Lobbying Program
Minnesota's lobbying program is a system of registration of state and metropolitan governmental unit lobbyists and reporting of lobbying disbursements by lobbyists and the associations (principals) that hire them.

Lobbying means attempting to influence by directly communicating with, or urging others to communicate with public officials or local officials in metropolitan governmental units. Any activity that directly supports this communication is considered a part of lobbying.

Lobbying covers:

Legislative Action
Attempts to influence action by either house of the legislature, committee, or subcommittee in support of or in opposition to a bill, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment, report, or gubernatorial approval or veto of a bill.

Administrative Action.
Attempts to influence the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a rule; attempts to influence the application of adopted rules in the cases of rate setting, power line and power plant siting, and granting certificates of need under Minn. Stat. Ch. 216B.243.

Metropolitan Governmental Unit Action.
Attempts to influence the official actions of a Metropolitan governmental unit.

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