Metro Agencies

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Executive Director - CEO

Executive Vice President

General Counsel

Vice President - Finance and Administration

Vice President - Management and Operations

Vice President - Planning, Development and Environment

Metropolitan Council

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

Communications Director

Deputy Regional Administrator

Environmental Quality Assurance Asst. General Manager

ES Finance and Revenue Director

Housing & Livable Communities Director

Human Resources Director

Metro Mobility Assistant Director

Metro Transit Administration Assistant General Manager

Metro Transit Bus and Rail Chief Operations Officer

Metro Transit Chief of Police

Metro Transit Customer Service & Marketing Director

Metro Transit Deputy General Manager

Metro Transit Finance Director

Metro Transit Transit Services Development Director

Principal Financial Analyst

Procurement Director

Program Evaluation and Audit Director

Regional Planning Director

Risk Management Director

Transportation Advisory Board Members

Transportation Planning and Finance Deputy Director

Metropolitan Parks & Open Space Commission



Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

CEO/Executive Director

Director of Communications

Director of Finance

Equity Director

MSFA Chair and Commissioners

Senior Stadium Director