In the matter of the (Carla) Nelson Volunteer Committee (#15745);


Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 10A.28, subd. 3, the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board and Representative Carla Nelson hereby agree as follows:


1. During 2003, the (Carla) Nelson Volunteer Committee ("the Committee") accepted $1,101 in contributions from special sources. These sources include registered lobbyists from whom the Committee accepted $200, and political committees or political funds from which the Committee accepted $900. The total amount of these contributions exceeded by $5 the applicable limit on aggregate contributions from special sources, which for this candidate was $1,096. The amount of the excess contributions was not returned to the contributors within 60 days as required by Minn. Stat. 10A.15, subd. 3.


2. In a letter received on December 30, 2003, Jerry Zubay, treasurer, indicated that the committee exceeded the contribution limit by $5 and stated "I understand that the $5 returned check is 3 days past the 60 [day] limit on returned contributions. However, I have corrected the situation." Mr. Zubay indicated that $5 was returned to a contributor on December 30, 2003.


3. Board records show that this is the first calendar year in which the Committee reported acceptance of contributions which exceeded the applicable aggregate contribution limit. The registered with the Board on June 19, 2002.


4. The parties agree that the (Carla) Nelson Volunteer Committee accepted excessive contributions from special sources resulting in an inadvertent violation of Minn. Stat. 10A. 27, subd. 11, in calendar year 2003.


5. Representative Nelson provided the Board with a copy of the check returning the excess contribution. Representative Nelson agrees to forward a copy of the accompanying letter returning the excess contribution. This copy must be forwarded to the Board within 30 days after the date this Conciliation Agreement is signed by the Board Chair.


6. It is agreed by the parties that a copy of the accompanying letter returning the contribution and this Conciliation Agreement will be a bar to any civil proceeding under Minn. Stat. 10A.28, subds. 3 & 4.


7. It is further understood that if a copy of the accompanying letter returning the contribution is not received in the Board office in the time period specified in paragraph 5 above, the Board will proceed to enforce the provisions of Minn. Stat. 10A.28, subd. 4.

8. It is further understood and agreed that this Agreement is confidential until signed by Representative Nelson and the Board Chair; the signed Agreement then shall become a matter of public record, and the statutory requirement of confidentiality shall no longer apply. Minn. Stat. 10A.02, subd. 11 and 10A.28, subd. 3.



Dated: March, 2004

Representative Carla Nelson




Approved by the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board



By Dated: March 10, 2004

Wil Fluegel, chair

Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board