Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board



Notice Date: September 4, 2002


1.      Late filers' names will be published on Website in lieu of reminder letter.


At its meeting of August 28, 2002, the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board voted to publish on the Board's website the names of clients who fail to file timely reports. Web publication will be in lieu of the reminder letter sent in the past to non-filers.

Sending reminder letters is costly, especially with limited staff and a reduced budget. This change is one of the adjustments that the Board and its staff are making to meet current and proposed cuts to the Board's budget.

If a periodic report is not in the Board office five (5) business days after a due date, the name of the individual required to file the report and the entity with which the individual is associated will be listed on the website.


2.     Late filing fees will start eleven days after the first certified letter is sent.

A civil fine can be imposed if the report is not received seven days after the second certified letter is sent.


Based on legislative changes that took effect August 1, 2002, the following procedure will be used to assess late filing fees:


        Two weeks after a due date, the staff will send a certified letter to all non-filers. If a report is not received within ten (10) business days after the certified letter is sent, a late filing fee of $5 per day begins on the 11th day after the letter was mailed.*

        Two weeks after the first certified notice is sent, the Board will send another certified notice to non-filers. If a report is not filed with seven (7) days after the second notice is sent, the non-filer will be subject to a civil penalty imposed by the Board of up to $1,000.


* Application of new procedures to pre-primary and pre-general election reports for campaign finance clients. The new late filing fee procedures do not apply to campaign finance clients for pre-primary or pre-general election reports. Late filing fees for pre-primary and pre-general election reports begin four (4) days after a report was due and accrue at $50 per day. No notice is required for the pre-primary and pre-general election report late filing fees to begin. The names of non-filers will be published on the Board's website five (5) days after the reports are due. Non-filers are also subject to the $1,000 civil penalty.


If you have questions about the new procedures, call Gary Goldsmith, Executive Director, at 651-296-1721 or 800-657-3889.