for HouseHouse 13ARPM
Hudson, Natalie, ECitizens for Justice Natalie HudsonSupreme Court 6N/A
Huntley, ZacHuntley (Zac) for MN HouseHouse 23ADFL
Huot, John DuffyHuot for HouseHouse 57BDFL
Idso, JordanJordan Idso for House 4AHouse 4ARPM
Ingebrigtsen, William (Bill), GIngebrigtsen (William) for Senate CommitteeSenate 8RPM
Isaacson, Jason (Ike)Isaacson (Jason) for SD 42Senate 42DFL
Isakson, AdamIsakson (Adam) for HouseHouse 19BRPM
Jasinski, John, RJasinski (John) for Senate CommitteeSenate 24RPM
Jass, CarolynCarolyn Jass for SenateSenate 66RPM
Jensen, VickiVicki Jensen for SenateSenate 24DFL
Jessup, RandyRandy Jessup Volunteer CommitteeHouse 42ARPM
Jimenez-Hopper, AliAli Jimenez-Hopper for State RepHouse 57ARPM
Johnson, Brian, LJohnson (Brian) for State HouseHouse 32ARPM
Johnson, Clark, Pclarkjohnson4mnHouse 19ADFL
Johnson, Mark TimothyMark Johnson for MN SenateSenate 1RPM
Jude, TadTad Jude for JudgeDistrict Court 10- 3N/A
Kantrud, (Hugh) AlanCommittee to Elect Alan KantrudHouse 39BDFL
Kent, SusanSusan Kent for SenateSenate 53DFL
Kiffmeyer, MaryKiffmeyer (Mary) for Senate CommitteeSenate 30RPM
Kilburn, SteveSteve Kilburn for HouseHouse 29BDFL
King, Pamela A WCitizens to keep Judge Pamela King for District CourtDistrict Court 3- 9N/A
Kittok, Janice HolterJanice Kittok for SenateSenate 29DFL
Klabunde, Bryan, AKlabunde (Bryan) for MN HouseHouse 2BDFL
Klevorn, Virginia (Ginny)Ginny Klevorn for RepresentativeHouse 44ADFL
Koegel, ErinErin (Koegel) for MinnesotaHouse 37ADFL
Koenen, Lyle, JKoenen (Lyle) Senate CampaignSenate 17DFL
Koran, Mark WilliamCampaign for Mark KoranSenate 32RPM
Koznick, JonJon Koznick for HouseHouse 58ARPM
Kulp, Gail, LPeople for Gail KulpHouse 8BDFL
LaCroix, P JLaCroix (PJ) for MN SenateSenate 30DFL
Laine, CarolynCarolyn Laine for SenateSenate 41DFL
Lake, Barbara Ann (Barb)Barb Lake for Senate District 23Senate 23DFL
Lake, VictorVictor Lake for SenateSenate 51RPM
Lang, Andrew, RLang (Andrew) for Senate 17Senate 17RPM
Larson, Susan (Sue), LSue Larson for MN House DFLHouse 31BDFL
Latz, Ronald, SLatz (Ronald) for Senate Volunteer CommitteeSenate 46DFL
Layman, SandyLayman Volunteer CommitteeHouse 5BRPM
Lee, FueNeighbors for Fue LeeHouse 59ADFL
Leiter, ClaireClaire (Leiter) for HouseHouse 62ARPM
Lesch, JohnJohn Lesch for State RepresentativeHouse 66BDFL
Lestrud, KentKent Lestrud for HouseHouse 15ADFL
Lieberman, RichardRichard Lieberman Campaign CommitteeHouse 45ARPM
Liebling, TinaLiebling (Tina) for State HouseHouse 26ADFL
Lien, BenjaminLien (Benjamin) for Minnesota 4AHouse 4ADFL
Lillie, Leon MichaelLeon Lillie for HouseHouse 43BDFL
Limmer, WarrenLimmer (Warren) for Senate CommitteeSenate 34RPM
Line, Michael, JVote 4 Line (Michael Line)House 11ARPM
Little, MattMinnesota Matt (Little) for State SenateSenate 58DFL
Litts, Meg, EMeg Litts for House 9AHouse 9ADFL
Loeffler, DianeLoeffler (Diane) for the LegislatureHouse 60ADFL
