Overview of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board's Resources

Public information including Reference Guides, forms, and publications about the following programs is available from the Board's website:

  • Campaign Finance Disclosure;
  • Public Subsidy Provisions;
  • Lobbyists and Principal Disclosure;
  • Economic Interest Disclosure; and
  • Gift Prohibition

The website also includes:

  • Advisory opinions;
  • Notice of meetings;
  • Board meeting minutes;
  • Annual reports;
  • Minnesota Statutes Chapter 10A and Board Rules;
  • Findings and Conciliation Agreements; and
  • Campaign Finance Software.

The Board issues Campaign Finance and Lobbyist Disbursement Summaries that are available on the website. Detail information not included in the summaries and all other reports and statements filed with the Board are available within 48 hours after receipt for public viewing and copying. Copies cost 10 cents per page. When requested in advance, staff provides public data electronically or on diskette.

The Board provides copies of candidate reports to county auditors upon request.

The Board and its staff may not confirm or deny the existence of a complaint or investigation. When the Board issues Findings concerning probable cause, materials from investigations are made public. Executive session minutes remain confidential.