Complaints, Investigations, and Conciliation Agreements
The Board offers conciliation agreements to campaign finance clients who make excess expenditures or have made or received excess contributions. A conciliation agreement, when signed by the Board chair and the client, is a bar to any civil proceeding. Conciliation agreements become a matter of public record when signed by the Board chair and the client.

The Board issues findings if a conciliation agreement cannot be reached or if the Board determines there is probable cause to believe that a violation of other provisions of Chapter 10A has occurred. Board findings become public when signed by the Board chair.

The Board will post Conciliation Agreements and Advisory Opinions on this website upon signature of the Board Chair. Findings will be posted on the website 24 hours after being signed by the Board Chair. The Board and its staff may not discuss issues prior to the website posting.

Contact Gary Goldsmith at 651-539-1190 or 800-657-3889 if you have questions about conciliation agreements and Board findings.