Loon, Jenifer, WLoon (Jenifer) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 48BRPM
Loonan, Robert (Bob), JVote for Loonan (Robert)House 55ARPM
Loud, Jerald (Jerry)Vote Jerry LoudHouse 2ADFL
Lourey, AnthonyTony Lourey for SenateSenate 11DFL
Lucero, EricFriends of Eric LuceroHouse 30BRPM
Lueck, Dale, KCommittee to Elect Dale LueckHouse 10BRPM
MacDonald, Michelle, LMacDonald (Michelle) for JusticeSupreme Court 6N/A
Mahoney, Timothy, CMahoney (Tim) for HouseHouse 67ADFL
Mariani, CarlosNeighbors for (Carlos) Mariani CommitteeHouse 65BDFL
Marquart, PaulMarquart (Paul) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 4BDFL
Martin, Margaret, EMargaret (Martin) for MN House 59BHouse 59BRPM
Marty, John, JSenator (John) Marty Volunteer CommitteeSenate 66DFL
Marvin, MaliMali Marvin for HouseHouse 40BRPM
Marvin, RobertMarvin (Robert) for SenateSenate 40RPM
Masin, Sandra, AMasin (Sandra) Campaign CommitteeHouse 51ADFL
Matasich, MattMatasich (Matt) for HouseHouse 6BRPM
Mathews, AndrewAndrew (Mathews) for SenateSenate 15RPM
Maye Quade, ErinMinnesotans for Erin Maye QuadeHouse 57ADFL
McDonald, Joseph (Joe)Joe McDonald for State RepHouse 29ARPM
McLeod, David, FDavid McLeod for Judge Election CommitteeDistrict Court 3-17N/A
McNamar, JayMcNamar (Jay) for HouseHouse 12ADFL
Meier, PattiMeier (Patti) for HouseHouse 44BRPM
Metsa, Jason, IMetsa (Jason) for HouseHouse 6BDFL
Miller, JeremyFriends for (Jeremy) MillerSenate 28RPM
Miller, Tim, ACitizens for Tim MillerHouse 17ARPM
Misukanis, MarkMark Misukanis for SenateSenate 52RPM
Moore, Michael (Mike)Committee to Elect Mike MooreHouse 1BDFL
Moran, Rena, LRena Moran for State RepresentativeHouse 65ADFL
Mosel, Darrel, HDarrel Mosel Volunteer CommitteeHouse 18BDFL
Murphy, ErinNeighbors for (Erin) MurphyHouse 64ADFL
Murphy, Mary, CMary Murphy Volunteer CommitteeHouse 3BDFL
Nash, JimJim Nash for MinnesotaHouse 47ARPM
Nelson, Carla, JNelson (Carla) for SenateSenate 26RPM
Nelson, Michael, VMike Nelson Volunteer CommitteeHouse 40ADFL
Nelson, TimTim Nelson for SenateSenate 32DFL
Nelson, TracyFriends of Nelson (Tracy) for House LLCHouse 42BRPM
Newberger, Jim, WJim Newberger for HD15BHouse 15BRPM
Newton, JerryJerry Newton CommitteeSenate 37DFL
Newville, JessicaNewville (Jessica) for MN HouseHouse 59ARPM
Nystrom, QuinnQuinn Nystrom for MinnesotaHouse 10ADFL
O'Driscoll, TimO'Driscoll (Tim) for HouseHouse 13BRPM
Olson, Elizabeth (Liz)Liz (Olson) for DuluthHouse 7BDFL
Olson, ShawnYour Friend Shawn OlsonSenate 8DFL
Omar, IlhanNeighbors For Ilhan (Omar)House 60BDFL
O'Neill, Marion OliviaO'Neill (Marion) For HouseHouse 29BRPM
Osmek, DavidDavid Osmek Volunteer CommitteeSenate 33RPM
Pappas, Sandra, LSandra Pappas for SenateSenate 65DFL
Parker, KevinCommittee to Elect Kevin Parker to House of Rep.House 36ADFL
Peppin, JoycePeppin (Joyce) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 34ARPM
Persell, John, SCitizens for John PersellHouse 5ADFL
Petersburg, JohnPetersburg (John) Campaign CommitteeHouse 24ARPM
