Roles and Responsibilities

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board was established by the state legislature in 1974 and charged with the administration of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 10A. The Board's four major programs are campaign finance registration and disclosure, public subsidy administration, lobbyist registration and disclosure, and economic interest disclosure by public officials. The Board has six members, appointed by the Governor on a bi-partisan basis for staggered four-year terms. The appointments must be confirmed by a three-fifths vote of the members of each house of the legislature.

Mission Statement

The Board's mission is to promote public confidence in state government decision-making through development, administration, and enforcement of disclosure and public financing programs which will ensure public access to and understanding of information filed with the Board.

Board Goals and Objectives

  • Facilitate easier and more universal compliance with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Act, M. S. Ch. 10A
  • Provide fair and consistent enforcement of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Act
  • Help citizens become better informed about public issues related to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Act