Peterson, Jennifer (Jen), EJen Peterson House CommitteeHouse 54ADFL
Peterson, RozElect Roz Peterson CommitteeHouse 56BRPM
Phillips, CortneyFriends of Cortney (Phillips)House 29ADFL
Pieper, JonPieper (Jon) for SenateSenate 28DFL
Pierson, Nels, TNels (Pierson III) for HouseHouse 26BRPM
Pike, Camden, JCamden (Pike) For HouseHouse 41BRPM
Pinto, David, PPinto (David) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 64BDFL
Pitcher, TimPitcher (Tim) for SenateSenate 58RPM
Port, LindseyVolunteers for Lindsey PortHouse 56BDFL
Poston, John, MVote John Poston Volunteer CommitteeHouse 9ARPM
Pratt, EricEric Pratt for Minnesota (Senate)Senate 55RPM
Pryor, LaurieLaurie Pryor for State HouseHouse 48ADFL
Pugh, Cynthia (Cindy), LCindy (Pugh) for MinnesotaHouse 33BRPM
Pugh, SherrieSherrie Pugh 4 SenateSenate 33DFL
Putnam, AricFriends for Aric (Putnam)House 14ADFL
Quam, Duane, RQuam (Duane) for House CommitteeHouse 25ARPM
Rarick, JasonJason Rarick for MN House 11BHouse 11BRPM
Reyes, Peter, MCitizens for Judge Reyes (Peter)Court of Appeals 16N/A
Ritts, ChrisCommittee to Elect Chris RittsDistrict Court 4-45N/A
Rosen, Julie, AJulie Rosen for State SenateSenate 23RPM
Rosenblatt, BrianRosenblatt (Brian) for 61AHouse 61ARPM
Rosenthal, PaulCitizens for (Paul) RosenthalHouse 49BDFL
Runbeck, Linda, CCitizens for Runbeck (Linda)House 38ARPM
Ruud, CarrieCarrie Ruud for SenateSenate 10RPM
Rymer, Maxwell (Max)Max (Rymer) for HouseHouse 49BRPM
Sandstede, JulieJulie Sandstede For MN House Volunteer CommitteeHouse 6ADFL
Sanford, BradBrad Sanford for State SenateSenate 37RPM
Sauke, DuaneNeighbors for Sauke (Duane)House 25BDFL
Saxhaug, TomSaxhaug (Tom) for State Senate CommitteeSenate 5DFL
Scapanski, KarlaFriends for Karla (Scapanski)House 15BDFL
Scarborough, DarrylDarryl ScarboroughSenate 47DFL
Schindler, GarySchindler (Gary) for Minnesota HouseHouse 27ADFL
Schminke, Dennis, RSchminke (Dennis) for MN House 27BHouse 27BRPM
Schmit, Matt, PSchmit (Matt) for SenateSenate 21DFL
Schoen, DanDan Schoen for SenateSenate 54DFL
Schomacker, Joe(Joe) Schomacker Volunteer CommitteeHouse 22ARPM
Scoggin, Paul, RScoggin (Paul) for JudgeDistrict Court 4-45N/A
Scott, Peggy SueScott (Peggy Sue) for Minnesota HouseHouse 35BRPM
Senjem, David, HSenjem (David) for SenateSenate 25RPM
Shapiro, Mary, MFriends of Mary ShapiroHouse 48ARPM
Sherlock, BenCommittee to Elect Ben SherlockHouse 48BDFL
Simmonds, DustinSimmonds (Dustin) for Minnesota Volunteer CommitteeHouse 9BDFL
Sina, Candice (Candy), MCandy Sina for SenateSenate 42RPM
Slaten, Donald (Don)Committee to Elect Don SlatenHouse 54BDFL
Slocum, Linda, JSlocum (Linda) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 50ADFL
Smith, Dennis, JDennis Smith for State HouseHouse 34BRPM
Spears, Kim, WSpears (Kim) for House SupportersHouse 19ARPM
Stenglein, Tiffany, EStenglein (Tiffany) for MinnesotaSenate 10DFL
Sterner, Phillip, MSterner (Phillip) for SenateSenate 56DFL
Sturino, CarmaineVolunteers for Judge SturinoDistrict Court 3-16N/A
Super, Martin, JSuper 60 (Martin Super)Senate 60LMP
Swedzinski, Christopher, TSwedzinski (Christopher) for HouseHouse 16ARPM
Theis, Tama, LTama Theis for Minnesota HouseHouse 14ARPM
Thissen, Paul, CThissen (Paul) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 61BDFL
Thompson, LisaLisa Thompson for MN HouseHouse 67BRPM
T'Kach, MaryVolunteers for Mary T'KachHouse 52BDFL
Tomassoni, David, JTomassoni (David) for State SenateSenate 6DFL
Tomczak, SkeeterSkeeter (Tomczak) for SenateSenate 6RPM
Torkelson, Paul, MTorkelson (Paul) for State RepresentativeHouse 16BRPM
Trehus, ThomasCommittee to Elect Thomas TrehusHouse 28BDFL
Turonie, Andrew (Andy)Andy Turonie for MN State HouseHouse 53ARPM
Udvig, Sarah, RCommittee to Elect Sarah UdvigHouse 31ADFL
Uglem, Mark, WMark W Uglem Candidate Volunteer CommitteeHouse 36ARPM
Urdahl, Dean, LUrdahl (Dean) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 18ARPM
Utke, Paul, JPaul Utke for MN SenateSenate 2RPM
Vagts, MarlaMarla Vagts CampaignHouse 58BDFL
Vogel, Robert (Bob)Elect Vogel (Bob) CommitteeHouse 20ARPM
Volkenant, WesleyCommittee to Elect Wes VolkenantHouse 35BDFL
Wagenius, JeanJean Wagenius Volunteer CommitteeHouse 63BDFL
Waggoner, WillWaggoner (Will) for HouseHouse 26ARPM
Wagner, ErinWagner (Erin) for MinnesotaHouse 10BDFL
Wahlgren, Sharna, ASharna4us,Inc. (Sharna A Wahlgren)Senate 53RPM
Ward, JoAnnCitizens for JoAnn WardHouse 53ADFL
Wazlawik, AmiWazlawik (Ami) Volunteer CommitteeHouse 38BDFL
Weber, BillBill Weber for State Senate Volunteer CommitteeSenate 22RPM
Weikle, LeAnnLeAnn Weikle VolunteersHouse 58ADFL
Weinerman, JasonWeinerman (Jason) for Minnesota SenateSenate 9DFL
Wells, AramisWells (Aramis) for Minnesota HouseHouse 20BRPM
West, NolanWest (Nolan) for MinnesotaHouse 37BRPM
Westlin, Bonnie, SBonnie Westlin for MN SenateSenate 34DFL
Westrom, Torrey, NWestrom (Torrey) for Senate CommitteeSenate 12RPM
Wetzker, Alma, JAlma (Wetzker) for HouseHouse 45BRPM
Whelan, AbigailWhelan (Abigail) for HouseHouse 35ARPM
White, SeanCommittee to elect Sean WhiteHouse 47ADFL
Wiklund, Melissa HalvorsonMelissa Halvorson Wiklund for Minnesota SenateSenate 50DFL
Wilde, AmyGo Wilde (Amy) for State SenateSenate 18DFL
Wilder, AnthonyAnthony Wilder for HouseHouse 37ARPM
Wills, Anna ChristaAnna Wills for HouseHouse 57BRPM
Witt, Susan, DSusan Witt for Minnesota HouseHouse 37BDFL
Wolgamott, Daniel (Dan)Dan (Wolgamott) for SenateSenate 14DFL
Woods, LauraLaura Woods for HouseHouse 22ADFL
Yarusso, Barbara (Barb)Barb Yarusso Volunteer CommitteeHouse 42ADFL
Youakim, CherylYouakim (Cheryl) for State Representative CommitteeHouse 46BDFL
Zick, Robert (Bob), SBob Zick for State SenateSenate 43RPM

Political Party Units that have not filed the 2016 10 Day Pre General Report.
Political Committees and Political Funds that have not filed the 2016 10 Day Pre General Report.